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A fuck like Alice

Mal had been travelling for a year and had the occasional fuck with fellow backpackers. Only recently he had regained the chance to initiate his penchant for threesomes, when he had spent the weekend fucking two gorgeous Australian girls. He had previously only achieved such with his boss Jo, and now he realised there were other girls out there with whom he could indulge.
He travelled overnight on the bus to Alice Springs with his mate Chris. There they looked around and booked a three day trip to Ayers Rock or Uluru in aborigine, and the Olgas. They waited for the minibus at 4 am next morning and boarded with minimal fuss. On board already were nine girls and three lads. There was a pair of English girls, Sue and Katy, a single English girl Jayne, an English couple Johnny and Alison, a Danish girl Liese, a Swedish girl Bridget, a German girl Claudia and two older German couples Hans and Gertie, and Will(helm) and Katharina. Driving the bus was Tom a middle aged Australian and our tour guide.
It was a long hot drive to Uluru and we got to know all the others. Mal thought he stood a chance with Sue and/or Katy. His mate Chris always went for the best lookier and made a play for Bridget straight away. He found out they were travelling with their boyfriends, but they had stayed on in Perth for some work. So the girls had been on their own for a month, Mal thought hmmmm maybe a bit horny then. As the bus went along Tom shouted for the first sighting of the rock, and Gertie pointed to the mountain. It transpired this wasn’t Uluru but part of the Macdonald range, and always caught people out. Eventually they arrived at the camp, and were allotted tents. They had only brought light clothing as asked and left their backpacks at the hostel in Alice. The tents were for two, Mal and Chris dumped their stuff and set off to explore. Liese and Jayne bunked together as did Bridget and Claudia and the other pairs.
They just explored around the rock that day and then went to the famous viewpoint for the iconic photograph as the sun set. There were hundreds of people already there, coach after coach bussed in just for the shot. Chris had the better camera so Mal left him to take the photos, while he admired the view. Fantastic colours as the sun set, from orange to red to purple to grey. They retired back to the campsite and Mal and Chris opened the slab of VB beer they had bought earlier. They had kangaroo stew with damper bread cooked on the open fire. Mal was next to Jayne and Chris sat next to Bridget. They chatted all night getting more and more d***k, Chris retired and Bridget went back to her tent with Claudia. At the end only Mal and Jayne were left, both pretty d***k. Jayne was a horsey girl, a stable lass at home and full of energy and a real go for it type of girl. Mal brought the subject to sex and found out she hadn’t fucked for two months. He did his ‘kissing cunt’ speech and knew he was in, when she put her hand on his thigh. He reciprocated but moved up until his hand was inside her shorts. He felt she was already wet and he teased her lips apart with his fingers. She played with her breasts as he fingered her. He stood her up and kissed her, and led her away from the fire to the picnic tables. Without asking he ripped her shorts and knickers down, and lifted her top to expose her tits. he sucked on the tits as he fingered between her legs. She stepped out of the shorts and he lifted her onto the picnic table. He kissed her again and then moved down her body. He sucked on each nipple while rubbing away at her cunt. He kissed her belly and then moved to her pussy glistening in the moonlight. He kissed her thighs and all round her lips. Her leags were spread wide and eventually he sucked on her clit. She flinched and moaned slightly. He continued to suck on her clit and then tongued her opening, probing between her lips. Licking from ass crack to clit and back she was writhing as he put one and then two fingers inside her. He sucked on her clit and fingered her while she played with her breasts. He continued in this motion until he felt her twitch on his fingers. She moaned quite loud, and bit her lip as she exploded onto his tongue.
Mal didn’t give her time to recover, he dropped his shorts, brought her onto the edge of the table and inserted his cock with one quick thrust. She gasped as his fat cock filled her so deeply. He now moved back and forth and watched as her tits wobbled with each hard thrust. She was building again as he started to fuck her quite hard. He fucked her like this for ten minutes until he felt her cum again, as her tight twat spasmed he also let go and gushed his jizz inside her. He could have sworn he saw movement in the bush while in the throes of his coming but let the thought pass as he now stood quivering with lust inside her. They retired to the shower block and got under the hot water. This time he took her from behind, she was amazed he was ready so soon but loved his fat cock ramming her from behind as the water cascaded over them. She made lots of noise as they fucked to two more orgasms. As they left the shower block he saw Claudia, who winked at him. They returned to their own tents and got some much needed sl**p.
