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Harmione has a secret... (part 2)

Harmione and Draco kissed viciously as the stumbled over to the bed. His tongue tasted her tongue and felt the warmth of her mouth against hers. His strong, michevious hand rubbed up her back and combed through her hair. His other hand caressed her face then slid back behind her neck, pushing her delicate face harder against his. Draco knew that harmione had not done this before. Her hands moved awkwardly over his back and neck and shoulders. He gently bit her bottom lip. A slighty moan came from her mouth as he did. The moan sounded so wanting and greedy, like she wanted more. It sounded sweet and delicate, just like her body in his hands. He wanted her to moan more. He wanted her to moan for him. He wanted to know that every moan he made her make, was from the pleasure HE was giving her. As they reached the bed, Draco gently layed harmione down on the bed. He paused there, on top of her. Looking into her eyes for a second. He whispered, "Are you sure?" The words stumbled out of his lips awkwardly. He knew he probably sounded too desperate and wanting. But he knew she wanted it just as bad. "Draco, I am very sure." He knew she wanted it. A small smirk formed on his face and quickly faded away as he leaned in for another kiss. He could feel her full, soft lips close around his once again. She tastes so good. I need more. He thought to himself. Knowing she will probably be quite shocked when he did, Draco moved his hand from her neck slowly down to her full breast. He had almost forgotten she was naked and almost jumped when he felt her hard, perky nipple touch his skin instead of fabric. Her boobs were roughy a size 36D. Not too big, not to small. But definitly perky. He slowly started to massage her full breast, feeling her lips tense as the sudden pleasure was distracting. He slowly ran his lips down to her neck and kissed her slowly. She smelled sweet and inocent. A scent that drove him crazy. Draco lightly pinched her nipple and a little, familiar moan escaped Harmiones mouth. He knew she wanted more so he ran his lips down to her nipple and kissed, sucked, and licked. Harmione bit her lip and sighed in agreement to what he was doing. It felt so different to her, but yet so good. Draco moved to the other nipple. Stroking it slowly with his warm tongue and caressing her full nipple. Both her nipples red, and plump with pleasure, he slowly kissed down her flat, smooth stomach, belly button until he reached her dripping wet pussy. He spread her pussy open and started licking, her pussy getting wetter and wetted with every lick, the juices running down his throat, cheeks, neck, and chest. Her pussy tasted so sweet. Like the sweetest candy, only better. He couldn't stand it anymore. He needed to be inside of her. He tore off his shirt and pants and revealed his thick, long, hard cock. Harmione could see it was atleast 7 inches. She bit her lip and nodded. Draco knew she was giving him permission to fuck her. And he was going to do it. Hard. He looked over Harmiones frame once again, her hands clutching the sheets, waiting for the stealing of her virginity, her breast and nipples red and perky from Dracos strong hands, her lips turning purple from his strong kisses. Her perfect, pale body laying right infront of her, waiting for his cock. He didn't wait a second longer. Draco slowly pushed his cock into her tight, wet pussy. Making sure she could feel every curve and vein of his cock. Her eyes rolled back and she let out a bigger moan then last time. Once it was all they way in, he slowly started fucking her. "Ouch! Draco, It hurts!" She moaned. "Its ok, Harmione. It's supposed to feel that way at first." He started going faster as she loosend up. Harmione started to really moan. She let Draco fuck her. Draco held onto her waist. After about 5 minutes, Harmione yelled, "Draco, I am going to cum!" "Me too, Harmione." He pulled at her waist to make his cock go deeper. Her hips grinded against his. Harmione moaned every trust and so did Draco. "Im cumming!" They both said. Harmione squirted onto dracos dick as he pulled out and came on her pussy. Loads of sticky, hot cum shot at her pussy. He leaned In for another kiss. "That was amazing." She said. "Yes it was." We will have to do this again sometime." "Yes we will." She winked. Draco pulled on his clothes and kissed harmione again. Then ducked under the invisiblity cloak and dissapeared into the hall way.

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