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Fun with Wife and Friend

It was another Saturday night, just like many before, my wife and I were going to pick up our friend Mack and go to the local watering hole. We would have a few beers, listen to music, play some pool, and Mack and I would flirt with Joan. She was about 35 at the time; she had recently lost some weight, and was feeling very good about herself. She had a tough time losing the extra pounds she put on during pregnancy and was very proud of herself. I thought she looked sexy and our sex life was great. She has a beautiful 38d chest and nice round butt. She stands 5'6" with shoulder length brown hair. It was great seeing her feeling sexy again. On this Saturday she was looking especially sexy with tight cowgirl jeans and boots and a white button up shirt opened to just the right spot showing enough of her magnificent cleavage to make any man want to see more. We often would discuss our fantasies during sex play and we both had shown interest in having another man join us for a night of mfm fun and she had commented if it was ever going to happen it would be with Mack. She especially likes giving me head while I stroke her pussy with her vibrator. But she was shy enough I figured that it would always remain a fantasy. I told her I was game anytime, but left it up to her.

This night began pretty much like the others, we went to his house, sat on the couch, talked about the workweek behind us, and shortly headed out to the club. I saw how he perked up when Joan entered the room and the first thing out of his mouth was, "Damn you look good tonight Joan!" This put a smile on her face. We climbed in the pick-up with Joan in the middle and Mack slid in and put his arm on the back of the seat behind her. She was looking at me as I climbed in and I could see he was checking out her chest. When I shut my door she turned her head and caught him looking down her shirt. She slapped his leg and asked him what he was looking at. We all laughed and he put his arm on her shoulder and pulled her over giving her a one armed hug and apologized saying he couldn't help it because she was looking "hot". I could tell this made her feel really good as she kind of blushed a bit.

Once at the club, the flirting really started. She's a good pool player and can usually hold the table for a while once she gets warmed up. Mack and I were both enjoying the show as she would bend over to line up her shots. He and I have openly talked about sex many times so it was no surprise when he commented about how great my wife's tits looked tonight. I laughed and told him; maybe she'll show them to you later. He laughingly said "That would be good!" I told him before, about our discussing during sex about trying a threesome and that his name had come up in the conversation, so I knew he was always hopeful it might happen. When she came back to the table he told her if she wasn't careful she was going to spill out of her shirt. She said, "You wish", to which he replied “you bet I do". She looked down at herself and asked if she should fasten another button, but we both told her, NO! She smiled at us and spun around and back to the pool table.

We both danced with her a few times between pool games. I was playing a game and noticed they were embracing very closely on the dance floor during a slow song. He had pulled her very closely and had his leg between hers, I could see her breasts pressed against him and they were looking at each other and talking and laughing. I felt a little pang of jealousy at this time but it was quickly overpowered by an even more powerful feeling of arousal at seeing them embraced like that and her obviously loving every second of it. She was grinding her hips against his leg and I could tell she was aroused also. I noticed as they walked back to the table he had his arm behind her and a bulge in his pants. She had to have felt that as she ground her hips against him. Oh, and they both had big guilty looking smiles on their faces. The night seemed to fly by, before we knew it, it was last call.

We finished our drinks and headed to the truck, I had not been drinking much since I was designated driver for the night. They both had a pretty good buzz on. He helped her in the other side of the truck, and it looked like he got a pretty good handful of ass as she climbed in. She laughed and said, "Mack!" He acted very innocent. In the truck he commented again about how he was worried she would spill out of her shirt all night. She told him "I could tell you were worried because you were talking to my tits all night long," she grabbed them and squeezed them together towards him. We all laughed and both of us guys stared at her bouncing boobs. I knew she was feeling very loose and sexy. I thought the drinks had her uninhibited and was starting to wonder if this might be the night.

We got to his house and went inside to have another beer. We live in the country so sometimes we would crash in his spare bedroom if we have too much to drink, so I thought I'd have a couple and catch up with them. When I went to the fridge I saw he only had two beers so I gave one each to Mack and Joan and volunteered to run to the convenience store and get a 12 pack. "Be right back I'm on a beer run" I hollered as I went out the back door. I ran into some friends at the store and visited a while so I was gone probably a half hour. I was thinking about the night's events as I pulled up the alley, and for some reason I turned off the lights as I pulled up behind his house. I slipped in the back door being careful not to let the screen slam and tip-toed through the kitchen. I just had a hunch you might say.

When I stepped in the doorway between the kitchen and living room did I ever get a surprise. They were sitting on the couch embraced in a kiss; I could see their tongues dancing within each others mouth. Her shirt was unbuttoned a couple more buttons and bra was unsnapped in the back and hanging loosely above her exposed breasts. Her belt and jeans were undone and his hand was inside her panties and moving back and forth rapidly. His jeans also were undone and she was stroking his cock. At first I wanted to be mad or hurt, but I just stood there holding the 12 pack and feeling my own cock swell with excitement. I cleared my throat and had to laugh at their reaction, they jumped like k**s caught with their hands in the cookie jar. I quickly said, "It's ok, we've talked about this happening." Mack said, "That's exactly what Joan said". I put the beer in the fridge and opened myself one up. When I walked back in the room they were kissing and fondling again.

