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Sandy-The making of a Real MC Club Moma

Sandy left home in PA at 18, landing in Daytona Beach Florida.While hanging nights on Beach,She meet members of several motorcycle clubs.The Thrill of Riding on Harleys became an addiction with Sandy.also,Sandy was overwhelmed seeing her 1st Daytona Bike Week.Sandy had never experienced riding on motorcycles or biker club.After a few weeks passed,Sandy's Saved $$$ were gone.She mentioned that to several of her new bikers friends.They offered Her option of Staying at their Clubhouse until things worked out for Her.Reality was Sandy Had no other Options.The bikers were Jack,Big DEE,and Showtime,who were members of the Local Phantoms MC club.They took Took control of Sandy as soon as Sandy moved into clubhouse.
Sandy trusted them and was already drinking ,smoking weed freely with them.That escalated with Sandy living at the clubhouse.After a week of Living in clubhouse with drinking and doing d**gs,Sandy began sl**ping with Showtime in his room.As the weeks passed, Sandy was really getting d***k and fucked-up in the Clubhouse with other members at their weekend parties.Soon,at a Saturday night party,Showtime told Sandy that She was IN and could Stay at the Clubhouse as long as She wanted. More members began to get friendly with Sandy,touching her as she played pool and danced at the parties.Sandy allowed that but showed reluctance to any move towards sex.Eventually,Showtime told Sandy at a weekend party "To be part of Group,to live at the clubhouse and be accepted,You need to share everything You have with other members."He reminded her the club was already sharing the clubhouse,Food and everything they have with Her"
He said the Way for her was to sl**p with different members of the club.Sandy told Showtime he had to be joking.Showtime assured Sandy he wasn't joking and added "Living at Clubhouse was safer than sl**ping on the beach and she shouldn't forget the extras,free food:drinks and d**gs.Unknowing to Sandy (Their Plan was 1st,using the Other members Sandy was comfortable with was the plan to convert her to club life. As night progressed,Sandy began to drink more excessively than usual as they offered Her Drink after Drink as she was shooting pool and smoking Weed in main game room.
Also unknowing to Sandy,Showtime was loading Sandy's drinks.Within a short time,Dee and Jack began to fondle Sandy,putting their arms around Her,as they were teaching her to shoot pool.They began fondling her breast and it wasn't long after that Sandy was standing topless in front of now large group of members watching.With music paying,the drinks and d**gs were hitting Her.Sandy sill topless,with only demin shorts,began dancing. Showtime joined them as they danced and started to touch Sandy as she danced.He also brought her another heavy loaded drink.As Sandy finished that drink,she tried to shoot again but couldn't.She was too fucked up.Again Sandy started to dance.Showtime joined Sandy from behind her,rubbed up against Her.He started to unbutton Sandy's Shorts.He Nodded to Jack and Dee to come over.They did as Showtime requested as he left Sandy dancing with them.It wasn't long before they pulled the zipper down and removed Sandy's shorts and panties.Sandy was now standing completely naked as they ran their hands over her body.
within minutes,Showtime returned to Game room with a blanket and laid it on the dance floor.Dee took the lead laying Sandy on the blanket.He positioned himself between Sandy's legs as he climbed on top of her,telling Sandy to open her legs.Sandy obeyed spreading Her legs,taking Dee's cock with her hand,guiding it into her Cunt. As everyone watched,Sandy let out a moan as Dee pushed his cock deep into Sandy.After several minutes of Dee's hard and deep pumping in Sandy,she let out a load squeal as Dee filled her with his cum.Next in line,Jack told Sandy to roll over as he placed Sandy in a dogie position.As the other members watched and cheered him on.As Jack finished depositing his cum in Sandy,He motioned to the nearest member watching to come over to blanket.The guy eagerly pulled down his pants and got on blanket,rolled Sandy over spreading her legs,He mounted her.As he finished,several additional members were already in line waiting.Each took their turns with Sandy on the Blanket as the night continued.
Later,the President and Vice President arrived at the clubhouse.They got ready for their Initiation turn with Sandy.The VP laid on the Blanket instructed Sandy to Get on top of him and fuck him.Sandy sat up and got on him,riding him like a horse.Sandy was squealing loud as she wildly fucked the man beneath her.The President joined them on blanket.He began licking Sandy's exposed ass as he had a good view of the VP's cock fucking Sandy's cunt.The VP had his hand on Sandy's ass cheeks,spreading the her asshole for the Pres. It was clear, they had done this many times together.When Sandy was ready,The Pres pushed his Cock deep into Sandy's ass as Sandy gave a tremendous moan and squeal.Everyone watching kept cheering as both continued to DP fuck Sandy wildly for a very long time.Eventually the VP fucking her from beneath moaned as he shot deep in Sandy's cunt.,Everyone could see his cum dripping from her being on top position.The Pres continued pumping in her ass for many additional minutes with Sandy
squealing wildly as the Pres Continued to Pound his Cock Deep in Sandy's ASS, HE gave out a loud moan as He emptied his cum deep in Sandy's ass.As They both exited her holes,Sandy rolled over on her back totally exhausted..

