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Oedipus at home

On the drive back from the train station...

Driving home was completely silent for 45 minutes. 18 year old Danny watched his mom Diana drive with a subtle smile on his face. Waiting.

"Danny." she finally started.

"Yes mom?"

"You are not to touch me like that... any more." she hesitates at the end. Sounds lame even to herself.

"What so now you don't like it when I stick things up your big cute butt?" he teases.

She blushes and says, "It is not that... I mean it is that. No... I don't want you to do that any more."

He laughs, "You don't sound very sure."

Diana gets a little annoyed, "Listen mister! I am your mother and you ARE going to stop."

"Or....." he says leading her on.

She glances hotly at him before looking back to the road.

"Just stop Danny. I knew it was a mistake on the train. I knew you were not mature enough to just keep it there. I of all people should have known that."

"Oh yeah mom that will work. Manipulate me a little. I'm 18. Calling me immature does not exactly hurt my feelings." he says but he is thinking about the rest of what she said.

"Why you of all people?" he asks a moment later.

Now she really blushes. And her driving is a little unsteady. He notices.

"Just a figure of speech. I know you better than anybody so I should have known." she says.

He is so not buying it.

"I don't think so. I think you meant something else. Hmmm... No what could that be? What could my darling mother have done in the past to compare to this?"

"There is nothing. Just an awkward phrase because this is awkward. Trying to tell my son to keep his fingers out of my ass is a little unsettling." she tosses back.

"ooooooo So now you really don't want to talk about it. I like this. So come on mom. Who was it? Who did you take a trip with and get all dirty only to have them give you trouble?"

She is more than a little agitated now. Her driving is not good. If he was not 18 this would worry him. But he is and it doesn't. So he keeps pushing. Watching her face as he speaks.

"Lets see. Not your dad. Uncles? f****y friends? Those trips to the cabins with dad's buddies? What about your b*****r?" he stops.

Her face literally spasmed when he said b*****r. It had shown disgust for all the others.

"Leo? Really? Tell me about it? No more teasing. Holy fuck this is hot."

She is afraid she is going to pass out. Looking down the road for any place to pull off. A rest stop is not too far. She makes for it.

"Shut up. Just shut up please Danny... Let me park before I kill us." she pleads.

"Of course." and he is silent.

He is also grinning and has a cock that could cut diamonds. Leo is his mother's older b*****r. A very nice guy. They always seemed to get along well. How well is a surprise. They get off the road and pull into the otherwise empty rest stop. The usual bathrooms and benches of a basic stop.

Diana stops and tries to breath.

"Alright. Yes. When he was 21 and I was 18 we took a train trip. Nothing like what happened with us. Not at all. But.... we did do some stuff. Happy now?" she ends with a sigh.

"No. Tell me exactly what you did with him."

She is not sure why she answers. Except that she is starting to get turned on. This has been a deeply buried secret for a lot of years. Never even thought about telling anybody.

"He met a girl the first night. I was jealous like s****rs can be. The second day she got him all hot and then got mad at something he said. He came back to our cabin all pissed off and horny. I teased him. He got mad. I don't know why but I actually dared him. I said, 'Well if it is that bad then just whip it out and pump it out.' And he well... did. Standing right in front of me."

Diana is breathing a little fast now. Without realizing it she spreads her legs a little. He notices and it makes it cock throb.

"Some of it hit my mouth. I had never tasted cum before. I liked it and before I knew it I was sucking on his dick. For the next week I sucked him off every night but did not let him touch me. I guess I liked that. Having his cock and him having to just lay there. For the last few days of the trip I did let him finger me."

She shifts in the seat a bit. Is it warm in here? Her cheeks a little flushed. Nipples poking hard enough to show through the bra and shirt. He is watching her intently. Cock achingly hard.

"When the trip was over I thought that was it. But as soon as we got home he started in on me. I got scared and managed to get him to stop."

Danny reaches over. His hand brushes across the two bumps of her nipples.

She sighs.


"What? What are you going to do? Throw me out. Ground me? Tell someone? Anyone? " he asks harshly and looks her in the eyes.

She does not have an answer to that and looks down. He looks around.

"Come on. Lets see what the bathrooms look like." as he gets out of the car.

