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Horny son for mom in the morning pt2

Here was my mom, the woman I had dreamed about being inside for years now straddling me, her tits fully exposed to my horny gaze. In the past I had a quick glance at moms boobs when she was showering or getting changed but for the first time they were now just inches from my face and I took the opportunity to take in every detail. Her large aureoles looked perfect for her fuller tits. They were light brown and I took in every bump and crevasse in her skin before noticing her hardening nipples. They poked out, standing to attention and begging to be sucked.

I looked back down to my hand that was still holding moms thong which I had soaked in cum moments earlier. Mom followed my gaze.

"You naughty boy" she smirked.

"I wondered where all my thongs were going, how many have you got under here?"

Mom leaned over the side of the bed to look underneath. In the process her skimpy babydoll slipped up her back, exposing plentiful pale flesh on her ass. As she moved things out of the way under my bed, her ass gently jiggled. I wanted at the moment to reach out and grab it but knew I shouldn't be doing that to my own mother, i****t was meant to be wrong after all.

"Get an eyeful" she hollered, still deep in search underneath the bed. I couldn't believe what I was hearing from my own moms mouth. We never talked about sex, or even love lives. I didn't think in a million years she would ever be encouraging to take in a view of her pantie-less ass, bare as the day she was born. I craned my neck, to gain a better vantage of 'Mount Moms-ass' and hopefully sneak I look at the caverns between her legs. Moms legs were still clamped over my body so I couldn't get I total view but again noticed the pubic hair protruding through, as I had earlier that morning. This sight reminded me of the proximity of mom's pussy and restored life to my limp dick. It slowly rose up, filling with bl**d and sexual anticipation. As it rose it brushed the inside of mom's thigh, only causing it to stiffen more. I was creeping towards mom's pussy. I couldn't believe it.

"Oh you are getting excited" mom teased as she felt my dick stroke on the inside of her thigh and emerged from under the bed clutching 4 or 5 thongs in each hand.

"I'm not surprised. You have been busy" She said, presenting me the thongs.

I feeling of deep embarrassment flooded over me as I realised what mom had found and I blushed.

"I'm sor-sorry m-mon" I stammered, unsure of what to say.

"Don't worry sweetie, it's OK. It's perfectly natural to have sexual attractions to your mother. I'm a woman as well" She said, whilst shaking her boobs in front of my face as if to provide proof of her claim.

Her words reassured me but I still felt a bit embarrassed.

"Say, these all feel crusty. Do you ejaculate into all of them baby?"

"Erm, well yeah. I guess" I answered.

"Wow" Mom replied. "Reminds me of how busy I got playing with myself as a teenager"

"And since your Father left she added"

"Mooom" I groaned. Pretending as though my moms admission made me feel awkward when in fact it turned me on beyond belief.

"I'm sorry honey" She said. Looking at me, with head tilt and bottom lip sticking out like an upset c***d.

The sexual tension between us was electric. Although mom had straddled me, my hard cock only inches from slipping inside her, it was clear that neither of us wanted to make the first move. The taboo of i****t sex that would change our relationship forever preventing things from going further despite the sexual nature of the conversation. I wanted to feel my mothers warmth around my cock more than anything I've ever wanted in my life but I wanted it to be a mutual feeling so insisted in my mind, that mom made the first move.

"So tell me son, what sort of things to you think about with your mothers underwear assisting your masturbation sessions?"

"Not your old mother is it?" She inquired with a soft, questioning look.

"Mom, your not old, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever set eyes on with a stunning body to boot" I looked down to her tits to illustrate my point. "Sometimes I think of some other hot moms like my friend Joe's mom, Roxanne."

"Awww, honey, you're so sweet" Mom squealed. "And Joe's mom, Roxy!? You are kinky" She planted a short kiss on my lips and causing her boobs to swing into my chest for a brief moment. Those hard nipples, tracing across my skin.

Realising what had happened, mom looked a bit uneasy an averted her eyes to the pile of thongs she had left on the bed and began to scrummage through them.

"Oh my god! This is my crotchless pair" she exclaimed, with her mouth hanging slightly open in a look of shock, trying but failing to conceal her embarrassed grin.

Mom's own face now went a tinge of red with embarrassment thinking of what her son had been doing to her most intimate lingerie

Looking into her eyes and noticing it, I said "I guess we're even now"

With that we both giggled which cleared the arkwardness.

