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Fucking Daddy's Friend.....ALL Day Long PART

Hi guys and girls. I hope you are all enjoying the stories. I apologize one more time for the bad english. Im trying to improve.

Well, this story happened about 3-4 years ago. I knew my father's friend, this one, ever since i was very little. As i became older and slowly turned into a woman, men started noticing.

Daniel was in his 40s and quite handsome. He would always go to our house. As i got older, the hugs became stronger and tighter and my breasts would press against him.

We were talking on msn one day and the subejct of sex had come up. He began telling me how pretty i was and that i was very sexy. He sent me some videos and asked if had experience with sex. I told him some of good stories i had experienced and he wanted to meet me on the following saturday for fun.

I hesitated at first but agreed. The rest of the week, I was very excited. I left Saturday morning and said I was going to meet some friends and met Daniel at the mall. He asked me if i wanted to go somewhere more private.

We got in his car and I already knew he was headed for a motel. He once again complimented me saying that I was very pretty. I was wearing tight low jeans and tshirt with no bra, my nipple were easily seen through the shirt. Under those tight pants, NO PANTIES.

On the drive, he asked again if the stories I told him were true. I insisted on YES, and that i enjoyed all of them. He said he never imagined that I was already doing such things for being so young.

In between out talk, he pulled out his limp penis and gently guided my head for me to blow him. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth as i felt his penis slide over my tongue. He complimented me with some "good girl" and i kept sucking and sucking feeling it get hard in my mouth. I moaned as i bobbed my head up and down.

We got to the motel entrance, I kept sucking him while he negotiated with the frontwoman what kind of room we wanted. It felt really good knowing that someone was watching me give him oral sex so close by.

He parked the car and went up to the room, his dick still out of his pants, very hard and wet from my saliva. I locked the door behind me and he sat on the bed. He asked me to "come finish the job".

I got on my knees and continued to service his penis. I took my shirt off, revealing my breasts. I put his penis between them and gave him a light tit fuck. I was very horny and looked deep in his eyes while feeling his dick slide between my breasts. "SO young, and such a slut", he said. I shifted between having his dick between my tits and in my mouth.

He said he was close to cumming so i began to jerk him fast and pointing to my tits. He came a river on top of my tits and i kept rubbing it on my nipples. I gave him a quick suck to clean him off. I felt his hot sperm drip down my breasts.

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