Next morning they had breakfast, and went to Uluru. Chris didn’t want to climb it so Mal and the rest climbed up. It was very steep and needed a wire to hang on as they climbed. At the top they could see a massive plain and the Olgas in the far distance. They stayed for an hour and then climbed down, coming down was hard on the top of thighs and they were knackered by the time they had descended. Lots of water was consumed as it was 44 degrees centigrade and dry also. They retired to camp and met up with a German group around the camp fire. Mal chatted to Tom who said ‘I saw you last night, good fuck, lucky bastard?’ Mal knew he had been watched, and found out later Tom wasn’t the only one. Mal sat next to Liese, and they had a good long chat. She had been travelling for eight months and now thought in English instead of Danish. She was a sporty type and had very tight shorts on, Mal thought he couldn’t get his fingers in them if he tried, but it moulded her fit body perfectly. She hadn’t had a shag for two months and Mal taked about hard fucking and could see he was having the desired effect as her nipples became obvious. Jayne was making eyes at him across the fire, but he continued seducing Liese. Chris and Bridget were in deep conversation. At the end only Jayne, Liese, Mal, Chris and Bridget were left. Mal said to Chris use outr tent I will bunk with the girls, Chris agreed and Mal asked the two girls if he could use their tent nodding at Chris and Bridget. Jayne responded by surreptitiously grabbing his bulge, and Liese smiled and nodded agreement also.
Liese got in the tent first and Mal admired her bottom, wanting to grab her there and then and take her. Jayne noticed this and smiled, she entered the tent but after some whispering she reappeared with a towel. ‘I am getting a shower,’ she said. Mal went to follow, but she stopped him and said ‘Liese and I have an agreement’ and winked gesturing for him to enter the tent. Mal said ‘I can handle two you know.’ ‘You will big boy, but Liese has first dibs on that cock tonight.’ Mal shrugged and said ‘don’t take too long then’.
When Mal entered Liese was already naked. Apparently the night before Liese had also watched them fuck and had frigged herself to a frenzy. When Jayne got back she said lucky bitch, and they chatted and agreed if the chance came Liese was to have some too. Mal whipped off his tshirt and shorts. His cock popped out of his boxers, and Liese fell on it. Her bum raised in the gloom she sucked his cock deep. Then she teased it with her tongue, Mal was close to cumming already and he reassured her that even if he came quickly, he would be ready for more. She said ‘I know Jayne told me.’ This was the signal for to go to town on his cock she bobbed up and down and he raised his bum to start fucking her mouth. He revelled in the sight, and he came with a gush. Right down her throat with the first pulse and then she pulled away and he sprayed her face and back with more jizz.
Right then my Danish lovely your turn. He lay her down on her back and kissed her softly on the lips. Slowly he kissed her eyes, her forehead, and her cheeks. He licked her neck and kissed it softly, slowly moving to her boob with gentle kisses. Until he reached her hard nipples. He tweaked one between thumb and forefinger while he sucked on the other. She was moaning now and he could tell she was already frothing up. He moved his hand down between her legs and sure enough wet and hot. As he continued to suck her nipple, he rubbed her mound above her cunt. Then he flicked her clit and she flinched. He did it again and she grabbed him round the shoulders. Digging her fingernails in. He moved down her body and continued to rub vigorously now on her clit. As he was kissing her belly she moaned loudly and came before he had even reached her sweetspot. He continued kissing down her belly until he was positioned between her legs. He kissed her thighs, and all round her lips, he kissed her clit and she flinched again. Now he licked her lips probing deeply, he lifted her bum and licked her crack, and back to her clit. He now sucked her clit in and started chewing. She writhed and squirmed at his attention. He now inserted two fingers in her pussy while still chewing on the clit. He continued with this chewing and fingering until he started to finger fuck her. Now he built up speed and pressed hard with his mouth, he fucked her with his fingers and wanted her to come again. So now he went for it and she came twitching on his fingers, moaning loudly.
As she came to he was already in position. He had his cock between her spread legs and slowly teased her clit with it. Then rubbed her lips, until the dome was wet. He teased her for a while when suddenly he thrust in all the way. She gasped and grabbed at him. He kissed her while leaving his cock all the way in. ‘You are splitting me’ she said. Slowly he withdrew from her, still kissing strongly. And then hump another hard thrust. He waited while she recovered and did it again. Each time he did it she squealed and pawed at him. He started to move in and all the way out. He picked up a rhythm and she started to moan. He kissed her neck as his arse started to pump. It was soon moving very deep and hard into her and her legs were up round his back. He now fucked her harder and harder until she was constantly moaning and his cock entered her like a piston. He felt her twitch and she came strongly on his cock squeezing it tightly as he pistoned into her. He was close himself and she reached for his balls and gave them a squeeze. He let go at this and came inside her with a grunt and she came again both moaning and collapsing as the electricity surged through both bodies. He withdrew and collapsed onto his back.
