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I had just sat down with a cup of coffee one Saturday morning when the phone rang. It was my neighbor Mrs. Brown calling to ask a favor of me, she said she had to go out for several hours leaving her young son Mike and his friend home alone and asked if I would mind checking in on them while she was gone. I told her I would be happy to look after them while she was gone. I finished my coffee and looked at the clock seeing that it was almost 8:30 and I figured the boys should be awake by now so I went next door to see how they were doing. Without knocking I walked in and looked around for them but didn't see them anywhere. I walked down the hallway to Mike's room finding the door partway open. As I looked in I stood frozen and silent as I saw the two young boys naked on the bed rubbing each other's cocks. I watched for several minutes trying to decide if I should leave them alone and come back later.

As I watched, Mike got up on his knees beside his friend and began sucking him and. My cock began to throb and grow hard as I watched Mike suck on his friends four and a half inch penis for several minutes. Then Mike laid down and his friend leaned over and began sucking his cock making it grow hard. I unzipped my pants and pulled my throbbing cock out and began stroking it as I watched. u*********sly I began moaning. I must have gotten too loud at some point and I saw a Mike looked up at the door where I stood watching. "Who's there?" he said. I pushed the door open and walked in holding my stiff cock in my hand. I said "Its only me Mike, your mother asked me to check in on you guys and I'm so glad I did. What a delightful surprise to find you boys like this. Would you mind if I joined you, it looks like you're having so much fun."

They both look quite surprised as I entered the room and walked over to the bed. They looked at me standing there with my big hard cock sticking out of my pants and they began to smile. Mike said "Well since you're here and you look to be as horny as we are you might as well join in. Why don't you get undressed for us." I pulled off my shirt and unfastened my pants letting them drop to the floor and take them aside. Teasingly I slowly began pushing my underwear down until my cock was free. I said "Have you boys ever played with her man's cock before?" I stood before them displaying my stiff 7 1/2 inch thick cock. "Would you like to feel it? Both of the boys sat on the edge of the bed looking at me for a moment before Mike reached out his hand and wrapped it around my shaft.

He said "Wow your cock is so big and hard I can barely get my hand around it and your cock head is so fat." His friend John reached up and began playing with my balls. After a few minutes I said "Is it okay if I play with your cocks for a while, you both look so nice." They shook their heads in agreement and I knelt on the floor in front of them putting a hand on each of their young cocks. I began stroking and teasing them and told them to lean back on the bed. I leaned down between John's legs and slid my lips over the tip of his small soft cock and began sucking him and I felt his cock begin to grow hard in my mouth. It felt so good feeling him swell up as I sucked and licked on him. After a minute or so I moved over to Mike and slid my mouth down on his hard 5 1/2 inch cock. While I sucked on Mike I stroked John's cock with my hand. Every few minutes I would switch moving from Mike to John and back again sucking there sweet young cocks. Both of the boys began moaning and thrusting their hips and I knew it wouldn't be long before they were ready to blow their loads.

John was the first to say "You're going to make me come soon." I sucked his cock furiously and soon he erupted squirting two or three streams of cum into my mouth and he fell back on the bed. I quickly moved over to Mike and slid my mouth full of John's cum down on his throbbing cock and began bobbing up and down. Mike let out a loud moan and said "I can't hold it anymore I'm going to cum." and he started squirting his hot load filling my mouth completely. When he was finished I stood up smiling and swallowed both their loads. "Oh that was fun, did you guys enjoy it?" They both said yes that was great. "Okay now I guess it's my turn to get sucked off, who wants to go first?" Mike sat up and quickly leaned forward and slid his mouth over my fat cock head and part way down my shaft as he slowly began to suck me. John watched eagerly awaiting his turn. Mike sucked me for a couple minutes then sat back letting John have his turn. They each took several turns sucking my throbbing hard cock and soon I could feel my balls tighten as I got ready to explode. I told them they should both get in front of my cock with their mouths open and I would cum for them.

They did as I told them and I gave my cock a few good strokes and I began squirting thick streams of hot cum into their mouths and on their faces. I came so hard and so much I thought it would never stop. When I finally finished they were both covered with my thick hot load. I said "This has been a fantastic morning I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. We better get ourselves cleaned up your mother will be home in a couple hours." We quickly got into the shower and washed each other clean then got dressed. I told the boys to behave themselves and if they needed anything I would be right next door.

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