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My fantasy about my wife and young black friend.

It is my birthday so I invite a young black friend out to our house on the lake for some boating and a cookout.
I am 66 and my wife is 59 and still very attractive, sexy, professional person.
have erectile dysfunction and hinted to my friend that my wife still needs it. He is 26 and had seen him in the restroom and knew he was hung like a horse and I only have 4" when it used to get hard.
He comes over in the early afternoon and I see a spark in both their eyes as I introduce them and they give each other a hug. She has a not to skimpy because of her age 2 piece suit on that shows a lot of cleavage to her now saggy but big nippled 36Cs. I see him noticing and see her grin as she does too.
I ask him if he wants to go for a boat ride and we will show him the lake and he says he does.
We get in the boat and they set on the back seat while I drive. They are making small talk and getting along well. he tells her he thinks she is very attractive and she thanks him for the compliment but she is old enough to be his mother. He says he guesses that makes her a MILF, she blushes and says "OH My". he moves over a little closer and puts his arm around her and I am watching all of this in the ski mirror as I am driving slowly across the lake.She says she hopes he knows that her and I have been married for over 20 years. He said yes but he thought I might want him to give her someting on my birthday that I no longer could. She looked at me in the mirror and said "oh yeah"? I told her it would be a good birthday present for me to see her satisfied. He leaned over and kissed her and I saw her hand move over, squeeze his cock through his trunks and say " oh my you are a big one aren't you?"
I watched in the mirror as he he kept kissing her and reached in and started massaging her breasts and pulled them out over her top. I can't tell you how turned on I am seeing this young black man kissing my wife and his black hands on her white tits. She is still rubbing his cock and I see it protruding up in his trunks. I tell her I want to see her take that thing out and suck on it. She says it is my birthday so my wish is her command. he stands up and she pulls his trunks down and I see and hear her gasp as she sees it, it is at least 10 or 12" long and as big around as her wrist. She starts sucking him, not able to get much more than the head in her mouth. How I loved seeing my prim and proper wife of so many years sucking that young black cock right in front of me.
After just a few minutes she said she couldn't help it she just had to have that young hard thing inside her. he slid off her bottoms and she got in the middle of the back seat and was sitting with her with her legs spread and he climbed between them on his knees. I was seeing my wife offering her pussy that had belonged only to me for over 20 years to this young black amn and I loved it. I stopped the boat and stood beside them so I could get a ggod view as she reached down and guided his black cock into her white pussy. I couldn't help it I came all over myself as I saw his huge 26y.o. black cock going into my wife's 59y.o white pussy. I saw her watching too as she gasped and moaned as he pushed it up in her tight under-used pussy telling her how tight it was and how good it felt and asking her if she liked having his young black dick in her? She just moaned "oh yes" as he shoved more and more of it up in her with each stroke and I knew she was taking more cock than she had ever had before in her life. He had all but a couple of inches in her and he said he could tell he was hitting bottom and didn't want to hurt her. She told him to cum in her and get her good and lubed up and maybe she could take it all next time. I had just heard my wife tell a black man to cum in her and that had me ready to cum again as I heard and saw her orgasm over and over on his young cock as he shot his potent load in my wife at least 3 times as deep as I could shoot my blanks.
I hope to make this more than a fantasy soon.

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