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How Craigslist got me laid in New York

This is a true story!

Some time ago I went on a longer trip to the USA to attend a wedding in my f a m i l y. It's a long flight from Europe so I planned a road trip for myself and got to see Monument Valley, Grand Canyon and lots of other phenomenal places in and around Arizona and New Mexico. The nights at the motels were lonely though ... and I must admit that the desert heat played tricks with my mind. When I finally got to Phoenix I was super horny.

I don't know anyone in that area but at some point I had heard about someone using Craigslist as a place to get in contact with girls, so I made made an ad, but got nothing but links to webcam services back. Disappointing.

Anyhow the next day I flew to New York to attend the wedding. I met up with my f a m i l y at the hotel. I was still horny though. So what does a man do? Craigslist to the rescue.

Same ad, same responses except for one from a girl, Jessica, who seemed serious about meeting me. I had described myself as the Scandinavian type, which she liked. We exchanged pictures and chatted for a bit and finally decided to meet at her place on the Upper East Side the next night. I made it clear that I was out to have a 'good time'. She agreed with this and I was already really excited.

The next night I told my f a m i l y a plausible white lie about meeting a friend and got out of the hotel and took a cap to her place. I must admit that I was slightly nervous about the whole setup. She could be a Craigslist maniac who would dump my abused body in the East River. The entrance to her building also felt shady and the lift was old. Damn. When I rang her doorbell I was about to run away again. Then she opened the door and she just looked so cute and fresh and just like in the pictures. I immediately liked her. Hazel eyes, brown hair, hot body. It all seemed too good to be true, but it was not.

We chatted for a bit and drank a glass of wine. She said a friend had recommended her doing a thing like this, because her work in television was so demanding that she never had any time for meeting men.

We talked for a bit more. Then all of a sudden she said "shut up silly" and kissed me and dragged me to her bedroom. I immediately got the worlds largest boner. We kissed for a bit, and I took of her shirt and bra and kissed her really hard nipples. Kissed them agin and again. She unzipped my pants and my stone hard cock jumped out. She started sucking my dick. Really really deep. I was on the edge of coming but miraculously held it back. We ripped the rest our clothes off and I started eating her pussy. She was extremely wet and moaned a lot and came hard several times. The bedlinen was soaked with her juices. Then she whispered "fuck me deep and hard!". I did so and fucked her really hard but all too soon I exploded deep up in her pussy. Mega creampie!

We laid on the bed for a while. Exhaling. I fell asl**p but woke up because she was sucking my dick. She had really good technique, and I warned her "I'm coming". She just continued and I came hard in her mouth. I fell asl**p again and again I woke up because she sucked my dick again. This way I came hard in her mouth 4 times during that night.

In the morning I was exhausted, but managed to get up to attend the wedding. When I left her place we kissed goodbye. I have never seen her again, but the memory lives. What an adventure!

I love New York City.

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