I walked to the couch and took off Joan's boots and grabbed the hem of her jeans and pulled them off her, Mack immediately turned his hand over and inserted his finger in her pussy. She jumped a little and leaned back more, spreading her legs a bit as she did. I sat on the couch on the other side of her and started to rub her boobs and pinch her nipples slightly between my fingers and thumb. Then I began to unbutton her blouse the rest of the way and pull it off her arms. As I pulled it and her bra off, she let go of his cock and he stood up and began to undress. Now my lovely wife was sitting on the couch, naked. She has silver dollar nipples and when aroused they get much smaller and very hard. Her nipples were pointing straight out and legs spread open enough to just see her pussy. She has a very sweet looking pussy, not too much pubic hair, so she never has to shave down there; it always looks like just more than a landing strip. She had that look in her eyes, the one that says "come fuck me, please." She looked at me and smiled a devilish little grin and mouthed the words I love you. I told her I loved her too and leaned over to kiss her, she grabbed my head and pulled me to her lips. I opened my mouth and she ran her tongue into it. We kissed very passionately as I squeezed and rubbed her titties. She reached down and started undoing my pants while rubbing on my hard dick. By this time Mack was naked, standing fully erect, and watching us kiss. I looked at him out of the corner of my eyes, I've read stories about this type thing before and in the stories the guy always has about a 10" cock. I was actually relieved to see that he was average like myself, probably in the 7" range, and thick enough that I knew she would love it. He got on the couch on his knees and started to lick and suck on her nipples. She continued to kiss me, breathing heavily, and moaning softly, the only other sound was him slurping and blowing on her nipples.

I got up off the couch and was undressing as quickly as I possibly could. Her and my clothes were in a pile in the middle of the floor and his were strewn about on the couch. She put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him away from her chest and backwards on the couch until he was laying back and she was looking over him. Her boobs were hanging and rubbing against his chest as she began to kiss him. I stood there and took this all in, watching my beautiful wife leaning over another man passionately kissing him and rubbing her body against his. I was naked and my cock was throbbing with excitement. She broke from their kiss and started kissing and running her tongue down his chest, then his belly, I knew where this was heading and soon her ass was high in the air and she was running her tongue around the head of his swollen penis. She licked up and down the shaft teasingly and after a few seconds put the entire head in her mouth. He leaned back and put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. I reached over and started running my finger in circles around her very exposed clitoris. She jumped slightly and moaned as she slid her mouth down fully covering his cock. He reached up and touched the back of her head with his hands and she began to slide her lips up and down his pole. I rubbed harder on her wet pussy as she sucked him faster and faster, finally I stuck one finger, then two into her wetness and began to finger fuck her at the same rate she was bobbing her head up and down. She leaned on one hand and grabbed his cock with the other and began stroking him, at this time her head stopped bobbing and I could see her cheeks sucked in with just the head of his dick in her mouth. This was about the time I sat back down behind her sweet ass, high in the air, and buried my face in it. We stayed in this position for quite some time as I licked her clit and ran my finger in and out of her wet cunt.

Some time later she pushed herself up and sat back on her heels still stroking his cock. I got up on my knees and pressed myself against her back, my hard cock pressed against her ass and started kissing her neck and reaching around playing with her hard nips. Mack sat up on his knees and started kissing her lips again. She was now in the middle of the human sandwich that we had spoken of. She was pressing her ass against my aching cock and moving it from side to side. She never let go of his cock the whole time. He started pressing against her with his chest and I moved my hands from her breasts. His arms were around her head now and she was pressed tightly between us. I put my arms behind me and began to slowly lean back and he continued pressing against her and her against me until she was lying back against me and he was leaning over the top of her. I pulled the pillow up behind me so I could lean back comfortably and she was laying back spread eagle on me, her hair against my chest. As he slid himself down to kiss her pussy lips, I reached back around and continued massaging her breasts. I could feel her ass lifting up and pushing against his face as she lay back on me. He was licking and slurping on her pussy very loudly and she was beginning to moan. I felt her tense up and lightly pinched both of the nipples and pulled on them as she began to cum, the first of many that night. She grabbed his head with both hands and looked down at him as she pulled his face deep into her crotch.

