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It's almost if it happened yesterday I remember so many details about it, 18 years old working nightclub, A Sunday night, the club wasn't busy so we close the club earlier. the club owner had some girl he was trying to get next to, but his girlfriend was there to, so he asked me would I take his girlfriend home, so I told him you know I’m riding my motorcycle. He said, it would be okay because she like riding a motorcycle. She was about 35 I wasn't attracted to her. So I guess he didn't feel threatened by me taking her home, so we left, she lived about 25 miles away from the club, and so we got to her house, Come in and have some coffee I said okay. She asked me to make the coffee when it finish, she wanted to go and check on the k**, so when she came back in the kitchen she had on a see through nightgown, she was a little overweight but dam!! She look good, she asked me was I uncomfortable I said no, I know he had a girl there, that's why he had you to bring me home, I didn't say anything, she said. Followed me please, so we went to the bedroom, so I sat down on bed she laid down by this time, I have a full erection. She asked? Would you like to eat my pussy? I didn't know what to say I never did that before it's almost as she knew it, she start rubbing on my chess she whispered in my ear I will teach you how to do it, at this time I was so hard I was willing to try anything, so she laid backing in the bed, open her legs so wide I could smell the sweet smell between her legs, she said in a soft voice I'm going to give you the best pussy you have ever had in your life, it seemed as if my dick was trying to busting out of my pants. I was trying to keep my composure but she read me like a book a green book at that, but you can understand I was only 18 years old, sex for me was 15 minutes, this was something different, I heard the words in a sweet voice come to me, taking your two index fingers, place them on my nipples go in a circle round and round softly she had beautiful nipples about a half-inch long, after about a few minutes she asked me to kiss them softly she said, now lick them in a circle, around and around softly. Now, that’s the way I want you to eat my pussy. So I start kissing and licking her between her legs, her pussy had a good tasty, I heard in a soft voice baby. When I get ready to cum put your tongue inside my pussy, about 15 minutes later her whole body start to shake, she said please baby please don't stop lick it baby don’t please don't stop. Don't stop baby I'm Cumming I'm Cumming I'm Cumming put your tongue in my pussy, I put my tongue
Inside her pussy, her pussy starts squeezing my tongue man!! It felt good. You won't believe what happen next, Part Two Cumming Soon

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