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Pure and Crystal 2 (english google translate)

You are there. You are at the rendez-vous. As I have decided. You're lightly dressed but you followed what I asked, simple, sexy and can be torn: A very short shorts, a T-shirt simple molding your sumptuous curves.Cause you're there to believe I can satisfy this fantasy. **** you and abuse you for hours. You would expect this bus stop. The men turn you on and dream of what they could do to you. They can not imagine what I'll do. I stopped the car in front of you and you get in. My hand is placed on your bare leg. And I begin to caress you. Your hand opens my fly and dive in your fingers. The tips of your fingers brush my cock while I'm taking you somewhere else. Our room is reserved at the hotel. All we need is already there.I park the car and we enter the hotel, my hand clutching your buttocks. We enter the room. I follow you. Giving your an order: "on your knee and sucks" you fall down and open my pants to release my sex impatient. Your fingers slide over my swollen cock. "Go suck well" You look at me and shoves my cock in your mouth. However, I reach for my clothes off this wonderful blowjob. You pump like a goddess.On the one hand, you play with my balls. The other caresses me.You attrappes my buttocks and shoots my cock deep My penis is squeezed between your tonsils. You push a finger into my ass and sticks it into my ass.You know how to make me cum. But you arrested just before I jouisses. You get up with a defiant look.This look turns me on more. I push you on the bed. I too want to enjoy. I get on you. You debates while I pull your shorts. I let you get up again. You try to run away towards the door. But I get you from behind catching your breasts. You feel my hard cock against your ass. I push you against the wall. My hands get the tissue and slowly tears your shirt in you biting the base of the neck. You sigh. This is only a game but it has excited you to death.You rub your ass against my cock. "That's what I propose ... I let you go when my balls are dry. When a drop of sperm flow on my tail ... Or when you make me give up" A hand down to your underwear. I know it and goes back. It takes between your lips. My other hand seeks your clitoris through the cloth. You close your eyes and abandon yourself to my caresses. I still get a little more about your pants. She resisted but I want to play.I want you to never be able to recover. The noise of the tissue that is torn. Finally she gave in and here you are the ass in the air. There are only your bra.I took out one of your breasts and I play with the Teton. My fingers open your lips and I took my stiff cock into your sex.For fun, you escapees leaving your bra which gives attachment. You're naked and beautiful. I'll catch you again and throw you on the bed. You're on your back.You pretend you struggle but your legs spread apart. I spread over you. You're so wet that my cock slip inside you.I'm too excited. I do not hold long. I explode in you. But I can not leave you like that. Without waiting, my mouth down to your sex. My tongue finds your swollen clit . You'll also enjoy. Two fingers enter your vagina filled with my sperm. Aggripent your hands to my hair.A third finger between toi.Puis in a fourth. I feel the beating of your heart on your clit while I suck.My fingers dig a little deeper in you with every movement. Your pussy opens wide. My thumb also joined the other fingers.My hand in you to feel your vagina to contract during orgasm. You enjoy. You scream. You tremble ... But I continue to lick you and you fisted.My cock hardened again. Nothing excites him more than to see you enjoy. My mouth goes up on your belly and then on your breasts. I love suck too.I withdraw my sticky fingers of your sex. Statements shall I your legs. I bring her your feet behind your head.I pass over you, presenting my ass to your order. I have the same view of your crotch. Your ass is offered; offered my fingers and my tongue.Mine is for you too. You lick in my ass with your tongue while I slid one of mine in your rectum. Equality. I have two fingers in the ass and you too. But that's my cue that you still interested. You suck my balls by expanding my ass. I grabbed a vibrating egg that I catch in your pussy.Your clit is still suffering the onslaught of my fingers while four fingers torturing your ass. You found the lubricant and uses it to prepare my little hole.I make a renewed effort for you to enjoy while your tongue plays with my cock. You debates to bring my cock in your mouth with your fingers gardeant in my rectum. But you enjoy ... like a fountain. I will not let you yet because my fingers are also used increasingly more in your ass. I do not insist for the moment.I want to fuck you before you fisted. By cons, you succeded me broaden and bring your hand into my anus. You feel things at your fingertips but you do not care.Because you feel that my sex is going to explode. You smell of sperm ready to spring. I scream with pleasure. My cum is spreading in your throat and you swallow every drop.I must guard the control. You push your hand a little further up my ass. You do not get out. My cock softens.A little urine appears on the head. I drank lots of water in preparation for our meeting. My bladder is full and your hand does not help.
"Get your hand out of my ass, I have to pee"
"Me too" as you answer end letting you go. You too, you've prepared and you have been drinking heavily. A geyser of urine out of your pussy while I'm watering my piss.Hmm .. it is hot, dirty and forbidden ... but how good it is. The last drops ooze of your sex. You withdraw your hand dirty from my rectum.
"Let's go to the bathroom I get ready for round two"

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