Diana follows along. The place is empty. No other cars and not a lot of traffic on the road. They go inside a small building. Filled with maps and tourist information. She heads into the womens and is surprised when he follows her.

It is a big clean place. She stops in the center. He comes up behind her and puts his hands on her hips. Walking her into the middle stall and closing the door behind them. Her ass presses against his crotch and she can feel his cock.

Danny puts an arm around her waist and pushes her forward. Her hands grab the sides of the toilet tank. He leans back bringing his hands first across her chest and then down to her pants. Undoing the button and the zipper.

As she leans and holds on her mind is torn by all the conflicting emotions. Telling that story has unleashed something inside her. She cannot deny that. Her body wanted to be fucked. She was so wet he was going to gloat when he got her panties down. But there was the responsible side of her fighting back. She needed to put an end to this before it got out of hand. Before it was too late to stop.

Then her panties go sliding down her legs.

Too late.

Her legs cannot spread far with her pants and knickers down around her ankles. He pushes his hand between her thighs and right along her pussy. He does make a low appreciative sound.

"That's my hot mama. Your mouth protests and your pussy drips."

"ooooooooh shiiiiitt." she moans as his hand pushes into her.

Danny pulls his hand back. Fingers spread her open as much as he can and he thrusts his cock into her wet cunt. She grunts at the invasion but wiggles her ass back against him as he slowly sinks into her. She can feel him and that makes her gasp for a different reason.

"Dammit Danny. Not bare. Please."

He pulls back and thrust into her again. Easier this time. Smacking her ass with his hand. Smack!

"Fine tell me you are my cumslut and I promise to let you drink it down." he says in a harsh hiss.

Diana closes her eyes.

Another moment of truth. But really if you want to get tough you should do it before your panties hit the floor. The outcome of this moment is not really in doubt.

With a deep sigh she says, "I am your cumslut master. Please let me drink your delicious cum."

"Oh yeah." he says with satisfaction.

She is jerked around to plop down roughly on the toilet. His cock wet with her juices in her face and then her mouth quickly. Her hand comes up to wrap around the shaft. He fucks her mouth roughly and fast. Diana tastes herself and the dripping of precum.

With only a minute of thrusting and grunting he sprays hot juice down her throat. She purrs around his thrusting dick. The taste of his cum on her tongue makes her push her free hand down between her legs. She gets to rub her aching pussy for a just a few moments before he pulls at it.

"Hey. I did not tell you to do that. I think I want you wet and needy for a while. Pull your panties up like a good girl now." Danny says starting a little harsh and ending very cute.

She flushes red. Both in frustrated anger but also in a little embarrassment. This is her son telling her to pull her panties up after all.

"Yes master. My apologies." she says as he steps back and she does as she is told.

He drives the rest of the way home. And as promised he keeps her wet and wanting the whole way. He makes her expose herself to a few truckers as they pass. Plays with her tits a lot. But both time she tries to get his hand down in her hungry crotch he bats her hands away.

So she is a fine state when they get home. They have a nice 2 story house. Big privacy fence around the huge backyard. A few trees along the back edge. A small forest behind them. Neighbors set at least a little apart each with they own large yards. It was decorated in what can best be described as average. All greens, blues and white.

When they get the bags inside he makes her leave them inside the door. They go into the big f****y room and he points to the center of the floor. She is not quite sure what she is supposed to do so she walks over and looks back.

"Strip and kneel down." Danny snaps.

Diana is a little shocked at the tone. But she pulls off her clothes. Her panties a sticky mess. When she kneels down and looks up she sees him standing 5 feet in front of her watching.

"Now. Diana. I am going to explain how life will be from now on. I expect you to listen very carefully. I expect a lot from now on." he starts with a clear strong tone.

She nods. No idea what to expect. A small part of her still wants to protest. Back in their home environment everything pulls at her to go back to normal. To get up. Get dressed. And tell her son that this is over. She could. She should. She won't.

The truth is that Diana had given up on life. Oh not in the put a bullet in your brain way. No the normal way. The way a lot of people do. She lost her husband and just never cared enough to find someone new. Her fantasy man left her. Her shot was done. So she would raise her son and just live.

