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S****r in law

When I was 15 I was horny all the time every time I had a chance to masturbate I did. Here is a story of the naughty things I did. my b*****r's girlfriend moved into our house, her name is Maria she is really hot and thick with a nice ass and her breast were amazing she was also kind of chunky. They had their room in the second floor and I had mines in the first floor. Well one day my b*****r and his girlfriend went to the movies and my parent went to the store so I was alone in the house, as usual I was about to masturbate but then I realized Maria had just taken a shower so that meant there was dirty clothes of her upstairs. I searched for her dirty underwear in her hamper when I found this black thong that was hard like a cardboard from all her pussy juice, I looked for other ones but they weren't any, that meant that she had that same thong for a week no wonder its was like a cardboard. My heart was beating really fast and I was out of breath, I started to smell it and it smelled great, my cock was really hard I whipped it out and started masturbating, I started to suck the thong at the crotch and all of the string I was about to cum but I didn't want to use the thong as a Kleenex then I saw a cute pink sock I grabbed it and I put it over my cock like a condom and my load was all inside that sock. I did this every time I had a chance for couple of months. Maria then joined a gym, every time she got back from the gym I used to walk by her or make some conversation just to smell her because she was sweaty and smelled a little which turned me on. Maria almost every day went to her mothers house after she had taken her shower, at this point my mom had a job so I had the house to myself. I knew it was gonna be long before some one arrived to the house so I started to do new thing like smell her socks from the gym some were still wet as well as her thongs which I loved, then I smelled and licked her shoes, sandals, and high heels. I kept doing that for a long time and I never got caught, until one weekend night I was hard and wanted to masturbate but my b*****r and Maria where upstairs so I was just gonna watch porn but I remember earlier that day Maria had put a washer of clothes in the basement and they where still in the dryer, it wouldn't be the same but its better than nothing. To get to the basement you have to pass by the kitchen, so I went running to the basement and grabbed a thong I started to jack off after a few minutes I came all over my hand I just grabbed a bra and cleaned my hand with it. I started to go upstairs when I reached the kitchen Maria was there with a hamper.
She saw me and said "your done? that was quick"
I said "what do you mean?" And she just winked and went to get her clothes and then upstairs. I was scared because I thought she was gonna tell my b*****r or my parents, I went to the basement to see if you could see anything I was doing, when I got there I saw the thong I used to masturbate on top of the dryer. I was confused, did she leave them for me? I kept asking myself. Next day was a monday everything was normal Maria didn't told no one, after school I went home I was watching tv when Maria arrived from the gym I said "hi" awkwardly and she just said hi back she went running upstairs to grab clothes to take a shower she was in the restroom only for 20 minutes when she came out she had her dirty clothes in one hand and in the other she had her thong she went running upstairs to leave her clothes and then came back down with her thong still in her hand, she handed me the thong and said "here you go its still wet" I was shocked and just replied with a "what?" Then she said "that way you won't go trough my stuff and everybody is happy" then she left to her mother house as usual, after she left I jacked off. And then when she got home she asked for them back. This was our every day routine except for the weekends. After 6 months of this my b*****r dicided it was Time for them to move out but even though they moved out she still gives me two dirty thongs a week when they come to visit
The end

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