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Carly and Kendra and me and Isaac day 2

We ALMOST made it to "day two". After napping for awhile, we were all awake just before midnight. The 4 guys that Isaac had brought over for Kendra had left hours ago. Isaac, Kendra's huge dicked bf, and Carly, Kendra's gf were left with us. I woke up to Kendra moaning frantically and shoving a dildo in and out of her again soaking pussy. Isaac and Carly were already watching...19 yo Carly was sucking 19 yo Isaac off furiously...stopping only to gag and even then she kept stroking his huge 9" dick. Nice scene to wake up to! Kendra saw me wake, winked at me and grabbed another dildo...she eased it into her tight young shaved pussy along with the other one. Instantly hard, I went over to lap up some of her tasty pussy juice while she continued to moan and dildo herself. Isaac started to cum, but Carly stopped sucking right away, wanting to do more with his cock than just suck it. Carly was so shy just the other day when Kendra brought her over to the hotel, but now she was really into fucking and sucking for all she was worth. Not too into the whipping yet, but Kendra insisted before she'd let her suck or fuck her bf Isaac anymore. We'd gotten a noise complaint earlier from when Kendra was whipping Carly's tiny little wasn't the belt smacking on them, it was her screaming that prompted it. So this after tying spread eagle again, Kendra ball gagged her! Isaac fucked her pussy while Kendra really went at her tight little belly, holding my belt back as far as she could and really lashing Carly. She wanted to whip Carly's cute firm legs too, so Isaac had to pull out for a few minutes while she did. We all watched Carly quietly squirm while Kendra lashed her legs, belly and pussy till the belt marks really showed. Isaac and I were so turned on, we pulled the ball gag out and shoved our cocks roughly in Carly's pouty little teen mouth. Kendra helped, she grabbed them and helped shove them in and out. Then we untied Carly, and her and Kendra 69'd again. Pussy juice was squirting all over as they sucked each others wet pussies. Isaac and I couldn't take it anymore, we yanked Kendra off Carly and rammed our cocks in her mouth. Carly wanted to help, so we let her suck too...but only both our cocks at the same time. Nothing like the feeling of a hard dick in a girls mouth with your own. First in Kendra's mouth, then Carly's and back and forth we went. Again, the sounds were fantastic...sucking and lips smacking and girls moaning and gagging. We told the girls we couldn't hold out any more, but we let them choose how we'd finish this time. This time Carly wanted the cum in her pussy! Isaac and I laid down scissors style again so Carly could sit on both our cocks at once....Kendra helped jam them in her little pussy while she bounced up and down. We had a little rythym going, so Kendra was able to grab my belt again and whip Carly's spread legs while we fucked her silly. It was all too much to take, and as soon as I felt Isaac's rod starting to pulse and shoot in Carly, I blasted off too. Both our cocks continued to pump in Carly's pussy while we came...Kendra stopped whipping Carly and got down to where the fun was....she pulled our dicks out of Carly's pussy (which started to drip cum), and finished us off in her mouth. She was in exsctacy getting two cocks loaded with Carly's pussy juice in her mouth...she sucked and licked our cocks, and rubbed them together as we finished cumming. Her and Carly ate all the cum, and we collapsed again (for now).

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