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My wife and mother in law

My name is darrin and im 36 years old and ive been married to my wife alison who is 26 for 3 years but we have been together for 8 years. We have been swingers for most of our relationship. There's not alot of people or places i can share this story so i figured this was as good a place as any. For some time ive been wanting to fuck my mother in law. Not that she's a stunner by any means but mostly because i find it quite hot to have had both my wife and her mom. Even though my wife is into the swinging part of our life i really didnt know how it would go over when i suggested to ask her mom to join us in a 3 some. Thankfully, my wife reluctantly went along with proposing the idea to her mother who, after some days of thinking about it agreed to try it with us. Honestly, since she is married, i didnt think that she would agree to it but i did want her to know that i was thinking about her sexually. I have to say it was quite a nice surprise that she did have enough interest in me to go through with the 3 some. My mother in law tina is 45 and a pretty plain woman in all reality. she is about 5-5 and 140 lbs, chubby around the middle with short brown hair with blonde highlights and always in jeans and a tee shirt. at times her tee shirts would hug her chest as to suggest she has somewhat perky tits for her age. her body seems to curve at all the right places when i stop to check her out. at any rate we never flirted with each other but always had a friendly relationship and im sure she never thought i wanted to have sex with her. i was extremely excited by the prospect of my wife and her mother sharing my cock. i could sense in my wife that she wasnt that into the idea but she was doing it to please me. we picked a night to do the 3 some when my father in law was at his b*****rs house for the night about a month ago. my mother in law came to our house and i could tell was a nervous wreck. she showed up in her customary jeans and tee shirt, not looking all that sexy to be honest. but there was something hot about the moment she arrived, knowing i was going to have her that night. my wife and i had done a few 3 somes before but the sense of this was very different. it had been a fantasy of mine for a few years and it was now coming to reality. my wife, mother in law and myself sat at our kitchen table and had a drink and talked for a few minutes about what we were about to do. my mother in law insisted that we never tell anyone what we were about to do. she was terrified that her husband would find out. however, after we chatted for a time she seemed to calm herself a bit. we then went back into our bedroom and my wife and i decided it was best for her and i to start off with her mother watching at the edge of the bed. even though my wife and i had done this sort of thing many times, the feel of it was very very different. i had a very keen sense of my mother in laws presence in the room as my wife and i stripped each other naked. my wife is a very attractive woman, but after she had our first c***d her body isnt what it used to be. she's 5-6, long blonde hair, blue eyes and about 130 lbs. she still has some fat around her belly but full tits with large nipples. as she and i began to kiss and fondle each other i could sense that she was somewhat uncomfortable with her mother with us. i did my best to move forward with foreplay. i was curious as to what her mothers reaction would be when alison stripped me and took my cock out. i have an above average dick, about 8 inches, not huge but still quite big and i wanted to see her expression on her face when she saw it. it was a real turn on to see my mother in laws face when my wife took hold of my rod and stroked me. her mother seemed to like my size from her look. as my wife stroked and sucked my cock i reached out to her mom and and motioned for her to join us. in all reality i didnt know if she would go through with it but she did end up coming over to us. as my wife blew my rod i started to kiss her mother deeply with my tounge. she is a smoker so i could taste the cigarette in her mouth. not usually a turn on but with my wife's mother it certainly was. she kissed very well, and i remember pulling her very close to my body. she was fully clothed but not for long. i pulled her tee shirt up over her head to reveal her tits in her bra. she looked hot even though her belly sagged some. her tits were packed nice into her bra. i wanted her so bad at that point. i could feel my cock fill and get hard. my wife was still working it with her mouth and hand. my mother in law i could tell was uncertain what to do. she pretty much just was running her hands through my hair as i took her bra off to expose her tits. they drooped some but i didnt really care. i was having my wife and her mother! it was pure heaven for me. my wife worked my cock and i unbuttoned my mother in laws jeans and unzipped them. i didnt know if she was shaved or if she would have a huge bush. i was on my knees on the bed as was my mother in law as i pulled her jeans over her hips and down over her ass. i was getting more turned on when i found she was wearning a thong. my wife was playing with my balls as i recall and her mom started to run her hands around my chest. i sucked my mother in law's tits and guided her hand onto my cock so she could jack me some while my wife blew me. with my other hand i began to finger her under her thong. her pussy was neatly trimmed and very hot to finger. i cupped one of her ass cheeks as i fingered her deep. she let out a few moans here and there as i pumped a two fingers into her. she was fairly tight which was nice. as she stroked my cock and kissed me some she told me i had a much bigger dick than her husband which was a huge turn on for me. my dick was throbbing at that point. i asked my wife's mother if she wanted to give me head with her daughter, which she didnt reply but simply whent down on me. utterly amazing. both were