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Sex with the Sales Manager

This story is a work of fiction. All characters included are fake and do not resemble real-life individuals. The story has been written from the inspiration of cutecpl77 and taken into composition under their sole permission
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I always wanted to visit India but never had the chance until the last term when our university had signed an agreement of internship with an Indian company working within the hospitality sector. This was the chance the person they should send was me and no one else and so I did began my preparations and finally I was chosen for a 6 month long internship with the Indian company.
I set up my foot in the morning heat at Delhi International Airport. I had never seen such crowd ever, and with great difficulty I found out the driver who had come to pick me for the orientation meeting. After an hour or so we finally reached the head office. It was in a decent and less crowded part of the capital. I was well greeted by the staff and their sales manager Mrs. Sandhiya who was also going to accommodate me during my stay. The day passed fast and I was tried due to jet lag. Knowing this Mrs. Sandiya suggested we leave for home early.

She wasn’t living far from the office just a couple of minutes of drive distance. I was expecting some crowd at home but I was surprised to see no one at home, I didn’t as any questions thought she would explain it later. We entered the house, which was a well-furnished double story villa and she showed me my room which adjacent to hers. The room was prepared for my arrival with all the sheets and cleaning done. She told me to have my time to place my stuff and change while she too changes and then prepares the dinner.

After arranging my stuff and changing I went down and found Mrs. Sandhiya busy in the kitchen preparing dinner. The office woman was gone and she looked differently with black spandex like capri and white sleeveless tank-top. Actually she was kind of attractive now. Anyways without thinking much I went up to her and asked if I could help. She smiled and said “I’ll be glad if you set up the table” and so did I.

She brought in the food and we began eating in that course we started introducing ourselves. I was 22 year old of Turkish ethnicity currently studying international business. She was 35 year old married to a husband who is most of the time abroad due to work and she had a k** of 5 years old, who was at the moment at his grandmother’s home. After the casual introduction we talked about different topics for a long time while we sipped our wines. Noticing me getting slowly falling asl**p she suggested we go to sl**p and so each of us moved to his room. As I started to fade out all I could dream of was Mrs. Sandhiya’s body.

The next couple of days passed quickly. I was slowly getting used to the way business was done in India. I had even begun learning some Indian words too. Everyone at the office was warm and helpful. At home me and Mrs. Sandhiya where becoming better friends sharing laughs, jokes and memories. We were doing the home stuff like washing, cooking, and groceries together. Even though there was a big age difference between us we were getting along well together.
Days turned to months, things where same at the work but things where changing at home. Without notice me and Mrs. Sandhiya where getting closer now. We were no more speaking of random stuff instead we were slowly getting our secret public. Also our clothing habits changed she was no caring of what to where, as most of the days she would sit for breakfast with her boxer and lace shirt which clearly showed her round big but a bit saggy tits, while I began coming to the table with on my sl**ping boxers on. There was kind of intimacy between us but it was not yet public.

This routine continued until a Friday night. We came home early as we had worked late last night and finished today’s job. We prepared dinner together and filled our stomachs well. After collecting the table and washing the dishes Mrs. Sandhiya suggested we drink and I happily acknowledged my interest too. I moved to the couch while she went and got a bottle of Jack Daniels from the kitchen and two shot glasses. She set them on the middle table filled both the glasses and said “Cheers for Secrecy”; I didn’t understand what she meant but I repeated what she said. After a couple of shots and sharing of glimpses, the first question came from her “do you have a girlfriend” she asked. We never talked about this stuff until now. I replied “no it’s been more than year I last had been with someone”. She began tease me by saying “girls out there are missing a lot things”. I asked what she meant but she didn’t respond instead she began talking.

“You know” she said “My husband has been aboard for more than 9 months now. I’m all alone and raising a k** without a father is difficult. That’s why when I heard someone was coming for intern to our company I agreed to accommodate. I was bored alone and needed someone in my life. Plus I’m a woman and a woman with needs. Women kind of needs”. She continued talking but my head was stuck to the last sentence. Mrs. Sandhiya was openly speaking of sex with me for the first time. She continued to speak for a bit while and then she suggested we sl**p. To release the wave of shock from my head I agreed and each of moved to his room, but I couldn’t sl**p the devil was playing with my mind.

Since the first day I saw Mrs. Sandhiya I was attracted to her body, she was almost my height, with few extra pounds and curves around the stomach area. Medium length hair and tits that where round but a bit sagging. Her ass was round too all this completed with a light-brown skin. She was simply faultless for an age of 35. This attraction has all changed to sexual desire after what I’ve heard earlier tonight. I couldn’t sl**p and my hormones where pumping adrenaline and making me horny. I had to do something at least masturbate to stop the flow of testosterones, because Mrs. Sandiya was my manager at least during my intern period and she was married. Thinking of having sex with her was awkward. With that in mind I headed to the bathroom, with the hope of finding an underwear I could masturbate to.

