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The Cheerleaders Cared For One Another

The cheerleaders loved being girls, and they cared for one another. The fact of being horny was a sweet and tender bond they shared, and the younger girls got beatiful, guilt-free mentoring in areas where they needed it the most. Trish had expressed sadness over never having had an orgasm, and Kelly, the virgin captain who masturbated a lot, had spoken to her encouragingly and had given her some excellent advice. After practice, Trish went home feeling loved and didn'n't hesitate in her desire to masturbate to orgasm.
Her mentor, Kelly, had indicated that pulling the hood back was a great way enhance a girl's sensititivity, and had demonstrated the basic concept through the outside of her red synthetic spanks. Trish thought of Kelly and how she had willingly shared that masturbation advice with her. Trish was glad to be a cheerleader and glad that Kelly was her captain. With her spanks pulled to the side, Trish pulled back the hood. Her clitoris had been exposed before, but never so naked or erect. The shiny and sensitive glans bore a provactive resembance to the glans of male, and the shaft felt like it extendled deeply inside her body.
Following Kelly's suggestion, Trish slivated strongly only the fingertips of her other hand and applied the saliva to her naked and erect little clit. The focus of her sensitivity was the circular and flared out ridge, the glans at its widest part, right where joined with the shaft. Touching the ridge with saliva, Trish felt a pleasure she had never experienced before. Her instincst took over from there, and within a couple of minutes, she came like a full fledged little goddess. There were tears of happiness and gratutude, and thouht in her her heart that Kelly was very gifted teacher. When she saw Kelly the next day at school, she was so excited to tell her. Kelly Kapowski was always that type of person, and she was gad for helping Trish learn how to cum.

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