taking turns on my meat, swallowing my shaft. i had to concentrate not to blow my load. after a few minutes of giving head my wife and i started to fuck. i was on my back and my wife rode my cock. the sex was hot knowing her mother was seeing me screw her daughter. my mind was racing at a hundred miles an hour. i fingered my mother in law while my wife rode me until she came on my dick. i honestly dont know how i didnt cum yet. all i was thinking about was screwing my my mother in law. what would it be like? how would i feel? i was doing all i could to keep her into the sex, caressing her tits, kissing her, fingering her while her daughter rode me into her orgasm. after my wife came, i asked her mom if she was ready for my dick, to which she said she was. this was the moment of truth. i ate her pussy some and then asked her if she wanted me to wear a rubber. she told me she was fine to fuck me without one on. i layed my mother in law on her back and drew close on top of her, losing all sense of time and reality. i didnt even pay attention to what my wife was doing or seeing as i pushed my cock into her mothers pussy. i could tell i was filling her pretty well by the expression on her face as i went into her. i was lost in her eyes as i spread her pussy open with my dick. we kissed each other and breathed the same air as i entered her more. my body was alive on top of hers. it was amazing to feel her body under me, taking my rod. i was as hard as i have ever been in my life as i started to pump my cock into her. holding her legs under my arms. i wanted to fuck her deeply and hard. give her the dick of her life. she started to get really loud as i went into her faster and deeper. i couldnt belive i was screwing my wife's mother. nailing her hard and feeling her pussy around my meat. i never thought this day would come for me. she was gasping at times for air as i drilled into her. letting out "oh god yes", "what a cock", "fuck me baby". all turning me on more and more. my mind was spinning as i pumped my mother in law harder and deeper, as deep as i could, slamming her hips against mine. her pussy was hot, wet and amazing. i remember being lost in her eyes while i was pumping her. we were totally connected in a way i didnt expect. i felt i belonged with her, fucking her, giving her my shaft. after only a few minutes of this she began to quiver some and start to go into orgasm, i felt her pussy squeeze around my pumping cock. it drove me insane that i was getting her off with my dick. i had just been fucking my wife and now i had her mother cumming on my cock! i held her legs open and i leaned my body back, she threw her head back and rolled her eyes into her head as she came hard on my big dick. i could feel it and it was amazing. i had no idea it would feel this way. her tits were shifting up and down on her chest as i slammed my meat into her while she came. she was getting louder and louder telling me she was cumming. telling me how much she loved my cock. as i pumped into her i was asking her if her husband fucked her like this "does ron give u cock like this tina?" i kept asking her as i remember. her only answer was "god no" over and over again when i asked her. i was so lost in screwing her that i hadnt noticed what my wife was doing. her mom and i were so into fucking and touching each other we hadnt paid much attention to my wife. after her mom came on my dick i looked at my wife and saw that she looked somewhat unhappy. i didnt know what to do, but i did know i wanted to keep fucking her mother until i came. i was conflicted but kept pumping into her mother. i was still so hard. i wanted to cum. i tried not to think about what my wife was thinking. i leaned into my mother in law while i fucked her and asked her if she liked fucking me. "god yes i love fucking you darrin" was her reply. "you like this dick tina?" i asked a few times. again while i gave it to her she said "god yes i love it, fuck me". i couldnt hold back much longer. my wife got up and left the room after some of our hot talk to each other. i knew at that point i wanted to keep fucking her mother even after this night. i sensed that her mother wanted me more after this also. pounded and pumped my cock into her more and more until i was about to explode. she could feel my cock expand, ready to cum..."oh god cum in me" she told me, it wasnt something my wife and i talked about or expected. it was all i could take. "you want my cum in ur pussy tina?" i asked her. i wanted to make sure she was ready for it. i was going to blow hard. it was pure extacy being inside her, nailing her like that. i didnt anticipate it being this hot. my balls were full of cum. again i looked into her eyes as i started to shoot. a big shot at first, i felt my nuts emptying "oh shit" a second shot into her "oh fuck tina, take it". i was spraying my load of cum into her, a third spasm of cum out of my dick into her pussy. i was cumming alot, i could feel it flow out into her spraying her pussy, filling her. i watched her eyes and kissed her deeply pressing my body onto hers with her tit in my hand i gave her on last cum shot into her 45 year old pussy. i stayed inside her and pumped my cock a few times, driving her crazy. i had never had sex like this before. my wife had left in angst while i drilled her mother. as i slumped onto her after giving her as much cum as i could we were both out of breath. tired from our orgasms. i was still cupping her ass cheek and one of her tits in my hands. my seed was deep into her. we talked some after. and i went out to see where my wife went off to. she was asl**p on the couch in the living room. after i recovered i screwed tina again and again blew my cum into her pussy. my wife and i have since separated and her mother and i have been carrying on an affair, to which the sex is unbelievable. though its unlikely, we are both hoping for her to get pregnant so we can be together. ill keep ya posted as to how it works out.

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