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Private show surprise at the porn store Part Three

This part is somewhat longer than the other two. Bear with me.

By 6:15, when I figured Andrea would be at home, I had showered and shaved, dressed in what I thought was my casual best, bought three bottles of a nice pinot noir and was rapping on the door of Andrea's apartment.

I heard a "just a minute" from deep inside. Several seconds later the door was opened. Standing in front of me was a beautiful, willowy redhead. I smiled and said Hi. She smiled and purred,"Ooh Andrea told me her new guy was gorgeous...Oh! and you have wine...and it's pinot noir!!! That's my fave!" She took one of the bottles from me and said, "Follow me. I'm Lydia. What's your name?" I walked behind her watching her cute ass as she moved to the kitchen. She set the bottle down with a light clunk. I placed the other two next to it and said "Peter".

Andrea walked in then and said, "Lydia, this is my good friend Peter. This is kind of our first date" Lydia gave her a significant look then said, "Well Peter, any good friend of Andrea is a good friend of mine." She put her hands on my shoulders, lifted up to her tippy toes and gave me a moist kiss on my smiling mouth.

Andrea got out the glasses and the corkscrew and said, "Go get comfortable on the couch. I will pour these and bring them in while you two get to know each other." Lydia took my hand in hers, leading me to the pillow covered couch. I sat down first while Lydia stood for a moment looking down at me. "You don't know how many times I have wondered if Andrea was ever going to introduce me to one of her boyfriends. I raised an eyebrow and said, "Oh, have there been many?"

She laughed and said, "More than a few, none of whom I ever met. I am wondering what makes YOU so SPECIAL." She stood there, her left hand holding her right elbow as her right hand cupped her chin staring down at me.

"She told me you were really cute...Check. She told me you had a nice body...from what I've seen so far...check. She told me I could ask you anything as long as the questions take a yes/no answer. Her right forefinger tapped her temple, disturbing a red curl there. I tried not to stare at her nipples under the thin rayon top she wore. Obviously no bra. She did catch me checking them out several times. The first time she caught me she sent me a smile that was like the sun coming up after the storm.

I sat awaiting the interrogation.

"You have had many lovers...correct?" I shrugged. Lydia laughed and said, "you have had more than ten lovers...correct? I nodded. "Andrea is a natural brunette. Most of those more than ten lovers were brunette...correct?" I nodded yes. "One of your lovers was considerably older than you...your first time for full blown sex...correct?" I was surprised at this, nodding yes with a grin.
She shifted her stance a bit, leaned forward, her breasts easily seen down the scoop neck of her top. "You've been looking at my tits. I know you like Andrea's...I love them...she licked her lips with that statement. Most of the women you have fucked have had tits more like Andrea's than like mine...correct?"

By this time Andrea was walking into the room with three fairly full glasses of Pinot noir on a tray. Laughing she said, "you are up to tits already Lydia?" Looking at me as she offered me a glass she winked and said, "Lydia is very direct." I laughed and said "true, and YOUR answer Lydia is yes." The two young women tapped their glasses of wine together lightly, took a nice full sip, then kissed lightly for what seemed minutes.

I stood up then, unabashed by the erection in my pants that was as evident as Lydia's hard nipples were inside her rayon top. I raised my glass and said, "To very good friends!". We tapped them together a little more vigorously than the earlier one between the two women.

"You know my dear friend Andrea has never had anything more than fingers and a tongue inside of her." As she said 'fingers' she held her right hand up moving her forefinger and middle against each other while her tongue traced her lips like something was delicious. "Andrea,I know you met him at the solo booth...does he know about your lack of experience?"

Andrea smiled and purred, "If he didn't I always knew I could count on you to bring everything up to the surface." We all drank some more wine. Lydia put her empty hand down to the tent in my pants. She patted the tip and said, "It looks, dear Andrea, like Peter means to remedy that situation. Does he know anything about why you are so chaste?"

Andrea flashed a look at her, then relaxed and said, "I want to hear you question him some more."

Lydia looked at me then at Andrea. "Peter, did Andrea tell you she has this b*****r...also named Peter?" I said,"yes".

Lydia said, "I need to ask more than yes/no questions." Andrea finished her glass of wine and said, "Yes/No only darling."

"Would it bother you to know that my Andrea here has a thing for her older b*****r?" I shook my head 'no.' Lydia shrieked at the answer, clapping her hands together. "Has Andrea said she wants you to fuck her tonight?" I shrugged and Lydia changed the question to "Has Andrea agreed to fuck you tonight? I smiled and said yes. "Am I going to be able to watch openly or will I have to hide and watch?" Andrea growled and Lydia changed it to,"Has Andrea told you she wants me to watch her get fucked for the first time?" I said 'yes'.

"Do you know how big a deal this is for Andrea?" I was about to say yes when she continued,"she always told me she wanted Peter, her b*****r Peter to be her first...If you didn't already know that...can you accept that she has decided that you are 'close enough', but that you will never live up to her b*****r?"

I laughed at that and took my wallet from my pants. I fished out my driver's license and handed it to her. Lydia looked at it hard. Andrea and I both watched her figure it out. "Holy fuck" she gasped. "you are her Peter! You are her b*****r?!"

"Andrea has told me about watching you through the bedroom window. I assume she has told you about that?" I nodded my head. "Would you take off your clothes please?" I stood up and removed my shoes, socks and pants. My shirt was next. Standing there in my shorts, I pulled the elastic down so my cock sprang up when it was released. I stood in front of them my erection pulsing.

