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My Asian fetish

I have a ongoing fetish and desire to dominate and have as my wife a petite asian sub t girl. I meet her online and fly her here and in the car she reaches over and pulls out my stiff cock. She coooes as she strokes my shaft and tells me how it is just the right size and thickness. She sucks me slowly and then slides all the way to my balls as I know i have a skilled lover. At home she changes into white lace lingerie stockings teddy and 6" stilleto heels. She enters the living room and hits her knees and begs to suck my lovely cock. she looks up lovingly into my eyes and tells me she has longed to come visit and will fuck me like no other she gides me into the bedroom and lays down as I slide a beaded glass dildo inside her. I passionately kiss her and tell her how i love her so and want to get her some gorgeous boobs. She tells me she is mine to love and to cherish as long as i will provide for her and make her feel like a total woman. I roll her on her back as her legs instinctively open and rest on my shoulders. she is incredily limber as my lubed cock gently slides in past the head. she moans with delight and I can feel the incredible tightness and eroticsm of her ass. she grabs my hips and pushes in deep with one hard thrust as I feel my balls slap up against her ass. She let's out a gutteral moan of oooooohhhhh fffffuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk yyyyyyyyeeeeeessssss, as the precum drips from her. I reach down as we both stroke her cock as I pull all the way out and deeply in passionately. I hold her arms down and she tells me yes master take your virgin ass and make me yours. She is so fucking hot as I begin drilling her deep and her
moaning and squirming how she loved daddy's cock. Her ass feeels so fucking tight and we orgasm together as I seed her deeply with my hot white cum. I love watching her roll her head back and know I will fulfil her every need.

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