Now she was on fire. She wanted something. Needed it. Would do anything for it. The very desire was dripping slowly down her thighs. He wanted her. All of her. It did not matter how wrong it was. When you have nothing what does it matter? Go back to being empty? No. Hell no.

So she listens carefully. Wishes she could take notes.

"We have 2 months before I am supposed to go away to school. We will assume I will for now. In that time I plan to live out every fantasy I have ever had about you. Many are simple. Fucking you in the shower. Waking up to you sucking my dick. Having you strip inside the door every day you come home before you come to find me. I will just make a list for you. But there is more."

"We are also going to play out some of the different seduction scenes I have dreamed about. In some of them you fight in others you beg."

Diana is feeling wave after wave of shivers listening to him. Her pussy throbbing so deeply she almost doubles over just in reaction. Her own fantasies play out in her mind. She wonders how many of them match.

"Our life here is going to change completely. I want you to buy a whole bunch of purple and black sheets, big thick blankets and a ton of pillows. I want you to cover as much of this place as you can. D**** the sheets over everything. But right where you are standing is now our bed. Cover it in blankets, Sheets and a bunch of pillows."

She can picture it easily. It is wild. She loves it.

"Yes master. That is an amazing idea."

"Thank you. Nobody ever visits us. Except for your s****r. Two weeks or so until she is supposed to come right? I don't want to change a thing. We are going to come up with some plan. I want to fuck her and I am wondering if what you and your b*****r were doing runs in the f****y. If that is not possible I at least want to have some fun. Let her think what she wants when it is over."

Diana goes deep, deep scarlet as her s****r Kara is mentioned. There were a few secrets about her she might have to share. Oh that will be very naughty.

He talks some more. About things he is going to do to her. She is listening intently. But deep down there is a little stirring. He is transforming their life. Most of her wants it. But a little seed of rebellion takes root.

"...Now. Crawl over to me. I have a load of cum for you my little cumslut."

That she won't argue with.

It is one week later...

Diana walks through the door. It has been a long day. She sits her purse and briefcase down. Unbuttoning her shirt she thinks about the last 7 days. The house has been transformed just as he wanted. The shirt comes off and she works on the skirt. Shimming out of it.

It has been nothing but sex. Hot sticky dirty sex. The memories send a shiver down her spine and a hot little twinge between her legs. She unhooks the bra. Giving her breasts a little shake as they come free. Panties last.

Naked she walks down the hall and into what was the f****y room and is now their bedroom. He is sitting in a black robe on the couch. Diana steps in the room and up to the edge of the purple and black that now covers everything. She bends down. Hands touching the soft material. Sliding down she keeps her ass high in the air until she is all the way down. Head looking down she comes up to all fours.

Slowly she crawls over to him. Not looking up. When she reaches his legs she rubs her face against his ankle. The hair on it tickling her cheek. Her hand goes to his other ankle as she move up. Cheek against his leg the whole time. She comes up his body. Hands caressing. Her breasts pressing against him.

Her hand goes into his crotch. Under the robe he is naked. She reaches out to lay his half hard dick on his leg. Diana presses her cheek against it as her crotch rubs against his leg. For a couple of minutes she lays against. Body slowly rippling. Pussy getting warmer.

Finally his hand comes down to her head. He pets her.

"Hello my slave." he says softly.

"Hello master. I am glad to be home with you."

She felt his cock getting stiffer and smiles softly. He might not tease or torment her. When his hand comes down to move her face she opens her mouth willingly. The cock that slides over her lips is familiar now but she adores it. So thick and juice. 18 year old boys can get it up often and this was how things worked now. Every time his dick got hard she got it somewhere.

Danny groans lightly as she starts to suck on him. For him this week has been a dream. His mother has taken to her new role like a duck to water. She was one hell of a cocksucker. He strokes her head as she works on him and humps her little pussy against his leg.

"I have a new surprise for you. When I had you sunbathe in the nude the other day it was to set this up."

She turns her eyes to see he has a little portable datapad. On it is what looks like a live camera image of a fence. Their fence around the back. She makes a muffled sound of confusion.

"I told some of the neighborhood boy that you would be out again today at 6. You are going to do a little show for them."

Her eyes go wide and she goes so deep on his cock she gags herself. Pulling all the way up his cock slides out of her mouth.

