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Letter to my lover

I imagine how one evening in bed you kneel above me with a thigh on either side of my head. Gently caressing your vulva pressing it together as you slide your fingers up its length when you sensually spread your labia my hands slide up to the base of your breasts lifting one in each hand while you stimulate the top of your clitoris.
When your breathing starts to rise I roll your nipples between my thumb and fore-finger increasing the pressure as you rub your clit more intensely and a slight moan escapes your lips. Your fingers slide into your already moist lips and you begin stroking and rubbing your upper vaginal wall until your G spot gifts my face and open mouth with a flow of love juices.
Your excitement mounts and you turn around and lean down toward my lifting penis; you caress the head and upper shaft with lightest touch of only your distended nipples; that brings a moan to my lips and my tongue searches out your clit and floral opening flicking them quickly and very lightly.
When my finger begins to tease your anal opening you engulf my entire cock and bring it to the verge of explosion.
I beg you to stop and you roll over offering me the lovely view of your thighs and ass; I quickly slid into you from behind and as I stroke in and out with increasing speed I moisten your anal flower and slide my finger in and out in the opposite direction as my cock.
Both of us nearing orgasm I withdraw my cock and slide it slowly and gently in to your anus after I tease the opening with my tongue.
When I'm deeply inside of you, you slide your rabbit vibrator into your cunt and turn the shaft and the ears on stimulating your clit and my shaft. The walls vibrate with our moaning and screaming as I flood into orgasm I give both of your cheeks a hard slap and you drench the bed beneath you.

After the close glowing touch time we slowly begin a new pleasure voyage.

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