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The Developing of Emma part Six

As the weeks went by, Emma was subjected to many rituals before a crowd of masked leering males. Each day she was kept caged and plugged; her dosage of pills never forgotten. Each day Emma felt more and more feminine; one morning Elaine had her stripped naked except for cage and plug, and led her before a full length mirror. Emma now understood more than ever just why she felt the way she did.

Elaine smiled victoriously as the sissy saw with her own eyes just why she had almost forgotten she was ever a male; her hair had grown rapidly and a just a little make up from the maids, had her looking just like a girl facially, though this was nothing compared to her physique. The opposite applied to the hair on her body; there was none. Her curves seem to have been conditioned by wearing the corset; her soft white bottom poked out invitingly atop of soft plump girly thighs and delicate calves, but most of all, her pecs, which had been fairly flat anyway, were now developing into soft round breasts; Elaine stroked the sissy’s bottom as she enjoyed the view of her work.

“You see, those pills are your friends; you’ll need a bra for proper fairly shortly, not just for show. We’re going to chase away the boy from you forever, you are going to be the most desirable and feminine sissy. You are ready to have a special trip with a suitor who has shown interest in you. He’s going to take you shopping in the outside world; he’s heard how you love shoes so much, you be a good girl for him and he’ll buy you several pairs which you can wear for him and other suitors. And you will be out amongst the public as a girl for the first time. I will prepare you in the morning.” Emma’s little cock bulged in the cage as she thought of going as a girl for the first time; her bottom tingled at being allowed to choose girls shoes, as a girl, from a girly shop. She wondered who the suitor would be and if he would be stern with her; what would he want in return. Her cock pulsed as she imagined various sissy situations.

The next morning, the serenity of the situation she had become accustomed to was broken for a few moments as one of the main doors in the living area opened abruptly and Elaine came in, clapping her hands and smiling wickedly as she strutted in. Behind her was Kurt, who manhandled a weeping, effeminate looking boy before him. The boy was naked except for a chiffon negligee and white ankle socks; though distressed and bewildered, his cock was erect in obvious excitement, his bottom was red with lines from a recent thrashing, a thrashing which had no doubt had him confess his sissy desires and sealed his fate. He was a new arrival who would be broken like Emma. He was taken, wailing into another chamber where no doubt he would have the opportunity of relieving Kurt’s stiff cock for the first time. Emma’s bottom clenched on her plug as she viewed the hapless sissy-to-be, and his boyish form reminded her of how far she had come. Though she was being controlled and used, she was almost grateful to be where she was; her submissiveness simply made her yearn for the next sissy encounter, and she puffed her soft breasts with her hands as the muffled wails of the new sissy died down as his mouth was found another duty.

Elaine was back as promised, a maid brought the outfit that had been chosen for Emma; black seamed stockings, a tight black pencil skirt, and a white silk blouse. She was finished off with black stilettos and a black velvet choker was placed round her pretty neck, nice and tight; this was to remind her that she was owned. Emma’s cock squirmed in the cage and dribbled in her satin panties as she viewed her sweet round bottom in the mirror; a bottom which tingled excitedly and squeezed at the plug so tight in her anus. She teetered a little on the stilettos, much to the amusement of Elaine and the maid, but soon got the hang of strutting like a little madam. She was ready for her suitor.

He was waiting for her in a reception area; tall, perhaps 50’ish but physically youthful somehow. His brown hair a little thin on top and greyish around the gables. Already Emma tried to picture the hair behind a mask and wondered what rituals he had witnessed her being subjected to. Without a mask his vivid blue eyes and gentle smile made her tingle; his physique was nicely masculine and he squeezed Emma’s hand softly as Elaine led the sissy to him.

“No asking names at this stage Emma; you just be a good girl for the gentleman and I’ll have a report when you get back. You can expect to feel my hand on your bottom if you displease him in any way.”

Emma tingled all over as the man squeezed her hand just a little tighter and led her through two sets of double doors to the outside world for the first time since she’d been taken. He smiled and pulled her close, sniffing her hair as they stood on a busy street; immediately a young man passing, wolf whistled at the pretty girl he saw. Emma trembled all over; she was a girl for the first time.

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