At this Time, several other members Helped Sandy up from the Blanket and Lead Her to a Bedroom. this Night was just starting for Sandy.
Member after Member rotated into the Bedroom taking as many turns with Sandy as desired. Also they continued feeding Sandy drinks/d**gs.
At this Time, they were freely Filming Sandy action.

Unknowing to Sandy,This was just the beginning of her life with the club.More training will develop.Sandy would soon submit and learn that her body was now owned by the club.
Soon they would l do things that Sandy never knew existed. Her ass would be their main focus.
Sandy was now drinking excessively and She could not deny sex to any member who wanted her.
within a few months,Sandy was offered or traded to several MC groups.weekends now followed a fixed routine.Sandy would drink and take d**gs as ordered.She would strip or be Stripped Naked.Sandy,like other club girls would be available to everyone. also would be punished for any hint of hesitation or resistance.
This usualy was (but not limited to) an Ass whiping by club members usisng their thick belts.Actually Sandy has a ass that was made for spanking and whippimg, and it Her Ass seemed to beg for it.and the guys were eagery willing to Give her an ass whipping at every opportunity.

Eventually the MC clubs scheduled their yearly Group Party.They brought the new girls for"Mama"Initiation.The festivites would Last 10 days including 2 full weekends.Every New Girl would be initiated as a Full Owned Club Mama.All would also be shared freely with the attending associated clubs.

Sandy and the other girls were immediately put and kept in their usual Fucked up condition.Most girls were taken into bedrooms to start sex with members of every MC club attending.Several girls,Sandy.Megan and Suzie remained in the main room As the Initiation would soon start.They were fully dressed but very uncoordinated as the drinks,d**gs were now hitting them.
As the very large group of bikers from the attending clubs watched with anticipation of the activities about to start,
a president from one of the clubs snapped,"All of you get naked NOW."He pulled the top of Suzie's short dress exposing her titties and pushed the dress down to her waist before Suzie had even moved as the crowd started cheering.In another few seconds he pushed the dress down her legs and stepped her out of it,leaving it lying on the floor.Suzie stood there almost in a state of Shock as another club biker member tied her hands behind her back,puling her shoulders and exposing her Tits.

They Now turned to Sandy who was watching Suzie.Without any orders,Sandy removed her short halter top.and dropped it to the floor.Sandy Standing Topless proceeded to take off her shorts and G-string panties,standing totally naked as the crowd cheered Her and took photos.She wobbled from the drinks as they also tied her hands behind her.

It took Megan nearly twice as long to assume the same degrading position.because of that,they announced that Megan would be the 1st to start the show.She was lead to a padded metal bench and table that was in center of the room.They firmly secured Her on the bench in a sitting position facing the crowd.An older biker now arrived at the bench,placing a bag on the table.
Megan's lower lip quivered as she watched him unwrap 2 long,hollow,steel needles and pair of tongs with other items."Please" Megan pleaded as tears were trickling down her cheeks,"I am begging you",she pleaded.Ignoring Megan's pitiful plea,He took her right tit and proceed to pierce it causing Megan to let out a load cry.Without hesitation,He moved to her left Tit and also pierced it as Megan screamed.