With the opening of my bedroom door I was hit with a great wave of shock. Mrs. Sandhiya was in the corridor wearing her transparent white gown with random red dots her and there. There she was in front of me naked, I could see her lovely sagged breast and mid haired pussy right in front of me. The rush of testosterones doubled rapidly, which made my stiff cock go rock hard popping out of my boxer. We looked at each other for a couple of seconds in a frozen state and then without a word Mrs. Sandhiya went back to her room as I watched her ass shake while she moved in giving me a glimpse without entering her room. That was it; my sexual desire had won over my logic as I made a move towards her room.
With my stiff penis stuck back in my boxer I opened her door to see her lying in half sitting position on the bed. When she saw she said “Come her naughty boy” as I made a move on top of her and placed my first kiss with mix of adrenaline and anxiety on her lips. From the first touch on I felt the passion. A second longer kiss followed and then a longer French kiss move came from me as our saliva’s got mixed while our tongues touched. The elixir of love was starting to move in our veins as we continued kissing. After a while we changed positions she was now on top as we continued French kissing in heat.

She was starting to get aroused while my cock was getting stiffer, when I made a move and removed her gown. Her breast where hanging in front of me with their full beauty. I started playing with them both at once while she smiled and asked; “you like my breasts don’t you ha?” I nodded in confirmation as I moved to suck the right nipple which was already stiff while continuing to play with the right breast. After having enough of the left one I switched to the right one. They were stiffer and harder than I expected. Having enough of the breasts I started to lick around the areolas while she began moaning slowly. Her nipples where full erect now and I started squeezing them while kissing her cleavage area with each squeeze she let out a hard moan in pleasure. She was fully aroused now, so I rotated around as I laid her flat on her back and began kissing down from her cleavage towards her belly until reaching her hairy pussy.
Her pussy was getting wet and sweat drops already began appearing yet it tasted so good as I began licking her front pink clit. She was hungry for good sex and until now I was providing her, I knew it because her body was shivering with pleasure as I continued fondling her pussy with my fingers and tongue. I continued the process until I felt tasty nectar in my mouth, it was Sandhiya emptying her vaginal fluids in my mounds accompanied with the voices “Mmmm…Mmmm” filling the room. After she emptied her juices in my mouth I moved up and started French kissing her again while looking into each other eyes. I could see the desperate need of good sex in her eyes while she found the passion of young stud trying to pleasure a hot horny mature housewife.

We shared a couple of kisses until she captured my cock and said “that tool is bigger than my husband’s, I want to taste it” and so she switched position making me lay on my back as she moved down to blow my cock turning her ass around my face and ordering me to “sniff and lick” it. She started with taking the head only into her mouth first vacuuming it and then biting it making me let out a loud scream. She looked back and smiled as she began taking my cock deeper and deeper inside. 20 cm cock was nothing easy to handle and soon she began choking for air as she deeptroating my cock letting my screams this time fill the room. She then began sucking it rapidly as I was licking her asshole with my tongue while squeezing her round ass checks. Even her ass smelled so perfect. She gave me another deepthroat making bl**d rush through my cock as I felt it was going to detach from its place. Knowing that I was close to Cumming she stopped sucking my cock turned around and started kissing me again. Now we were kissing like a****ls, our hormones had gone wild. We were both hungry for sex and tonight we were satisfying each other very much.

After the rush of kisses she started stroking my cock with her hand making it go rock hard again and then she slipped under me and demanded a boobjob. I was more than happy to do it. Her tits were perfect for it. I began with few slow strokes and then changed to rapid ones as she began moaning harder and harder while her tits juggled beautifully. I continued my rapid moment until my precum spread out on her beautiful tits. Be both set out a loud “ahhhh…” and then without losing time I sticked on her mouth and gave her a long breathless frecnh kiss moving our orgasm to the next level.
We were aroused once again and she had bent down in doggy position after she washed her chest. I didn’t want to enter her without a descent tease, so I began slapping her ass check. The room was getting filled with the moaning and flesh slapping sound, while she enjoyed it. Then I began rubbing my rock hard cock on her clit making her tremble with pleasure. I continued doing so until she began begging me to fuck her. She said; “fuck me, fuck this hungry cunt my boy, use me as your slut housewife”, so I began my insertion in doggy position moving my cock into her tight cunt slowly but until its roots into her pussy. She let out on loud moan “Mmmmmm…aaaahhh” I was drilling her pussy reaching point her husband never could reach with my 20cm cock. I had found her g-spot making her scream and flush her juice on my cock. With the rate of fucking increasing rapidly the sound of our flesh touching fills the room, our orgasm level began increasing. We were completely filled with sweat. Our body fluids where already mixed enough but we had to the climax yet .

I stopped fucking her in doggy position and laid straight on my back on the now almost wet bed. She knew the order and she liked it. “Naughty boy you like to give woman the control don’t you” she said as she went on top and began sitting on my cock slowly as it widened her tight brown-pink clit. She went all the way down, let out a loud cry and then pulled up slowly and then down again this time a bit faster. She began pushing harder and harder and now the slaps of flash was filling the room. The climax orgasm was seconds ahead. I looked into her eyes as she began pushing harder on my cock as if she could she would have taken the ball sack in even, while I fondled her tits while we smiled at each other. I slowly began to feel a rush of cum going through my penis towards the open end while the feeling of her hot juice covered my cock and balls.
She took a gash of air and stuck her lips onto mine while her breast where placed on my chest or bodies where unified as a strong gush of vaginal fluid run down my cock, balls and then my legs while she felt my hot while cum shoot through her vagina inseminating very were. We remained on top of each other for a while and then she collapsed next to me and we French kissed for the long time knowing we had satisfied each other’s need well enough and this was going to be an unforgettable memory.

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