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True story x

It was a dare game a few months ago at my best friend Lucy's house. She had brought along her friends, Jenny, Gloria and Bethany. All slim and blonde and hot, and I was attracted to them straight away. Lucy said we were gonna do dares, and it was my turn first.
They said I could either masturbate in front of them or do a foursome with Jenny, Gloria and Bethany. I'd never done a foursome, especially not with girls, so I said I'd do it. We stripped off in Lucy's bedroom and Gloria spread open my legs and stuck her tongue right up my pussy. It felt fucking amazing xxx
Bethany grabbed my tits and rubbed her own against mine, and Jenny put a dildo up my ass. Lucy watched and then she decided to join in and make me lick her pussy, and she got soo wet and I did too and it was soo good xxxxx
I ended up peeing so Lucy said I was a naughty girl and I needed a good spanking. They tied me down on the bed and spanked me until my ass was red and licked my tits until my nipples were haaaard and my pussy was so fucking wet!
The next dare, Gloria had to stick her fingers up my pussy, and on the next, Bethany had to shove one of those little vibrating Hex Bugs in my clit, and I had to best orgasm ever. it was all centred around me! x Then Lucy had to rub my tits and suck them and finally Jenny had to stick the hexbug straight up my ass and turn it on, and I had the second best orgasm ever x
Can't wait to see them again! ;)

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