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Beatdown by a pornstar Michelle mclaren

Porn Star Beatdown 3- Michelle Mclaren
By lilguy
Michelle teach some self righteous prude a lesson

Michelle Mclaren looked out her window, and saw people picketing her. It was
the same old prudes and hypocrites that hounded her when ever she did her
business. The currently group that was hounding her were, MAP (MEN AGAINST
PORN). They were trying to stop her from open a strip club as part of her
chain of highly profitable strip clubs McLaren's Ladies. The main man in the
group had his own church. His name was Lister Graves. He was balding white
male, skinny a pole with probably a tiny dick. He wore glasses and was in his

His people had signs that said "Go home White Trash" "No more smut" "Whore
burn in hell" and other lovely signs. Mclaren had runs into this guy a couple
of times. She had been known to be one of the wildest porn stars out there,
staring on website mommyhasboobs, freakofboobs meanbitche and others. She was
a tall blond with legs that went on for mile. This made her tower over most
people. She had thick juicy lips and big blond hair. Her breasts were huge
with nipples that always seem ready to pop. Her ass nice and tight and she had
a tattoo on her stomach that looks like black wings. Her lips normally had red
lipstick and she wore long finger nails. Her clothing was normally tight to
show off her boobs.

"Where is this guy live" She Said

She was on her desk smoking a cigar, drinking some red wine. Between her legs
was a young black man eating her pussy, with a collar around his neck that
said her name. She had been told to eat her cunt. He looked up with a sticky

ŗ blocks down to the right miss. It's a church you can't missed it. He lives
above it"

Michelle smiled and pushed his head down.

That night

Lister was on his computer in his one room apartment overlooking the church.
He sat in front of his computer with his dick in his hands, and tears
streaming down his eyes.

"Damm you...You temptress. One day you shall pay for putting impure thought in
his head"

On the website was Michelle in a nurse outfit, showing off her long smooth
creamy legs. She was making some guy kissed her feet. He heads a knock on the
church door. He quickly got himself together. He looked down and saw a top a
nun's outfit. The nun knocked again. She was holding a duffel bag. He cracked
open the window.

"Hello...what is this about? It very late"

The woman didn't look up.

"I heard about your protest against the vial...awful woman. Thought I give
your church a donation. Please let me in. I don't want to be carrying around
this much money in this part of town."

She zipped open her beg and he saw wads of cash. He smiled

"Be right down"

He walked down to the church part of the building this area was small but
could fit a decent amount of people. He never had over a 100 down here. The
door had multiple locks. There was a key in the main lock. He unlocked them
franticly thinking about all this money. The woman was tall but he couldn't
make out her face. He handed him the bad.

"Could you please lock the door...don't want anyone breaking in?"

He looked it the bag. As he was looking the nun grabbed the key and put it in
her breast. He saw cash on the top of the bag and took some out. But the cash
stopped after the top, under the cash was sex toys, strap on, a digital video
camera, and lube.

"What the meaning of this" He Said

The Nun took her outfit off revealing herself to be Michelle Mclaren. She
stood there naked accept for boots and her nun habit, body glistening...ever
muscle and curving shining under the church lights. Seeing her firm tits in
the flesh got him hard despite his fear.

"G ... G ... gets out of here before I call the cops" He Said

"Wont come. Apparently the cops like strippers as much as a normal male. They
hate your fucking guts. So I ask them to ignore in calls from male screams for

He clenches his fist

"If you think I will scream for're crazy. Bout to beat some respect
into you" He Said

He ran at her. He took a swing but Michelle dodges it and grabbed his arm. She
punches him had in the gun making him scream in pain and gasp for air. She
slammed her knee into his chin and pushed her back. Her long legs stretch out
and kicked him knocking him down. He crawled toward the door and tried opening
but the key was gone.

"Looking for this" She Said holding the key

He was mad he grabbed a candle and tossed it at her. She dodges it and was
moving toward him. Her reach was long so she caught him with some blows to the
face, left and right drawing bl**d and leaving him big black eyes. The
movement of her gorgeous body made it hard to concentrate. He never had been
in a real fight...always avoiding it. His punches were sloppily

"Aint so tough with your signs are you" She Said

She grabbed his hair and started slapping him. Holding him up so he wouldn't
fall. The add insult to injury she smothered him between her breast, slapping
him with her hard tits. She felt tears against her breast.

"Your crying you little wimp

She pulled his face out of her tits. He had a front view of her boobs, seeing
them glisten with his tears. Her nipples seem hard as diamonds and were
sticking straight. Michelle slapped his hard with her tits reapeatedly
laughing as he whimpered

"Please ... I am sorry for what I said" He cried

"What did you say wimp. That I was a slut, white trash" Michelle Said

She punched him hard in the gut. He dropped to the ground. He tried to run for
the chairs, crawling over the aisles for escape. Michelle smirked walked
calmly toward him. She grabbed him by his hair and dragged him down the walk
way. She helped him up to his feet and pressed his lips against hers. Her lips
were soft and she kissed him like no other woman ever kissed him. Her tongue
explored ever part of her body, wrestling down his tongue like an Olympic
champ. Her kissed was wet and tasty. His legs went lip and she put his hand
down his pants, grabbing his ass. Her finger went between his cheeks as his
knees gave out. He was puddy in her arms. She broked the kiss and then raise
her fist. She clocked him with a right hook making him see darkness.