Megan was now standing up as they proceeded to Walk Her across the Room to where Sandy and Suzie were standing being held by 2 other bikers.Sandy's eyes were quickly drawn to the silver rings that hung on Megan's nipples who openly sobbed as she crossed the room to them.They lead Megan,still sobbing into one of the bedroom with a group of guys following her.
Laughing the old biker asked, "Who's next?"
The Biker holding Sandy loudly said "That'd be you," Giving Sandy a hard smack on Her Naked Ass.Sandy seemed Determined to be strong, as she Walked with Him to the bench and took her place in the chair that Megan had just vacated.The crowd watching clapped and cheered as Sandy freely offered her Arms to secure her to the bench.
As the biker went about preparing for the procedure that would leave Sandy's nipples pierced like Megan's.She seemed to have decided,her best course of action would be accept it and simply ignore what he was doing,to concentrate on something else as she stared at the guys watching. That would turnout to be easier said than done.
Suddenly Sandy started digging her fingers into the arms of the bench,as her eyes welled with tears,as she fought herself not to cry as he started piercing her.She let out a loud scream saying "Mother Fucker"as the piercing needle penetrated Sandy's right Tit.
the Biker that just pierced Sandy gave Her a Drink,holding it for her,Sandy eagerly sipped all of it,not caring what else was in drink,welcoming the break in his working on her.after a few minutes,Sandy was shocked back to reality.Again the agony was overwhelming,as Sandy gave a rather loud gasp,again shouting "Mother Fucker"as he Pierced Her Left Tit.
Sandy sat there for a few minutes as guys got closer to the bench to take photos.Looking down,She saw that both nipples had been impaled by silver rings that matched those Megan now wore.More Bikers were now at the bench,giving nods of approval as they inspected Sandy's nipple jewelry.But,others were clearly fucking her in their minds from the way they were ogling her naked body.

She still secured to the bench slightly started to struggle as her senses seemed to be returning.She gasped as she felt a prick in her upper arm as another biker informed her"You may find you can't move for a few minutes." he explained to Sandy that he gave her a "muscle relaxant," that will lessen the pain.

They released her from the bench and She became aware she couldn't move.She now realized a different bikers were now at the bench with Her.

Taking Her arms,they helped her out of the bench she was sitting in and placed her face down on the same bench.Lying on her tities she Lifted her head,noticing both Showtime and Dee were also standing with the group of Bikers that surrounded her.She also saw they had a cams and were now filming her.

After several minutes of prepping as the shot hit her,Sandy heard a soft buzz.This of course gave Sandy a hunch of what was going to happen next and she began to lose her composure.
Sandy shouted "Oh No I am going to be tattooed""You are going to Tattoo me""Please don't do this" as she pleaded to the guys standing around her.They began to laugh.As she continued pleading "Please don't do this,please don't brand me"Looking toward her friends,Showtime and Dee for help,they just smiled at her,giving her a thumbs up.

Sandy tried to hold back the tears knowing they were now turning her into a Club Mama.Sandy had lived at clubhouse long enough to know exactly what a Club Mama was.As she again heard the buzzing sound of the tattoo needle,she felt a stinging sensation on her right ass cheek.She faced the reality that nightmare was happening and She was getting tattooed.

Again she pleaded to them saying "Please keep it small"Again this brought a round of laughter as they began to taunt her.
The biker using the tattoo needle firmly padded her on her ass saying "Mama,this is just the rough outline of what will be tattooed on your great Ass.We will Tattoo whatever we want on your Ass."
For over an hour Sandy laid on the table while the old biker worked on her ass.

When he stopped,they released her from the bench.Still feeling the effects of the muscle relaxer,they walked her from the bench to a small twin mattress that was now placed a few feet away from the bench where a large group of guys were standing. As she faced the crowd, one of the bikers holding Sandy announced " Meet our 1st newest Mama,Sandy" they started to clap and as she was turned around for them to see the outline of her tattoo, they cheered and made crude comments.
laying sandy on the mattress on her back, they announced "lets make sandy a Real Mama.As Sandy laid on the mattress everyone started to have sex with Her. She could see that Suzie was now sitting in the Bench as was getting her tits pierced.
As the gang bang continued with Sandy,.after what seem like an eternity,Sandy said she needed a break, and started to get up from the mattress.She was ordered to her knees in dogie position,suddenly she felt her ass explode in pain.She gasped at the pain.The process was repeated on her."That was for that futile little struggle you put up" the voice continued."It was an electric shock.You will be punished for every transgression." Sandy's body received another shock.

