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My first experience of cock

it was late and everyone else in the house had gone to bed, downstairs myself and my cousin where sat watching late night telly and flicking the channels, "its boring" i said, "i could show you something if you promise not to tell" said my cousin, who was slightly older than me, what is it i replied, this he said and he removed the pillow he'd been holding on his lap, his cock was erect and standing proudly poking out of his pyjama bottoms. Do you wanna touch it? No way i said, although i was fascinated and starting to feel a strange sensation in my own bottoms, your getting turned on aren't you? said my cousin, at which point he removed his bottoms completely, and started to stroke his cock quite openly, c'mon here he said and reached out for my hand, placing it on his thick erect penis, thats nice he said, stroke it for me, not to quick, nice long strokes, by this time i was completely mesmerised and if im honest quite enjoying it, it was then i realised that he had his hand inside my own pyjama bottoms and was wanking me off too.. this continued for a few minutes, until i felt his cock grow even larger and then spurt after spurt of warm sticky cum covered my hand, at which point i felt my own cock start erupting and i too had an orgasm, inside my bottoms and all over his hand, and not a moment to soon, as we heard the floor boards upstairs creaking, i had no choice i raised my sticky cum covered hand to my mouth and swallowed the lot.. and not a moment to soon as just as my cousin had put his bottoms back on the door opened and mum walked in.

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