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Carly, Isaac, Kendra, me, and a couple strange dic

Later the next afternoon, we all needed some air and went out to have a few drinks. On the way back, we passed an adult store, and Kendra wanted to stop..but she insisted on going in alone. She came back a few minutes later with a bag, and we went back to the hotel.

The first thing Kendra wanted to do was whip Carly was something she'd really come to like, and made her 19 yo pussy really horny and wet. But Carly tiny little 19 yo tits, juicy tiny pussy, firm belly, and thin legs had been whipped a lot yesterday with the belt, and she was like "no way...look at all the whip marks I still have, even my pussy is still sore!". Problem easily so solved. Kendra tied her hot little friend spread eagled again, only this time put her face down! She was looking really hot tied up like make it even more inviting I put a pillow just under her belly and ass to bring her ass up, and make her pussy easier to look at and do fun things to. Isaac went first, kneeling between her legs and fucking the little hairless cunt. I grabbed the belt and stood behind the bed, whipping Carly's legs back and forth with loud smacks. Kendra had gone to get her purchase, and came back with the bag...really digging the scene before her. She started to open the bag, but stopped and hopped on top of Carly's back and pullted Isaacs big 9 inch cock out of Carly's pussy (I continued to whip Carly's was sooo much fun. Kendra jammed Isaac's wet cock in her mouth and slowly sucked it clean of Carly's pussy juice...then jammed it back in all the way, and pulled it out again...this time she gave it about 20 really fast sucks, getting Isaac really steamed up (and me too...I had a great view standing behind them with the belt). Then Kendra got back up and opened the bag...she produced a really cool Lash...about 6 or 7 feet long...just big enough to use in the room! Carly's eyes got big and scared, so I stopped whipping her legs to give the terrified teen a break. Kendra ran the Lash slowly over Carly's body while Carly trembled. Isaac got the ball gag from yesterday and put it on Carly...we couldn't count on her to keep quiet thru what she was about to get! Kendra circled Carly's bed, and finally in one quick movement gave her a big lashing from the side, right on Carly's upper thighs. The sound was sweet, and Carly was screaming into the ball gag. A few more well placed furious ones to Carly's perfect little ass, and then back followed. Then Kendra circled around to stand on the bed over Carly. She had Isaac remove her foot restraints, and Carly got up into a doggy style position, thinking one of us guys was going to fuck her. At that moment, Kendra raised the Lash back and brought it forward HARD, right between Carly's legs and right on her little pussy. Kendra was squealing with delight and gave Carly another lash. Now we were all beyond horny. We untied the still whipmering Carly. I lifted her up and sat her right down on Isaacs big dick, then I rammed my own in her mouth. Kendra went back to the back and got a new even bigger dildo...she went over to Carly's pussy that Isaac was furiously pumping his 9 incher into, and with no lube shoved the dildo right into Carly along with Isaacs dick. Carly had been double vag'd the day before, but this was even more harsh...but she loved it! She asked Kendra to pull it out, so my dick could join Isaac's in her pussy instead! I slid my rock hard cock in Carly's so tight teen pussy and both Carly and Isaas groaned in approval. Carly's pussy was so slipper already, her juices lubed up our cocks really nicely. We pumped in and out of Carly, sometimes our cocks slipped out of her at the same time, and we rammed them back in together! Kendra got down there so she could enjoy watching her two ex bf's fuck her friends pussy up close. She grabbed our dicks roughly, pulled them out, and held them together in one hand, jerking the juice covered cocks together..what an out of this world feeling. Then she crammed them in her mouth, and sucked Carly's juices off of them together! Carly started to protest, so Kendra shoved them back in her friends pussy. This was repeated for about 10 minutes, and Kendra's mouth and chin were covered with drool, and she was almost frantic to get some cocks in her own pussy. She got Isaac and I to lay in her favorite position, scissors style, and sat on our pushed together cocks. She shoved both in her pussy and moved up and down as fast as she could, fucking our cocks together. I think Carly wanted a little payback. While Kendra was so into it, Carly grabbed the lash and started to whip Kendra's slightly bigger tits. Kendra looked shocked at first but, after the first few lashed smiled as she kept on banging those two cocks together in her pussy! I guess in our haste back, we forgot to lock the hotel room door. Someone had been knocking and we'd just ignored it, caught up in the fun..But all of a sudden standing at the foot of the bed were two guys who had apparently come over to yell about the noise. Seeing all of us naked (c'mon, two 19 year old naked girls do things to guys lol, they decided the best thing to do was shut up. And join in :) Isaac and I kept double fucking Kendra's tight pussy, and previously shy little Carly asked the other guys if they'd ever had a blowjob together in one girls mouth! She looks so young they doubted she was legal, so Carly showed them her license to prove she was just 19. They said "oh yea, you're gunna suck our cocks but first we'er going to give you some of shit you were giving the other girl". They dragged Carly over to the closed door and tied her hands to the doorknob with their belts. Kendra pointed out the lash, and they really laid into Carly's tits with it, as she struggled helplessly tied to the doorknob. Not wanting to really injure her, they stopped and went over so she could begin her double blowjog. Me and Isaac and Kendra watched the scene in the mirrors, getting even hotter. Carly was able to fit both their 8+ inch dicks into her mouth, and she sucked them off together and alternately. It made Kendra a little jealous.....Kendra loves as many dicks as she can get at once! She got up off of our cocks, went over and untied Carly and asked all four of us guys to gangbang her HARD. On the bed, she sat on of the strangers cocks while the other rammed her pussy from behing. I think they saw how much she loved two cocks in any one hole, and she really dug all the strange cock in her pussy. Isaac and I went to her front and she crammed both of our cocks in her mouth! We all fucked her as hard as we could, taking our cocks out of her holed and ramming them back in hard...she loved it really rough like that. Carly was cleaning off the cocks in Kendra's cunt as soon as one or both popped out, slurping up Kendra's pussy juice. It was soon more than any of us could take. The girls both wanted as much slipper cum as they could get, so all four of us stood around them. They each sucked two dicks at a time, jacking them off as well. Kendra the cock hound even borrowed on of Carly's studs and fit THREE of our dicks in her mouth at once. At that moment we all starting shooting our cum....most of it went right into Kendra's mouth, but there was so much (from 3 dicks) that a lot went on her face too. Carly and her stud came over and joined the cum party, he shot allll over Kendra's cute face. We all rubbed the cum all over Kendra's face with our cocks, and Carly slurped up everything that Kendra hadn's eaten.

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