He woke up naked. He was still in pain. Michelle was sitting on a chair
looking through his porn DVD's. Some staring her.

"You little pervert ... you been watch me all this time"

"I know I am sinner ... please show mercy" He cried "Please God"

She slapped him hard.

"Shup up loser" She Said "I'm your Goddess now. Pray to me. Put your hand
together loser. Use it for something other then Jacking off"

"Please My goddess show Mercy" He Said praying

She laughed

"You know what I gave you pleasure, it time you gave me pleasure. Crawl over
here and lick my pussy"



"Do it!!"

He crawled over. Michelle opens her legs showing her dripping wet cunt. She
parted her pussy lips and showed him where to lick. Her long legs quickly
squeezed his head. He started to glide his tongue up and down her pussy.
Michelle pushed his nose into it. His nostrils were filled with her scent.
Despite the humiliation and fear he loved the taste of her and the scent of
her. It was intoxicating her power. Her soft skin rubbed against her face as
she squeezed her legs harder. He knew she could crush his head like a melon
and that if someone walked in his career was over. He licked anyway. He heard
Michelle open up some ceremonies wine and drink. She was sitting in one of the

"Damm should go to church more often. Ahhh having trouble breathing little
man. Better lick faster before you're passed out. That's it. Lick it
good...slower righter there. Mmmmm fuck yes. Could use a guy like you. When I
do my cream pie scene with REAL men. You can lick the cum out of my pussy"
Michelle laughed

She pulled his hair up and had him look at her.

"Who do your worship now?"


"Good keep licking"

His tongue went back and fourth inside her. Michelle moaned as his tongue hit
her clit. She moaned rubbing his face up and down her clit. She bit her lip
and her body started to shake as she let out a huge climax. She slammed her
pussy on him so hard s

"You made me cum slut. Keep lick don't care if you tongue fall off. What would
your people say if you were in a church licking some girl's cunt? There not
enough hail Marys in the world for that"

He whimpered

"Quit your crying and lick. My pussy going to take you to hell slut. Your dick
rock hard now isn't"

"Yes Goddess" Lister Said

"Good...although it hard to tell as small as it is"

Hour later

Lister was sore and his face was cover in her cum. Michelle was dripping with
sweat and bit d***k. She had a glow about her. Lister was exhausted. Michelle
had come in his face multiple times. Pissed in it ounce. Her wine was finish.
She got up and went into her bag and got a camera. She put on a 12 inch strap

"Suck this cock" She Said

He hesitated. Michelle raises her hand and his quickly crawled over. She turns
the camera on. It was a hand held.

"Don't just suck the head...get it all the way in" Michelle Said

She slammed it in, gagging him

"Relax your throat bitch. You saw me do this a 100 times on those videos. Your
probably porn tube them your fucking thief. Suck them properly. That's it ...
that good. Smile for the camera let them see those BAMBI EYES!
HAAhahahahahahah. Tell the audience what a slut you are"

"I am a huge slut" Lister said meekly

She made him suck faster

"What god do your worship"

"You Goddess Mclaren"

"You jack off to me don't you?"

"Yes Goddess Mclaren"


"Because I am a slutty sinner"


She pulled it out and bent him over. She put the camera in front of them and
started fucking his ass on the church floors. She pushed the head of the cock
in, spreading his cheeks. His spit was the lube. She grabbed hold of his
shoulder and with one long push, pushed it in. He screamed in pain as Michelle
fucked him without mercy

"Fuck yea takes it all your DUMB SLUT"

"Ohhh fuck Goddess"

She pulled his hair and gave his ass a few hard slaps.

"You like being my pain whore don't you slut"

"Yes Goddess"

"Going to fuck this sweet ass of your raw"

Her tits bounce up and down with ever thrust. A big smile was on her face.
Tears ran down his face.

"Say to the camera what a slut you are"

"I am slutty whore ... Goddess Mclaren asswhore"

She gave another thrust in and out.

"Ohhh shittt I cumming"

He let out what felt like a multiple climax. His whole body shook.

"You LITTLE WHORE ... knew you were queer"

She pulled him by his hair and spoke to the camera

"This what happen to all your little prude who try to fuck with me"

2 Hours Later

Michelle was getting dress. Listen lay on the ground beaten. Whip marks all
over his body. He lay total broken

"Been fun. This tape will be sent out. Guess your career over slut. But you
still have a Job. Your can be my clubs astray" Michelle Said "Going to clean
out your bank account now that I have your info. Maybe give it to some porn
star charity...for girls out of the business...or blow it on shoes ... that
cares it not my money after all"

She unlocked the doors and pushed it open. She girls were waiting with bags of
toys off their own

"Oh did I forget little man" She Said looking back at him "You made life HELL
for a lot of women. Going to have some fun with you of their own"

She walked down to two handsome cops watch the place

"Problem officer"

"We didn't see anything miss" One of them said

"Don't know what you're talking about" The second smirked

Michelle put her hands down their pants

"Now this what a cock FEELS like. Ladies...leave what left of the loser by my
clubs door. I got some real men to party with"

The End

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