"Are you nuts? I am not even going to get naked now. Let alone any sort of show." she hisses in anger.

Danny shakes his head. Grabs her by the hair and f***es his cock back into her mouth. Making her bob up and down as he talks.

"Yes you are. You are going to lay there and watch them jerk their dicks watching you. Then you are going to rub yourself off. I want every guy that shows up to blow a load so you better not disappoint me."

Diana is trying to shake her head no. The feelings of rebellion that had faded come back full f***e. She is not going to do this. In front of a bunch of boys? Ones she knows? Ones she will have to look in the face again. No fucking way.

He has to make her finish him off. Her mind is not on the job. When he finally does cum he snorts with a little sound of disgust.

"Well that was lousy."

He pushes her off him roughly enough that she falls off him. Landing on her back on the pillows and blankets.

"Well then don't ask me things I won't do... master." the last barely added.

His face drops in shock. Rage follows. He comes off the couch in a burst. Grabbing her by the hair. Jerking her first up and then over. The v******e and speed of it just overwhelming her. She does not even think to fight until her face is pressed down against the floor and his knee is on her back. And by then it is a little late.

When the blows start to land on her ass she gasps. SMACK..... SMACK.... SMACK... SMACK...

"Danny. No! Stop! I am sorry. Master! I mean master. ooooooowwwwwwwwwww"

SMACK.... SMACK..... SMACK.... SMACK... SMACK..... SMACK..... SMACK.... SMACK...

Over and over his hand descends on her big butt.

Working it over. Left and Right. High and Low. It glows red. Diana is sobbing now. Tears running down her face. Not able to react to individual blows she just shudders and shakes as her own son spanks her ass.

"Spread your legs." He says taking his knee off her back.

She shakes her head without looking up.


Diana screams in pain and slams her legs as wide as she can. He lets go of her hair. She knows if she moves she is dead so she lays still. Tears salty in her mouth.

"Stick that ass up."

She does.

SMack! The blow is across her pussy. The scream is epic. She slams down into the ground and writhes.


It is a little slow. But she does raise up. SMack! Again across her tender crotch. The pain is stunning. But despite it she keeps her ass off the floor. Offering it to him again. SMack! She howls in pain. Again she almost slams down but she keeps it up. Body shaking hard.

There is a pause. The only sound her low sobbing. She waits in fear.

"Now. You are going to go take a shower and then what are you going to do?" he asks with anger still in his voice.

She has a to swallow a few times. Even then her voice cracks.

"I... I am going to go lay in the sun naked. I will watch the boys. I will masturbate until they all cum in great gushers. I will be the perfect slut for you my master. Please forgive me. Please."

When his hand comes to rest across her crotch she jumps. But his fingers just feel the slick wetness of her. The gentle pleasure making her slowly begin to relax.

"Maybe after the show. Now get your nasty ass upstairs. I will have the pad by the sliding glass door. The chair is set up. I have a camera on you and the one on them. Gonna watch from in her. Move."

He gives her cunt a small little slap and she scrambles. Wincing as the muscles in her ass protest.

"Thank you master." she says before she turns to run upstairs.

It is a quick shower and before too many minutes pass she is standing nervous at the door. In the pad she can already see two boys at the fence watching for her. She looks down. For a woman her age she looks pretty good. A little too much of her but everything nicely balanced. Breasts sag but still look good. Ass. Well way to big of course but the shape was still good.

"Fuck it. Let 'em look." she says and opens the door.

Still tough to act natural though. Getting the towel down seems awkward when half way through she realizes her ass and pussy are pointing at the fence. They cannot see the huge blush that hits her face. Her ass does still have some redness to it but not enough to worry about.

When she lays down it is on her stomach. The pad on the ground so she can see it. The two guys have turned into 4. No cocks visible yet. Diana tries to relax. She has to be here for a while. The sun is warm and it does feel good. All at least in their late teens. She was glad for that.

When she rolls over it is without thinking about it. Time to oil the front. In the pad she sees one boy with his hand around his cock. Pulling at it steadily. Hand gripping the fence. She smiles a little and gives her tits a little more attention. She sees his reaction. Watches him lean back and spray cum on the fence.

"Maybe this is not so bad." she murmurs to herself.

