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The Carrot

"Maybe food will distract me," she said, flipping her long chestnut hair out of her way as she peered to see what was in her well-stocked fridge. Sue was raised to believe that a good mind needed support from good food; so she had plenty to choose from the five major food groups conveniently in her fridge. And, with this belief, a good health was also necessary for a good mind. As a result, her 5'6" body was a trim 130lbs with a narrow waist, a B cup size and hips that several men had whistled at.

Grabbing a carrot, she closed the fridge door and went to grab the peeler.

"I need to do something to distract myself," she thought out loud seconds before finding the peeler. She started to peel when she suddenly froze in place.

"No," she chuckled uneasily although the idea had already taken place. She shook her head to get the idea from her mind.

She looked at the carrot and wondered. Naturally, she was no stranger to masturbation but at 23 years old, she had never actually masturbated with something inside her, other than her fingers. The idea suddenly seemed ideal and she felt herself getting wet. Going back to the bag of carrots, she took out the thickest one. She began to breathe heavily as she stared at the eight-inch carrot. It was at least an inch and a half think at the base and inch at the smaller end.

Anticipation filled her and she found a knife to cut the leaf off top but left the carrot end so it would still be round.

Quickly removing her clothes, she lay down on the couch and bent her legs at the knees. She slowly widened her knees so that her hand fit comfortably between her legs. Slowly and lightly tracing her lips, she moaned in pleasure as she felt her wetness. Using her other hand, she spread her lips, gasping as the cold air touched her sensitive area. Exposing herself, she reached and found her most sensitive nub and lightly touched it, shuddering as it brought such utter delight. She began rubbing her clit in light circles and felt it slowly become harder as she rubbed faster. She felt the familiar warmth building inside and without hesitation, grabbed the carrot and touched her labia with it.

She bit her lip in anticipation as she found her hole using the thick end. Gripping the carrot tightly, she gasped as she felt the mass enter her body. Her eyes opened wide as she pushed the carrot in and then closed her eyes and arched her back as she torturously began pulling it out. Her left hand hadn't stopped making the circles on her nub, and she felt herself head towards a climax. Knowing she was so close, she began to vigorously pump the carrot in and out, gasping and thrashing while doing so. Finally, her muscles gave out and she lay back breathing roughly. She had never gotten such a powerful orgasm by herself before and was amazed that her vagina muscles continued to contract spasmodically on the large carrot.

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