"I'm going to take these thongs back son. We're short of money at the moment and I can't keep buying new ones

"Don't worry mom, when I start my summer job, I'll have money to buy you lots of new ones. We could even take a trip to Ann Summers" I joked with a smile

Mom f***ed the same shocked face she had earlier, letting her true grin creep through and said "Tut tut tut. Where do you get these thoughts?"

Before I had the chance to respond she added "But I don't think you will be needing my thong collection as an aide anymore"

"Wow" I thought. "Mom really wants to go through with this"

Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted.

"Look at the time!" Mom exclaimed glancing at my bed side clock. It read 8:30

"Come on, we're going to be late for school and work!"

As mom dismounted me I was severely disappointed and full or regret. I should have started fucking her. That might have been the only chance I got. However, my regret didn't have time to last long…

Mom reached for the thong that I had came in earlier that morning. I could see it was still wet as she stepped into it and pulled it up her legs.

"Mom, thats the pair I just…used" I warned her.

"I know sweetie. They'll keep me going until we have time together this evening"

I couldn't believe what my mom had just said and done. She had admitted to wanting to wear her thong soaked in cum. I imagined my seed touching her pussy all drying into her pubes as she sat in the hot summer office all day.

"What a slut my mom is" I thought. I immediately felt guilty about thinking that of her because I wanted our relationship to be more than that but it was the first word that came to mind for her kinky actions.

Mom wished me a good day and I watched mesmerised for a moment as her hips swayed her ass under the sexy fabric of her babydoll as she bang to left the room. I became aware I was nursing a huge boner and quickly stopped mom before she left.

"Mom! Wait!"

"Yes, honey"

"What do I get to 'keep me going' until this evening" Framing her phrase with an air quote motion.

Mom seemed slightly taken back by my boldness but then said "You're right it's only fair"

Reaching for my cellphone that was on charge next to my bed so handed it to me and then said "Here, snap a few pictures"

As I opened up the camera on my phone, mom got ready for the photo by cupping her boobs and squeezing them together whilst pulling a slutty pout with her lips. She then stood up with her legs together and bent over to expose her ass whilst looking over her shoulder and into the camera. Her poses were breath taking, she could have been a professional glamour model. As I drank in the photos I had taken Mom scuttled down the stairs, jumped into her work clothes faster than light and shouted:

"See ya' this evening baby" As the door slammed shut behind her.

Looking at those photos I could have masturbated my dick all day but I was running late so decided against it. As I rushed to get ready I couldn't wait to tell my friend Joe what had happened and share the photos with him! Joe and I had been friends for years and unlike most other boys, our conversations were not about girls we liked at school but our own mothers. We both admitted that we would love to sl**p with, not only our own moms, but each others too. We would discuss the nitty gritty details of what we would do in a four way sex fest with our moms. We were totally perverted. If we had sl**p overs at each others houses then we would raid the dirty laundry basket and steal panties and jack off in them for hours. Things were especially exciting one time when Joe's mom, Roxanne went for a shower. We went into her room and noticed her clothes discarded on the floor include her cute frilly panties that were still warm and held her musky aroma. We then stared in awe at this MILFs body through a gap in the door as she showered.

As I left the house and took the bus ride to school I reminisced on more of the perverted plans Joe and I had come up with. There was the time I purposively split drink over the crotch of joe's 'expensive' new jeans. As planned, mom grabbed a cloth and began furiously wiping the stain, exciting his cock. Then was the time on the hottest day of summer at Joe's house when he disconnected the AC in the house which f***ed Roxanne into stripping into her bra and matching french knickers. Myself and Joe had been hanging around together for so long she had no problems with that and considered me part of the f****y. Little did she know… Our moms also got friendly over the years and kept regular contact and would sometimes go out to bars or a restaurant to catch up.

As my thoughts ran wild I nearly missed my stop. I was 10 minutes late so missed the chance to talk to Joe before school began. Lessons were uneventful and I couldn't keep my mind off mom. I wondered if she would stick to her word this evening or would she have cooled off by then? What did she mean when she said I wouldn't be needing the thongs anymore? Perhaps she would give me a handjob or maybe even suck me off. I would absolutely love this but I wanted our relationship to be more, with full on sex as lovers.

Time passed and soon the bell rang out lunch and I finally saw Joe.

"Joe!" I called across the cafeteria

"Hey Dan" He replied getting closer and taking a seat beside me.

"So how are you and mommy Veronica?" He inquired jokingly.

"Great! More than Great!" I exclaimed.

I then spend the next 10 minutes in a frenzied whisper explaining what had happened that morning as we ate lunch.