When she spreads her legs to oil her thighs the rest of the dicks come out. 5 young men now glued to the fence. But annoyingly none she likes. They are the jerks of the neighborhood. She is a little sad. But still she spends a lot of time on her crotch.

Laying back finally she notes that two of the guys have sprayed the wall. The other two humping their asses and pumping hard.

She takes one of her nipples in her fingers. Toying with it.

Diana does not even try to suppress the smile as she watches another cum. Her own pussy starting to demand attention she reaches down to stroke across the slit. She is wet and getting hotter by the moment. Two things happen that send very conflicting messages through her brain.

Three more people show up. One young man she barely knows. And finally one that she likes. He is 19 and should be away at college. 6' 3". Handsome and sweet. To top it all off he hand that name... Connor. She just loved that name. A shiver goes through her body as her fingers sink a little deeper into herself.

The third she cannot see at first. They stay back a little. When she can make the person out she is shocked. It is a girl. Angel. Angelique Roberts. Has lived down the street for over 10 years.

Diana has never been interested in other girls. Like many she did give it a try once in her early teens. It was fun but did not go anywhere. She simply has no sexual attraction to them. Men. Cocks. Big shoulders. Muscles. That was what did it for her.

She does not know what she feels when Angel goes to the fence. The camera gives a pretty good look at the 18 year old girls face. She leans and looks. Lingers for a moment. Then leans back and unzips her jeans. One hand goes down them and she leans back.

The naked woman on the chase lounge does not know what to think. There is a twinge though. Wrong. Really. Really. Wrong. And that does work. Diana looks at the pad and can see Angel watching. Her arm moving.

Connor has been watching. Just watching. That Diana likes. I mean if you are going to have to do something like this you might as well take what pleasure you can right? Connor is a stud and she would fuck him in a second if she could. So there is a catch in her throat and a sharp intake of breath as his hands go to his pants.

Turns out his manhood matches the rest of him. A slab of meat that makes Diana's mouth literally water along with her cunt. Her fingers stroking steadily now. One hand coming up to toy and pinch her nipples.

She sees one guy come up to Angel with his dick out. He gets a punch in the crotch from her and falls away. When he gets up he pulls up his pants and makes a move towards her. Connor's head turns and the guy stops. Curses loud enough that Diana can actually hear them and runs off.

Everyone at the fence tenses. Everyone looking around at each other. The moment passes as Angel turns back to the fence. Everyone else follow suit. Another of the guys pulling up his pants and leaving.

Diana is thrilled when Connor leans back a little. That is a good cock he has got. Fits that big body just perfectly. Ripples of pleasure run through her. Fingers flying.

She hovers on the edge. And what pushes her over is Angel. Diana can see her hand moving inside her pants. And when the girl turns the look of raw pleasure on her face is like an explosion of lust in the naked woman. She cums. Hard. Fingers getting drenched. Hips humping into the air.

"oooooooooooooooooooooooo" a long low sound of pleasure.

When she finally can focus again she realizes only Angel is still at the fence. It takes her quite a few minutes to finally get up and go inside. Legs feeling a little weak.

"Holy shit mom that was hot!" Danny exclaims as soon as the door closes.

She is pulled to him and pushed down to her knees. Diana cannot help but grin when she reaches out to take his cock. He shivers and groans softly.

"So that made master happy?" she says as she licks the head.

"Yessssssss. And I saw you react to Angel and Connor. That was interesting. She is hot."

Her own reaction to Angel is bothering her a little now. Really does not want to talk about it. So she slides her lips down around his cock. That does the trick.

His hips move. Her hand tight around his shaft. Lips and hand working together. It goes from zero to 60 rather fast. The woman on her knees just holding on by the time he bursts in her mouth. A powerful hot series of blasts. He really is turned on.

Even after he is dry he does not completely stop. Making little pleasure sounds. Looking down to see his cock in her mouth. Images from earlier still in his mind.

When he finally pulls back he looks down at her. The tongue running around her lips is such a dirty sight. His cum. Her mouth. Damn life was good.

"I think I will give Angel a call later. Maybe we should have a little warm-up before your s****r arrives next week."

Diana looks up at him. All sense of pleasure gone. Rebellion.

