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Horny son for mom in the morning pt1

It was early on a Wednesday morning in July and I was still sl**ping. Although I had finished my public examinations, I still had a couple more days to attend. It was annoying as I wanted to start the summer and hang out with friends celebrating the graduation of our final year of school now that we had turned 18 and were considered 'adults'. My mom was a single parent and turning 18 meant I would be able to pick up a summer job to help us get by.

Usually I got very little sl**p on school nights and as a result I had to be called by my Mom dozens of times before stumbling out of bed and arriving to school just on time. However, the combination of summer anticipation and a good nights rest awoke me unusually early at 7:15. I had 30 minutes before I had to get up so I lay there, careful planning through the events on summer in my head. My thoughts then turned to my mom as I heard her wake up and go downstairs to grab breakfast. I had been strongly attracted to her for years and for a 41 year old woman she looking stunning. Her jet black framing her perfectly carved features and large green eyes. Skin was slightly bronzed and although she had gained a few pounds in recent years they were all in the right places, with a really bouncy but pronounced butt and ballooning 38D breasts which I had gathered by sneaking a look at one of her used bras. It wasn't just me that saw her beauty. My friends would tease me occasionally that they had masturbated thinking about her. I pretended to be annoyed but secretly it turned me on as I had often masturbated over her too, stealing her dirty panties and inhaling their musky aroma as well as tasting the vibrator I could hear her using most nights due to not having a boyfriend since she split with my father when I was a young c***d. I desired her body immensely. As it approached 7:45 I heard my mom walking down the hall towards my room. Snapping out of my day dream and noticing my raging erection I quickly turned on my side and pretended to sl**p. She entered, opening my door with a "Good Morning" Still I pretended to sl**p. She approached me, sweeping aside my fringe and planting a kiss on my forehead with the thick lips I had dreamed of having around my dick for years. As she leaned in, only a thin piece of fabric separated her colossal breasts from my naked torso and I felt her nipples, from behind the fabric, run across my body as she stood up to go and open the curtains and window at the opposite end of the room. I decided to slightly open my eyes and shocked at what I saw. My dick grew harder still and by this time I was so incredibly horny I felt like I was about to burst. She was wearing a short, silk 'babydoll' style nightie that was barely long enough to make her decent. She had always been fully dressed and nearly ready for work by the time I usually got up so I had never seen this sexy lingerie before. As she reached up to open the top window, the hem of the nightie raised up and revealed her butt. My eyes widened to take in every photon of this magnificent sight and were quickly drawn in between her legs. From my vantage point I could see a fair amount of public hair which surprised me because every other part of her body was in immaculate condition. I assume she had no need to shave if she wasn't having sex though.
Almost as quickly as the view had appeared it was gone again as the window was open and she walked back to the far corner of the room to check my closet. I closed my eyes to a slit so I wouldn't be caught but it was enough to take in the sight of her amazing cleavage which was spilling over the nightdress. Her large tits were impressively pert for their size and age and I was fantasising about the thought of my 8 inch erection slipping between them, the head gently lapping her tongue with each thrust. I desperately wanted to make this a reality. She reached my closet and bent down to sort out clothes that had fallen to the bottom. I was in awe at the sight which greeted me. As she bent down he spread her legs for stability and the short nightie slipped up and rested over her ass. I had the perfect view of her pussy! The morning light streamed in and glistened in the moist pinkness of her hole. It took me a considerable amount of self restraint to not run out of bed and fuck her where she stood. This wet pussy was almost calling to me, spurred on by the slight contractions of her anus with every move.

She exited the room but I could barely contained myself any longer and furiously began masturbating, the images still fresh in my mind when I close my eyes. Suddenly I hear footsteps coming down the hall, I know she'll be back to wake me at any moment but I can't stop now. Grabbing one of her used thongs from underneath my bed I masturbate faster and harder than I ever had before gently groaning "ohhh mom" as I dropped my load into her thong and the door opened,

"Good morni-, she was stopped short by the sight of her son ejaculating into her thong.

Although I wanted my feelings known, the false confidence from the orgasm was wearing off and a wave of regret swept over me. However, before it had a chance to manifest further she gently purred,

"So you liked the nightie, huh?" Now walking towards me she let her cleavage spill out, mounted me and whispered in my ear

"I knew you would"

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