"Andrea baby, take off your clothes for us." Andrea stood up and did Lydia's bidding. She stood in front of me, her nipples hard and her cunt very wet and swollen. "Did you take your pill today Andrea?" My s****r smiled and nodded her head. "Tell Peter the fantasy first time you told me about the first night we met."

Andrea looked up at my face and said, "In my fantasy, you are lying on your bed." She pointed to the couch. I lay on my back. "You are stroking your cock and you suddenly notice I am watching you through the window. You say, 'Andrea', come on into the room and you can touch as well as watch." I repeated those fantasy words and waited, my hand stroking my cock slowly. Andrea knelt by the couch, a look of awe on her face.

She whispered, "I am so nervous Peter." I put my hand on her shoulder and said, "You may do anything you want to do babe." That was what Peter had called his s****r for years. Andrea wrapped her hand around as much of my hand as she could. She got into the rhythm of the movement, then whispered,"take your hand away Peter." I did so. She replaced it with hers and started stroking with the same motion.

She leaned forward, her eyes just above the purple tip. She put a finger down in the slit there and pulled it away. A long thread of pre-cum followed her finger tip away from my cockhead. She sniffed her finger, then licked it clean.

"Is it all right if I touch your balls?" I told her anything she wanted to do was okay. She stroked my shaft with her right hand, while her left cupped my sack. She squeezed just hard enough to feel the testicles within. She looked back at the tip and with a tiny smile leaned forward, opening her lips slightly. She licked her lips so they shone in the room lights with their moisture.

Andrea let the head of my cock push her lips apart. When the knob was inside she stopped and slowly swirled her tongue around it, moving also to probe the slit at the tip. I didn't hear the clicking of the camera at first. I remembered then that Lydia was a photographer and would be taking a record of this first fuck for her dear friend.

My s****r stood up then, straddled my cock, her slit about a foot above me. She had a finger pressed inside her swollen slit. I stroked slowly, watching my s****r masturbate above his cock. When her body started to shake I reached up and held her steady so she wouldn't fall. Her first orgasm was thunderous. Well it was a scream...but not one anyone outside the room could hear. Her finger worked lightly along the slit as she came down from it.

She removed her finger, sniffed it, smiled then pushed it to my mouth. I sucked the fingertip like it was a tiny cock, then watched as she put that finger and another back into her swollen puss. She had her right hand on my chest now, supporting herself as she watched me stroking my cock steadily, slowly. This orgasm caused her to scream so traffic would stop. As soon as that was done, she put her other hand on my chest and lowered her cunt to the tip of my cock. I held it steady while she moved her body so the tip plowed through the wet furrow slowly moving into her, I watched the tender lips ripple around the obstruction. When Andrea had the head engulfed within her virgin lips, she held herself above me with her hands, panting and looking from me to Lydia. Her roommate said nothing but continued to take pictures.

Andrea moved her heels to the sides of my hips. She tested the waters so to speak. Dipping down so slowly it was almost difficult to see the shaft start to disappear. Once the frenulum was covered Andrea bounced on that spot then pulled her body up slowly so the head popped out of her slit. She gasped, then giggled and lowered her pussy so it was where it had moments before. She moved her hands down so they came closer to my hips. From there she was squatting above me with no weight at all on her hands.

She cupped her breasts, her thumb and forefinger pinching her nipples. She lifted up again, but the head remained inside. She smiled down at me, her eyes on mine and with a determined look slid down my shaft until I was entirely engulfed inside of her. She was the tightest woman I had ever been inside of.

She leaned forward now and kissed my mouth gently. "You feel so good inside of me Peter. This is what I had dreamed about so many times. I want to just stay like this for a while. When I say "now", I want you to turn me over on my back and fuck me until you shoot your seed deep inside of me. I nodded and told her I loved her.

Andrea moved her forefingers and thumbs around the swollen, slippery opening of her cunt, moving them around the base of my cock. She pressed her hard little clit against the now slippery shaft until she came once, then once more. In a small voice she said, "now".

I moved my hands to her rib cage just under her tits, pushing her forward and up from me while staying deeply connected cock in cunt. I pushed her onto her back on the couch. The camera continued to click. Andrea got her legs up and around my waist then. I withdrew my cock from her delicious insides so just the head kept me anchored.

I saw my cock outlined in the flash of the camera. Andrea and I both looked to where we joined. She watched as I slowly slid down until I was all eight inside of her. I fucked my s****r thinking about what she was like then and savoring what she was like now. Andrea was making sharp little screams encased in moans. She looked down to watch my cock plunge into her. Her eyes wide with amazement. We were a symphony of sexual sounds. Her squeaking and moaning, the slap slap of hard cock in wet cunt, our breathing ragged and in time with the movement.

I moved my face next to hers and said, "I am going to shoot my seed deep inside your tight hole Babe. I am going to fill you up. She gasped and grinned and said, "fuck me hard. I want to feel your cum shooting inside of me. Blast me with it!"

Camera clicks, cock slamming, s****r gasping, I pounded my Babe as I felt the moment when the storm breaks below the build up and the seed started to flow down into her slippery vagina. Jet after jet of thick ropey semen spurted into Andrea. I fucked her so hard the semen squirted out the juncture where her cunt tried to seal the hard piston I drove into her. We were riders on the storm, soaked in sweat and semen, electrical charges had to be running through our least where we joined.

When the storm abated, flesh didn't want to leave flesh. We were locked together. The camera continued to flash and click. Andrea was crying. I kissed her nose like I used to when she was little, then licked her tears from her cheeks. "I love you Andrea." She purred and said, "I love you too Big b*****r."

This concludes the story.

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