"Fuck no. Look. I loved doing that. I admit it. I felt dirty and I liked it. What I liked was that hunk of a Connor and that dick of his. Angel was... weird. I have no interest in other women let alone girls. You will not risk our life to get a new plaything." she states with as much f***e and finality as she can muster.

But she is naked on her knees.


It shocks her. But she barely has time to react before he is dragging her by the hair out of the room. She screams as her body hits the floor. Sk**ding across the tiles.

"Fucking crawl bitch!" he shouts.

Scared and caught up in the v******e of it she manages to get her hands and knees to work. When they hit the carpet her knees sc**** as he jerks her forward. They are going somewhere. When they pause at the door so he can pull a key she realizes where they are.

A long time ago it had been her husband's den. She tossed every single item in the room in the trash when he left. Then her workroom. A dozen projects never finished. Then an exercise room. Yeah that worked. When they redid the house he changed the doorknob and kept the keys. She was told not to ask.

The door swings open. Lights come up at the other side of the room. She really wishes she had asked.

Table. Padded. Black. Slanted. Two pairs of cuffs on it.

"Nooooooooooo" she cries as he first drags her and then grabs her. She struggles but he gets her to her feet. She won't face the table long enough for her to push her forward for a little while. Finally he gets impatient and waits until she is almost facing it and then shoves her into it.

Diana impacts with a thud. Pain in her right arm, left shoulder, left hip and her cheek. Groaning. Danny takes advantage and gets both her wrists cuffed before she really fights. Her legs are a problem until he hits her ass full f***e with the flat of his hand SMACK.

"Fucking stop. I am going to hurt you. Too late to stop that. And every second you are making it worse." he hisses.

She slumps. Pain faded her legs get spread and cuffed.

"I spent a lot of time picking out this table. It is very adjustable. From now on the door will remain unlocked. Really wondered how long it would be before I got to use it. But I was nice mom. Really nice. I promised I would not use it until you were really, really a bitch."

He SMACKS her ass again. She howls at the sharp pain.

"Congrats cunt. UberBitch. Stupid rebellious bitch. This is a new lesson. When you really piss me off not only will you suffer physical pain. But it will also cost you something else. I will tell you about that part when you are ready to beg to do it." his anger is still there but a little controlled now.

Diana wants to say something. But she won't back off of what she said. He might not like it but she is not going to fake interest or risk their life that way. There is no deep hidden desire to tap. Women are friends. Men are for sex.

If he could hear her thoughts he would say she sounds very resolved. Using that tone people use when they are trying to convince themselves they mean it. Words that few ever speak. So easy to be brave in your head.

Cause again... She is still naked and now tied ass up. Her position is getting weaker by the second.

She hears a whisper of sound before there is an explosion of pain across her round ass. THWACK!


If she could get a breath she would scream. The pain driving all the air out of her lungs leaving her gasping even after he pauses. The sound of the wide leather belt on her ass seems to echo in the room for a very long time before he speaks.

"Your. Ass. Is. Mine. Get it? I will let you make the big f****y decisions like always. Unless I really care about something then we do what I want. I know I am 18 and I don't know everything. Guess what? I am smart enough to know that. What I do understand just perfectly is our private life. You are the one who does not seem to get it." he says in a very strong tone.


iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee she howls at the top of her lungs. Pain deep and intense. Ass on fucking fire. She bucks and slams into the table. Pulling hard first on one wrist and then the other. Tears running down her face.

"please please please master. I do understand. I am sorry. pleaseeeeeeeee."

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" he screams.

She does. Fear deeply gripping her.


Her head snaps up and her whole body tenses as the fire burns through her. Somehow she manages to ride it out and then to slowly lower her head to lay her cheek against the cool leather.

"If I wish to take a risk WE will. If I want to put your naked ass on a leash and walk you down our street I FUCKING WILL. Don't push me. Don't test me." his voice harsh and raw.


For one violent moment she thrashes against the table. Ass ruby red now and white hot. She is shaking. Sobbing. Finally collapsing back down.

"The truth is that I do not wish to fuck up our lives. So I will be very careful. But I decide and if I want your opinion I will ask for it. Now."

He runs his hand over her abused ass. Her natural twitch smacks her flesh against his hand and she whimpers loudly. Leaving his hand resting on her he continues.