After listening carefully Joe said "Come on dude, you don't expect me to believe this do you?"

I reached for my phone smiling that he was about to be proven wrong and presented the photos.

"Wow, look at the tits on that!" Joe exclaimed. "We've been dreaming something like this would happen for ages"

"You need to make sure you fuck her hard!" Joe urged.

"I don't want it to be like that Joe" I retorted "I want this to be a loving relationship that lasts and I need to wait for Mom to make the first move"

"I get you" Joe replied.

"Man, your so lucky though I wish my Mom would do something like that" He said, eyes glazed with the thought of it.

"Well if things work out with Mom I'll ask her to put in a few words. I'll explain our fantasy and maybe it will turn on my mom too" I said trying to console him.

"Woah, really!" He exclaimed, catching the attention of people sitting nearby.

"Keep it down" I ushered. "I'll see what I can do"

The second half of the day was as uneventful as the first. Although, one of my teachers was really quite a hot MILF (or TILF I suppose) and wore a slender skirt suit that seemed vacuumed sealed over her tits and ass. The outfit reminded me of what my mom wore to work and I spend the rest of the day dreaming about the 4 way fantasy. Myself and Joe always regarded my mom, Veronica as the beautiful but classy professional brunette and his mom, Roxanne as the more slutty, wild and 'up for anything' blonde. Joe described how she would bring back men for one night stands and when d***k hear her beg them to 'stick it in her ass' I wondered how they became friends but realised they were women from separate worlds and provided each other with someone outside each world to confide in. Myself and Joe imagined them fulfilling the full spectrum of services in the bedroom. You could make love to mom and feel a tender touch but Roxanne would be there if you needed a dirty hard shag.

However, moms actions this morning shook up that paradigm which I didn't expect but wasn't complaining about. I put it down to mom not getting much sex and she couldn't take it any more. Soon school was over and I began the long bus ride home. Mom worked colser to home so she was always home before me. I wondered how she would greet me and how things would 'get started'. My phone vibrated. It was a text from mom.

"Hey honey. I want to know that your heart is truly in this and not just your willy"

I laughed at the use of the word willy but it turned me on profusely. Mom had not changed her mind. My cock grew extremely hard.

"Of course mom. I love you"

The bus had reached my stop. I ran faster than I had ever run to get home. I only lived a couple of blocks away. When home I set down my bag and jacket but nothing could have prepared me for the sight I was greeted with when entering the kitchen. Mom had modified her modest work outfit into a slutty get up. My eyes met my moms green eyed gaze. She gave a horny grin as my eyes worked my way down her body. Moms brunette locks fell on her shoulders, framing her pushed together breasts, spilling over her buttoned down shirt, which had been turned up and tied beneath her boobs, exposing her slender, toned midriff. This outfit did wonders for moms hour glass figure, as her skirt gripped her curvy hips. I noticed the skirt had been turned up and only fell half way down her sexy thighs. Moms legs were shapely, shaved and seemed endlessly long as my eyes finally fell upon her feet, strapped into red 3 inch high heels. As I walked towards mom I noticed the heel compensated for our height difference and we stared directly into each others eyes. The sexual tension in the room was suffocating.

"Fuck me" Mom whispered putting her arms around me and sinking her tongue between my lips and down my throat. I reciprocated her actions and let my hands wander all over until I found the zipper behind moms skirt. I pulled it down and let the skirt fall over her legs before mom stepped out of it and kicked it across the room. Mom was wearing the same cum soaked thong she had slipped on this morning. The reminder of that kinky action caused my hands to grip her ass, a cheek in each hard and squeeze. This caused a small moan to escape from our locked lips as moms hands undid my jeans and let them slide down. I worked my hands up to moms boobs and began fumbling with the buttons of the shirt. Noticing my difficultly, moms mouth pulled away from the ongoing kiss and shouted "rip it off baby" before sinking her lips back around mine. I did as instructed, completely ripping the skirt from her and discarding it. Moms red lacy bra was a match with the thong and was complemented her red lips and red high heels. My admiring stares were interrupted by moms hands pulling off my shirt. Our half naked bodies now were locked in an embrace like two vines which had grown and intertwined.

I needed to fuck mom immediately. Clasping her ass I lifted her up, she locked her legs around my back and I carried her upstairs, our lips still locked. I bolted past my room, knowing we would need the space of mom's king size. After settling mom on the bed she looked at me with an a****listic gaze. I knew what she wanted.

"Do it" she purred, turning around on all fours and sticking her ass in the air. Mom wanted doggy style.

