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When are they coming home

Ok we left off with Rick and Mindy heading out on the town, and myself left at home to clean ,and to sit and wonder whats been going on over the past couple of days. Ok the chores are done, tried watching some TV, just could get my mind to focus , thought id try a hot shower, but all i could think about is my girlfriend off with my friend, and i wasnt sure what was going on , but i had imagined that they were enjoying themselves. This had to be the longest night i had , but eventally the phone rang a little past midnight, It was Mindy, she told me that they were having a blast, and asked if i had all the chores done, and i answered yes, she then teased a bit about what i was thinking , and made me tell her , which i answered, i was thinking about them fucking , sucking , and just being naughty , and she laughed, and answered , well we have done that a couple a times, but she,s looking forward to coming home and getting comfortable and fucking Rick in our bed again, and she reminded me that i was to sl**p in the spare bed, we finshed up the conversation , she told me she loved me , and said they would be home a little later , and not to wait up.Around 2:30 am i headed to bed , masterbated, and got myself off ,thinking about all that witnessed over the past few days! I must have dossed of for a bit, but i was awkened around 4:00 am, it was them , they sounded pretty d***k, as they entered the house , from what i heard they wasted no time heading to the bedroom, and it wasnt long before i heard the sounds of them fucking, Mindy was diffently enjoying his cock again , and was asking for it all, fuck her hard, and deep, Rick was asking her whos cunt this was, and mindy told him it was his,it was driving me crazy listening to this and i so wanted to watch, or be part of it , but since Rick showed up , all i had gotten was some head , No pussy.They must have fucked for over an hour, before all was quiet, i waited for a bitfor them to fall asl**p, and i got up to have a look around , our bedroom door was open, so i poked my head in to have a look , OMG Mindy isnt sl**ping she up on her knees sucking Ricks cock , nice and softly , i stood in the shadows and watched her work over his tool, i could see her pussy of the light of the night table, it was gaping , and leakiing cum down her legs, what a sight, she was being such a whore , and i was hooked, i loved seeing her pleasure herself , and Rick to. It was long before she mounted him again, she impaled herself on that monster, and let out a low groan , Rick just sighed, and said i love that pussy of yours, as she started a slow grind , with every inch drove into her cunt , she had head thrown back, aqnd looked like she was in extasy, it didnt take her long to cum all over his cock again , after hse had agained control of herself , she got off the cock, and sucked all there juices off his cock, after which Rick got up and mounted Mindy from behind, he just drive into her in 1 powerful stoke, Mindy screamed out oh yes, as she pushed backto meet his thrusts, what a sight, and the sounds of skin smacking, and the aroma of sex , with out me even thinking i had my cock in my hand and was stroking it again , at this live porno.Rick and Mindy went at for sometime again , she was asking for his seed again ,so rick flipped her over and got on top of her took holde ofr her tiny legs and bent them back with his buried so deep in her , and filled it full. they were both covered in sweat, but they stayed that way carressing each other, this disturbed me , it looked like they were lovers that had fallen in love! I thought that i had better leave before they seen me there, and head back to my place as instructed. It was now the early hrs ofr Sunday morning , and i had very little sl**p , so tired to get some, luckly i did drift off and manged to sl**p til 10:30, got up and had some coffee, waited for Mindy to get up, i was dying to hear about there night , from what i had seen it was hot as hell.Mindy eventually got up and came to see me gave me a big kiss, and a huge, she smeeled of sex, it was intoxicating , she said she had a great time last night , and i asked what had happened, she answered not much different than what you seen last night, they had seen me watching,she asked me again if i liked it , and i had to admit to her it was hot.She asked me if i wanted to fuck her , and i said fuck yeah!, but that wasnt going to happen, she just smirked, and sad no , this pussy is for Rick as long as hes here. I was shocked , and hurt , but addictedd to what was going on, she stood up and lifted her night gown , and showed me her pussy, and said lick it softly cause it was sore, and swollen, but so full of cum still, i was more than happy to do this for her, and cleaned her up, and brought her off on my tongue, there juices tasted so sweet together , she thanked me and excussed herself to go and shower, i clean my face of there juices , and sat back on the couch. She finshed her shower and head to the bedroom , and continued on where they had left off the night before , they fucked all day long, just breaking long enough for refreshments ,and nurishment , and not paying me much attention. had i lost my girlfriend to my friend , i was so confussed , but so fucking horny , what the hells going on with me , hopefully i will get a chance to speek with Mindy over the approaching work week , seeing how Ricks to start on Monday to. Please stay tuned this gets better or worse , depending on how you look at this sort of thing.

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