"In addition to having your ass whipped you are going to make a very solemn, and detailed, promise. You are going to mean it and do everything in your power to live up to it. You really don't want to know what will happen if you don't. Really don't." he says in a somewhat calm voice.

Diana cannot find her voice yet. Tears still running down her face and her breathing a ragged pant. The pain in her ass matched by the fire of lust between her legs. If he would just stroke her once she would explode.

He reaches down. First pushing her hair back and then offering her a bottle of water with a straw in it. Her mouth locks onto it greedily and she sucks down a couple of mouthfuls.

"Now promise me. And say it well or I will take the belt to your ass again. Promise me you are going to give yourself to Angel. That you will do anything she wants. You will eat, suck and fuck her."

Her bl**d runs cold. There is no way she is going to say that. No way she is going to do that. Never. Please....

"I give you my word master that I will give myself to Angel. I will let her fuck me. I will kneel before her and lick her pussy till she cums. I give you my word I will make you proud of me." She says clearly and strongly.

"That is what I want to hear. Now you can lay here for a while and think about it."

She tries not to whimper as the door closed. Grinding her crotch against the table does not quite do it for her but she tries anyway.

Three days later, 9am...

Diana cannot believe how out of place she feels. The instinct to get up and run is strong. More than once she half gets up. But each time she plops back down with a sigh.

She is sitting in a garage. Dressed in a two piece running outfit. Both tight spandex. And as per orders nothing on under it. Diana was feeling very exposed. The suit was white and it just showed every nuance and fold in her body clearly.

Her throat tightens when the door from the house opens. The small blonde girl is dressed in a similar outfit. As Diana looks closer she realizes there is nothing under Angel's skin tight pink running gear either.

"Hello Diana. You look awesome. If I still look half as good as you when I am your age I will be thrilllllllled." she chimes in her lovely almost musical voice.

The mom on the couch is a sucker for that voice. It is just so beautiful. For a moment she just relaxes.

"Oh be quiet. You are stunning. Boys must line up to date you."

Angel prances over to her. Her nipples making clear points on her chest. Her long and very thick hair swirling around her shoulders. She seems like a lovely bit of fluff. Maybe there is a brain there but who is ever going to notice. Diana relaxes a little more. This is going to be ok.

When the finger goes under her chin to tilt her face up Diana is a little surprised. It gets worse.

"I don't like boys. Danny told me all about you two. I love it. I have wanted to fuck you since the moment I laid eyes on you. I loath gardening. But I did it with you cause you kept crawling around falling out of your dress. We would work and then I would run home and rub my pussy like there was no tomorrow. God damn you made me cum hard."

Diana feels the fear coming back. That was how she and Angel had got to know each other. The girl had been coming to the house for a year now to help out. They had planted many a flower and tended the vegetable garden together. Realizing what was really going on cut deep. Sex. Not friendship.

"Angel.... I...." she does not know what to say.

The hand wraps around her chin now. Holding her a little firmer.

"Danny told me you would do whatever I say. Is that true?" the question is direct and flat.

Diana does not want to answer but she does, softly, "yes."

Angel feels a physical pulse of pleasure when that word is uttered. If it were any stronger she would have cum then and there. As it was her pussy was damp and her nipples trying to cut their way out of her top.

"We are going to take a little run. Out into the woods. Come on."

Diana gets up. The two walk outside and break into a gentle jog down the sidewalk. More than a few people are out this morning. The pair draw some stares. Some of the men of the block seem a little stunned staring at the mom jogging down the street barely dressed. Neither notice but some phones come out and pictures are taken.

When the get off the road the trees thicken quickly. Soon they are out of sight. Angel calls out and Diana stops. As she turns the younger girl is close and grabs her. Diana is pushed back against a tree. Angel running her hands all along her body. Tits gets squeezed and even her crotch. Angel looks intense. Eyes bright.

"You are beautiful. Sexy hot." Angel whispers.

"I... I have never been with another woman." Diana confesses much to her own surprise.

"Really? Never? Oh my god. You almost made me cum again. So when I lick your hot little cunt I will be the first girl to ever do so? I love it."

"Yes you will be. I... I am glad that makes you happy." Diana does not know who is in charge of her mouth.

The hand between the older woman's legs is squeezing and working her crotch in long strokes. She cannot help but groan.