Pulling the thong aside, I took grip of my dick and aimed it for my mothers entrance between her ass. As I parted her pussy lips with the head of my cock and was tickled by a few sparse pubes she gasped and slowly backed into me. My dick was millimetres away from entering own mom. The same hole I had come out of and was about to come back in. The thought excited me immensely. I could feel the hot humid air around her hole fall on my dick, inviting me in and caught a familiar whiff of her aroma.

I eased in, my thick meat parting her tight vaginal walls, drenching my cock with her copious amount of juices. She let out a loud moan arching her back and pushing herself further into me. She was so tight I suspected she hadn't been fucked since splitting with my fathers. By this point 4 of my 8 inches were in my mom. I watched her face and she groaned in pleasure.

"Oh son, you dick is so thick. I need you in me further" With this she continued to push her ass back into me hoping to consume more of my length down inside her

At this point instinct took over. Hard and fast I plunged the remainder of my dick inside her. As I felt the warm, wet velvet of my mothers hole I let out a low groan which was drowned out by moms shriek as she took all 8 inches inside her. I could barely believe this was happening I was in moms pussy and it felt much better than I had imagined. Mom however didn't seem impressed at me pondering the thought.

"Fuck me!" She demanded looking back at me.

As I pulled out to begin the vigorous fuck mom's dirty talk continued.

"Ah yeah, fuck your mommys tight pussy. Ohhhh, Give me that dick hard son. AHH, that's so fucking good. OOOOOh,Treat your mother like your fuckslut son. I know you want me"

Mom was real kinky and she knew exactly how to turn me on.

"Let me try this move Roxanne told me about" Mom said "She told me it was perfect for dealing with the hard rod of young studs. And I can see you are a very hard stud"

With that, mom sunk her lips down my shaft her lisp were electric and headbobbed my dick a couple of times before putting me on my back and sitting on my dick. More moans and screams of ecstasy as mom began riding my dick with gusto.

"My God, mom you're a pro"

Mom build up a furious rhythm and every time she slid down my shaft, let out a volley of moaning pleasure.


We'd only been fucking for a couple of minutes but I could already feel myself close to coming from the way mom was riding me. I pulled her off onto her back, positioned myself in front of her before lifting her legs. Mom let out a little welp of surprise and a giggle about how she was being man handled by her son before wrapping her heels around my neck in preparation for a piledrive.

"I love you so fucking much mom. Your pussy is so tight and wet for a woman your age" I said, gripping moms toned ass cheeks and lifting her hips in the air to meet my cock.

"You make me wet baby and I'm sure your thick cock has something to do with my pussy feeling tight" mom said as she gripped my dick and positioned it at her drenched entrance.

Looking me in the eye mom whispered "Do Me"

I nearly came right then but contained myself and started fucking moms pussy hard. Her groans came increasingly frequently and louder as we approached orgasm.

"I-I-I'M C-U-MMMMING" Mom Moaned

"So am I mom, where shall I put my load?" I asked knowing that although she was getting on, she could still get pregnant.

"Cum inside me baby"

"But mom, what if you get-"

"I don't care" Mom pleaded "I need to feel your load in my now.

With this my thrusts quickened and mom erupted into orgasm, her pussy tightening and spasming around every inch of my cock, causing it to erupted a rope of cum inside my mothers womb.

"OHHHHHHH FUCK" Mom screamed in total ecstasy.

We both let out long moans as moms tight pussy muscles spasmed and continued to rub out several jets of cum. I had never felt a pussy grip so tight to my cock.

As the orgasm subsided, I collapsed atop of mom, my face resting on her tits and I took in the total post orgasm relaxation. My softening cock remained inside mom and throbbed with every beat of my heart.

"That was amazing baby" Mom said, stroking her fingers through my hair.

"I know it was mom, you're so hot in bed!"

Mom blushed slightly at this but gave me a smile and playful shove.

"I want to fulfil your every desire baby"

With this I explained the fantasies me and Joe had been having for years.

"You little pervs!" Mom said with a shocked smile as I finished telling the anecdote of the time we exchanged photographs of our moms in bikinis on the beach to masturbate too.

"Two horny teenagers, we should have known better" Mom laughed.

"Well, I'm sure we might be able to arrange something" Mom said, pondering how. "Roxy is a very sexual charged woman like myself."

"But for now, I need that cock again, this time you can come in my mouth, I need to taste your seed."

I didn't need to be told twice and with this we went for round two of what would be a very long evening of sexual adventures.

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