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Final day 1, 2nd meeting of me, Kendra, Carly and

The next day.....

Carly didn't like being whipped at first, but Kendra (like she always does..) sweet talked her into being tied up spread eagle again. Kendra "borrowed" my belt and whipped Carly's little tits nice and hard, while I watched and stroked away. Kendra got really hot whipping Carly, and when she gets hot she wants cock, and lots of it. She wanted me to fuck her while she licked Carly's little cunt clean, but I knew one cock wouldn't begin to satisfy her. I called Isaac and told him to get over to the hotel, and bring friends. Kendra had started lashing Carly's little slit with the belt when I told her that Isaac was on his way (with friends). He really hauled ass over there, and 20 minutes or so later he walked in with not just one guy, but FOUR muscle bound dudes. Kendra smiled...big. She untied Carly, who was only too eager to join the fun to come. Isaac must have prepped them, because they wasted no time stripping and popping out their huge fucking cocks. Kendra had dated him because he had a huge cock, but his friends were hung just as dude must have been 9 fucking inches and he started stroking as soon as he saw the two naked 19 year old girls waiting. Six guys and two teen girls, time for some real fun. Me, Isaac, and the huge dicked guy went over to Kendra, and the other 3 got Carly. They sucked us 3 at a time....Kendra stuffed her mouth with all our cocks as good as she could, our heads rubbing in her mouth. Carly was a little shy, and only would do one guy at a time, until she really looked over at us and saw Kendra sucking all 3 of us at once, spitting on our cocks and cramming them in her mouth. Her little tits were all red from her whipping...she looked so hot with a cock in her mouth and one in each hand. She decided that Kendra had the right idea, and stuffed another one in. Her other stud came over to us :) Not being able to fit another cock in her mouth (she tried but no way), she told me and Isaac to lay down together dick to dick, and sat on our throbbing cocks together. Her pussy was so fucking wet...then she asked the other two to cram them in her mouth. While Carly was cramming two cocks in her mouth, Kendra was sucking me and Isaac and fucking two guys at once in her pussy. The sound was incredible...Carly was so turned on watching the five of us that she decided she wanted it too. She sat on one cock and the other one slid into her juicy teen pussy...when Kendra saw that she started sucking me and Isaac even harder. Isaac couldn't hold out any longer, and shot his hot cum into her mouth while she continued to suck us both. I felt his cum hit my cock, and most of it dripped down her chin and fell...right on her pussy which had the other two dicks stuffed in it. Carly hopped off her dicks sooo fast and came over and licked Kendra's pussy clean, sucking the cocks in between lapping up cum and pussy juice. Then she had a really cool idea....we all took a breather, drank some vodka, and about 20 minutes later were ready to try it out. For Carly of course lol. Kendra was only too happy to help out...the two of them sixty nined, leaving 6 guys inlcuding me to just watch. They licked each other little pussy's until they were almost uncontrollable, then Carly told the six of us what she wanted. Three on each end of the sixty nine...OMFG....Carly was on top at that time, eating Kendra's slit. So me and Isaac and one of the other guys went where Carly's mouth was. Isaac stuck his huge dick in Kendra's pussy, while Carly sucked me and Dan off. Same thing at the other end....Kendra sucked two cocks, while one was in Carly's wet pussy. We stayed at our ends of the 69, and the girls alternated the fun with our cock would pop out of the girls pussy, and two would go in while the other got sucked. It was pure fucking heaven...and watching it in the closet mirror only made it better. The girls were so hot and wet, each of them with 3 dicks to fuck and suck. We traded back and forth for about an hour and finally Kendra couldn't wait any longer for cum. She asked Carly to suck all six of us while she played with her pussy. Carly crammed two at a time in her teen mouth....when each of us was ready to shoot our loads we went over to Kendra and she jacked us off in her waiting mouth, slurping us loads and loads of hot cum. Isaac and I were then ready to pop at the same time but Carly didn't want to let go of our ready to explode cocks. She asked Kendra to whip her tits with the belt while she sucked me and him off together.....when both came in her mouth at the same time...our cum mixing together as she eagerly sucked and licked our dicks. She was in pure excstacy....Kendra whipping and her getting our loads in her mouth. It was unreal, and Carly had trouble taking all the cum, so Kendra stopped whipping and helped lap up me and Isaacs cum. There was cum all over, and the two girls started making out, playing with it....we rested up for round 3 which was to come later.

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