‘Are you done,’ they heard Jayne say, she had been standing outside listening and frigging herself while waiting. ‘Yes’ Mal said, ‘for the moment.’ Jayne entered the tent and dropped her towel. She was naked and obviously horny, her nipples were stiff and her pussy was wet. She looked at Mals still stiff cock and Lieses sweaty red body and played with herself. She kissed up mals legs until she reached his balls and sucked one then the other into her mouth. Liese had her head on Mals chest and watched as Jayne took his cock and staring at them both started licking it. She smiled as Liese started to push her legs against Mals thighs. Mal was loving the attention and stroked Lieses hair as his cock was getting a good suck. 69 he said and Jayne didn’t need a second invitation. She manoeuvred round so she could sit on his face while still sucking his fat cock. Liese moved slightly so Jaynes legs were on each side of his face. Liese watched as Mal started to lick Jayne, she was horny at this so Mal put his hand between her legs and rubbed. Jayne saw this and added her hand to help. Liese gasped, as she realised what was happening. Jayne continued to suck and Liese watched both Mal and Jayne alternatively as they sucked and licked each other. Meanwhile Jayne and Mal were working her up to a frenzy. Mal pushed Jayne, she knew he wanted her to sit on his cock, just what she wanted too. She moved down and turned round so she could see him. She hovered above his cock, letting the tip tease her lips, and then in one movement slid right onto him. Liese watched transfixed as she saw his cock re-emerge from Jaynes pussy as she raised up again. Mal asked Liese to sit on his face. She was so horny she moved quickly but when she was about to straddle him he asked her to turn around and straddle him facing Jayne. Jayne knew why. She sat on his face and he licked her pussy lips and clit. She shuddered as he went to town with his tongue. Jayne was now bobbing up and down on his fat cock and she now bent forward and licked Lieses nipple. She gasped and this took her over the edge, she came in a gush all over Mals face. Jayne now kissed her neck and eventually kissed her on the lips. She found it amazingly soft and kissed back finding it to be wonderful. Both girls now rode Mal hard while kissing and exploring each others bodies. Jayne was using her fingers on Lieses clit as she rode mals mouth and Liese did the same. Soon both were orgasming again. Mal felt Jayne squeeze his cock with her pussy muscles as Lieses fingers took her over, and Liese came again on his face. After they had calmed down they realised Mal was till raring to go. Jayne withdrew and Liese 69d him sucking jaynes juices of his cock. Jayne joined her and they shared his cock between mouths as Mal finger fucked Liese. Jayne sucked his balls as Liese deep-throated him. Jayne knew he was ready and mals grunt told Liese she pulled out just as he spurted and it hit her in the face, Jayne quickly sucked it to get the second blast, and he jerked his jizz into her mouth. When he had finished Jayne kissed Liese and swapped his cum with her, snowballing he told them later was one his favourite sights.
The three relaxed, next to each other, Mal in the middle and both girls with their legs over his thighs, pussies pressed against him. Liese was amazed how easily she adjusted to her new surroundings, and mal and Jayne swapped trio stories. Soon he was ready again and now he got them in a 69. Jayne was a veteran pussy eater so he stayed at her pussy and watched Liese first attempts at eating pussy, helping out with his fingers. Soon Liese was doing it the way she liked it done to her and she concentrated on Jaynes clit. Mal now introduced his cock and gave it to Liese to suck. She slurped greedily and sucked on his balls licking from balls to tip. He then sat so his balls drooped into her mouth and slowly entered Jayne form behind. She hadn’t been expecting this and gasped as he thrust in. Liese loved this sight and the feel of Jaynes tongue on her cunt. She massaged his balls as he fucked Jayne slowly. Jayne then stumped them both when she said ‘try the other hole.’ Mal wasn’t a great fan of buggery but always gave a girl what she wanted. So he got Liese to spit on his cock and lubed up her arse crack. Liese watched transfixed as Mal holding his fat cock hard slowly entered Jaynes bum. Jayne moaned very deeply as his cock went all the way to the hilt. Liese could now play with Jaynes pussy as she watched Mal fuck her arse. He built up speed but it was so tight it was difficult not to come. He fucked her arse off her while she frigged Liese to another orgasm. Eventually after ten minutes of humping she came and squirted all over Liese. And Mal also came, he withdrew and splattered her arse. His cum being licked up by Liese as it dripped off Jayne.
They slept the rest of the night fucked again in the morning and again the next night. Chris didn’t fuck Bridget, and they all moved their separate ways after returning to Alice. Another successful recruit to his skilful and lucky way of teaching some girls new tricks.

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