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Me And My GF

Hey! This is steven I am going to tell about my sex experience with my gf 'Nirmala' (name changed).

We both got committed in college. We went out frequently what many other lovers do. One day, I asked her to come to my house as no one was there in my house. They had gone to native place for some function. That day, we both saw a movie. That movie had an erotic sex scene. I cant control myself. I starred at her.

She was also disturbed by that scene. I suddenly smooched her. we both kissed each other for around 15 minutes and exchanged our salivas. Then, i removed her top and hugged her tightly. I could feel her boobs press against my chest. Though she was 19 years, she looked like a small girl. But, she have big assets.

I removed her brazzer and started licking, biting and sucking the nipples which was hard. She responded by giving moans. I was very wild that time. I started biting the breast and she had my teeth marks on them. But, she beared that pain. Later, i stripped her completely and she became nude. I brought honey which i had kept in the refrigerator.

I removed my clothes as well. i poured some honey on her lips and i licked her lips. I was biting it. Then, to the boobs and to navel part. I started licking each and every drop. She was horny by then. Her pussy became wet. I started rubbing her pussy very fast. She was moaning heavily. . . . uhh haaa sshh. .

It was the time to fuck her. I brought some oil and rubbed over her pussy. I then inserted my oily fingers into her tight virgin love hole. she was making sounds. . sssh uhhh haa. . I took out my fingers and i let my penis head into the hole. The hole was ver tight. I asked her to bear the pain.

I smooched her and at the meantime, i inserted half of my 7inch cock with a hard push. Water started coming out from her eyes. Then, with another hard push, i let my entire dick in and started fucking her slowly.

hearing her moan only made me pump harder and harder i could feel her pussy tightening up then out of the blue came a roar of relief as i felt her cum slowly drip down my cock

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