"Danny was right. Just push you a little and you turn into a slut. Tell me you want me to eat your pussy. Say it!" she is demanding.

Diana does not even pause, "Please. Please eat me."

With a look of triumph Angel grabs the waistband of her bottoms and peels them down. They slowly come down revealing her. Angel sighs in pleasure as the delicate lightly pink slit comes into view. Pulling faster to get the pants off.

With a growl the younger girl grabs at Diana's thighs to spread her open. Her head dropping down and one long slow lick along the slit produces one hell of a groan. Diana has never wanted this. To her it is wrong. f***ed. So wrong. So unwanted it becomes a powerful driving f***e. She cannot believe how hot she is. Her own hands come up to squeeze the nipples which ache deeply.

Angel lapps at her. Displaying knowledge and skill. The woman trapped against the tree cannot do anything other than moan. Deep sounds of pleasure mixed with heavy breathing.


The sound Diana makes when she cums is epic. A long howl of a sound that starts low and gets louder with each second as she peaks. A violent explosion of pleasure. Eyes watering. Face bright red. Angel having to hold on tight as the crotch before her slams back and forth against her face.

When Angel stands she has to help keep Diana up against the tree. She kisses her deeply. Diana tastes the deep musky scent of her own sex.

"mmmmmmmm I knew you would taste good. Now run for me. When I catch you I am going to strip you completely and ride your face until you make me cum. Run!"

Diana staggers off the tree. But then she takes off in a bolt. Grabbing the discarded pants Angel laughs and tears off after her.

It is a good chase. Except Diana gets a bunch of little sc****s on her delicate butt. And just before Angel tackles her she notices the girl has a long thin branch in her hands. They roll across the ground. The younger girl ending up on top with a Woop. Pulling off her top her smaller but well formed breasts stand up proudly. She stands up to pull off her bottoms. She has a little thin strip of almost invisible hair down the center of her delicate slit.

Diana lays on the ground and watches. When Angel bends down to pull off her top she does not resist.

Lowering herself down Angel looks straight down at Diana's face. With a sweep of her hips her pussy brushes across the older woman's lips. The scent lighter than her own but deeply sexy.

"Spread your legs little toy." Angel orders.

Diana does only to feel the little branch running along her thighs. The short series of blows is not terribly painful but they are scary. The last one very close to her crotch.

"Lick me good and deep. Make me cum hard." is the order.

Diana sticks out her tongue for her first taste of anther girl somewhat tentatively. The softness is the first thing she really notices. The skin wet and slick but so soft. Licking up she feels along the inner surfaces of her first pussy. When she gets to the clit the shiver she feels in Angel makes her smile a little. That feeling of power just as nice as with a guy.


The switch comes down across her thigh. Diana gets a little more serious. Licking steadily now.


Very close to her crotch. The trapped mom sticks her tongue inside the younger girl. Earning a groan.


On the skin just to the left of her pussy. It burns and she licks faster.


On the other side. Fear of the next one drives Diana hard. She is lapping at the now dripping cunt like a dog. Tongue extended as far as she can.


Angled to strike across her burning pussy lips the pain of it makes Diana's legs kick in the dirt. But it also pushes Angel over the edge. The older woman is drenched in a flood of cum. It drips down her chin.

"Lick me clean. I know how much you love boy cum. Mine is better so get it all bitch."

Angel rubs the switch along Diana's open cunt. The tongue gets to work at the new task. Slurping up as much as she can. Getting most of it before pulling back just enough to say...

"But mistress the more I lick the more that comes out."

Diana feels a rush when she uses the word mistress. It is beyond wrong to call her son master. And feels just as wrong to call Angel mistress. That shudder and the rubbing of the stick combing to make her cum. Grunting and humping her crotch up into the air.

Angel looks pretty damn happy. She has always known she was strong-willed. But she never really thought too much about s&m stuff. When Danny told her his story she had gotten so hot she could barely stand it. When he offered a day with his mom in return for a night with her she had not even hesitated. She had always liked Danny but being a guy she was not that interested. Seeing this side of him turned her on big time. She would fuck him happily now.

And maybe with mommy here ready to lick them both clean.

"Then will you keep licking?"

There is a pause for one long lick before Diana responds...


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