He sat up and looked at us with a very wet smile when she let go of his head. He grabbed her hips and lifted her as he turned them. She lifted herself up with him and turned over to her hands and knees again, this time looking straight down and my cock. She leaned down and began to suck mine with the same enthusiasm as she had been sucking him. I could see him plainly now as he grabbed each of her ass cheeks and spread them wide and buried his cock inside her soaked pussy with one motion. He buried it to his balls on the first stroke. It pushed her head up onto my belly and her big boobs up on my thighs. Every time he pulled out and slammed his cock back into her she slid up an inch or two until her head was laying sideways on my stomach and her titties were swaying back and forth lightly over my balls and up and down my shaft. He picked up the pace until I could hear his skin slapping against her ass and her boobs were swinging wildly over my cock. She stiffened again and started to cum and started to really push her ass against him. He leaned back with a loud moan and pulled his cock out and laid it on her ass as he shot a huge wad across her cheeks and lower back. He leaned back and grabbed his t-shirt off the back of the couch and wiped her ass off for her. He sort of melted into the couch at this time.

I pushed her up and got on my knees in front of the couch. She moved herself so that her ass was just hanging off the couch and her feet were high in the air. She aid to me "fuck me hard and don't pull out." I grabbed her calves and spread her out even farther and rammed my cock into her soaking pussy. It was looser than normal and wetter than ever, it felt much like it does after I have banged her good with the vibrator, only much much wetter. I leaned back and started working it over good. I fucked her pussy from every angle I could get to in that position as our friend sat next to us watching and rubbing his own dick. I could see it was starting to fatten up again. Kate's tits were swinging around in circles, up and down, and finally he could take it no longer and leaned over and started sucking on them. This was all it took, a couple of licks on the nipples and she pushed his head back as another orgasm was coming. She grabbed her own nipples and squeezed them as she let us all know, "she was cumming!!" I could feel her pussy convulsing on my cock and I leaned back and let go as I filled her pussy hole with my own cum. We had a wonderful mutual orgasm and I leaned forward and laid my head on her titties. Our friend said, "Damn that feels good, don't it?" We both eagerly agreed. I sat up on the couch beside her and she grabbed the shirt he had cleaned his wad off her ass with and put it between her legs.

We all just kind of sat there quietly for a couple of minutes when Joan stood up and picked up our clothes pile off the floor and headed down the hall towards the bathroom. Mack and I watched her leave and looked at each other and grinned. He said, "Man your wife is awesome." I agreed. I sat there wondering if the fun was over. A couple of minutes later she came out of the bathroom wearing a "wife beater" t-shirt of Mack's she found in his dresser. The sides of both her breasts were spilling out the side of his armholes in the shirt and the material was pressed tight against her brown nipples making them easy to see through the thin material. She had pulled it down enough to try and cover her pussy, but walking down the hall it had ridden up enough that you could see just a bit of her lips below it. She looked awesome. She sat on the floor between each of our feet and leaned back and put a hand on each of our legs. She told us that was the best sex she had ever experienced. Well, within about 2 minutes I'd estimate, we had her on all fours in the floor with her titties pulled out of each side of the wife beater. I was pumping her hot little pussy and she was back to giving Mack some great head. Since we had all just cum, we were able to switch her back and forth in this position a couple of times and get her to climax a couple of times before us two guys ever came again. I especially liked seeing her lick her own juices off of our dicks when we would switch ends, then she would put the whole thing in her mouth and ride it back and forth to the rhythm of the pumping her pussy was taking. I was the first to cum this time; the sight was so erotic I dumped another load into her. She pushed Mack so that he landed on his back on the floor and she stood up over him and guided his stiff cock into her pussy. I could see some of the cum spilling out as she squatted down on him. I sat on the couch and watched. I love to lay on my back and watch her ride my pole, from that angle her nice round boobs looks so big and bouncy. He did just what I would do; he reached up and began to play with them with both hands. This was sexy to watch. After a couple of minutes he started to tense up and she looked at him and told him to fill her pussy up. She leaned back and started to grind her ass into him really hard and they both came together. She then fell forward on him, her nipples disappearing into his skin. I could see his cock starting to soften and come out of her pussy and the juice running down his balls.

We spent the next couple of hours watching each other have their way with my newly insatiable wife. Eventually we were all spent and she was satisfied. He told us we could spend the night if we liked and said he was going to bed. She went to shower so I put on my boxers and jeans and went in to watch. I sat on the stool, opened the shower curtain, and watched her wash her body off as we talked about the night. In a few minutes the door opened, our friend had to "pee", I got up off the stool and he stood there still naked, relieving himself as we both watched her lather up. He said, well since I'm here I might as well wash your back for you. So he stepped in and I sat there and watched him lather up her back and then reach around and lather up her big titties. She turned around and they embraced and kissed. He stepped out and thanked her and grabbed a towel and headed for bed. I picked up a towel and dried her off.

We decided to go on home, since the 12 pack I bought never got touched, and I was sober. Besides it was almost getting daylight. I enjoyed the drive home; she had put her shirt back on, but no bra this time. She sat right next to me in the pickup and I enjoyed watching and feeling her boobs bouncing against my arm all the way home. On the way home I asked her how it started, she told me as soon as I left he sat by her on the couch, and told her that I had suggested he ask her to show her tits to him. She said, "Did you really tell him that?" I confessed that I had but didn't expect that he would ask or she would show. She said, "That will teach you won't it?".....I'm still learning.

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