As Sandy got back on the mattress to service the rest of the guys waiting to Fuck her,she now noticed that Suzie was now face down on bench as they were now tattooing her too.
As the night continued, members that were in the bedrooms with other girls, started to come in the front room to get with Sandy.even being exhausted, sandy learned not to complain as guys continued to mount her.

Focusing Her attention again on Suzie's up turned ass,as they continued to work on her,Sandy wondered what they put on her ass.She had no idea,tried to look as guys fucked her,but it was impossible,she could only hope for the best.
Sandy's eyes seemed fixed on her bouncing titties that now displayed the nipple rings that decorated them.

As the group continued fucking Sandy,Another small mattress was laid next to the mattress that Sandy was on.After he finished,Suzie was helped off the table.
They walked Suzie to the vacant mattress.Suzie Stopping a few feet short of the mattress,turned as ordered to present her Ass to the group.Sandy was told to stand up and have a look.Of course She didn't think twice before obeying.
As Suzie turned around ,showing her Ass to group, Sandy's mouth showed shock at What they tattooed on Suzie's ass as they told Sandy "Your turn, bitch," Show Suzie your Ass.Sandy obeyed as they added"Don't either one of you say a fucking word.We don't want to spoil the surprise do we, girls?"

Sandy saw from Suzie's expression,as she watched the color drain from Suzie's cheeks and her jaw hit the floor,She didn't have to see it to know that it was also something dreadful.The gathering of bikers were also laughing and pointing at them as others took photos of their now branded ass.
As both Sandy and Suzie were ordered back on mattress to continue Sex, they noticed a naked Megan being taken to the bench to get her tattoo.

already into the next morning,Suzie and Megan were taken into a bedroom as Sandy continued on mattress in main room..Suzie could be heard crying as she was allowed to see what was put on her ass..
eventually Sandy was told to Stand up and ordered to get back on the bench faced Down.Sandy seemed nervous but obeyed.Walking to the bench she laid faced down as they secured her.she seemed to have accepted her reality as she turned up her ass for additional tattooing.
This time sandy didn't cry as her ass once again felt the stinging sensation from the buzzing of the needle.Sandy after another hour long session on the Bench,was released. Laughing the old biker taunted..See you again in a little while. Sandy got cocky back saying "I'm sure you will".
as she got off the table, one of the bikers said, time for you to get in Bedroom..and see his work..
Sandy walked toward the bedroom as Suzie. still crying was exiting and being e****ted for another tattoo session.
Sandy couldn't help looking at the big block letters on Suzie's cheek saying "For Rent".
as Sandy entered the bedroom with the group of guys that would fuck her there,Stopping a few feet short of the mirror,she turned her ass towards it without looking.
Trying to get the nerve,taking a deep breath to allowed her eyes to look,she stopped.taking another deep breath,She finally allowed her eyes to look at the mirror.
A gasp escaped her lips as her eyes were instantly drawn to both the design and the large black letters that had been tattooed on her white ass.
For a few minutes,Sandy stood absolutely still as tears once again filled her eyes.she seemed in a Horrified state as she read the two large words over and over the words that had been forever stamped on her Right ASS Cheek,
hoping they would change.The two words were large and written in black,One word was written over the other with a pronounced offset.She seemed to be spelling each word letter by letter hoping that they didn't spell what she knew they did.
the tattoo now completely covered covered her right cheek and she knew from the comment "see you soon" that her left cheek would also be tattooed.
she swallowed the lump that was in her throat,couldn't deny that the black ink contrasted with her white skin of her ass saying LOVE SEX was there forever.

As she got in Bed as the members were fucking her,she wondered what else they would forever stamp on her Ass.
she almost began to cry but stifled that with a short giggle and smile as she was being filmed in bed.
She knew her marks forever proclaimed her to be the property of MC Clubs.She had to accept that reality.

They could take Whatever they wanted and they weren't gentle about taking what they wanted either.
Sandy was quickly driven into a world of continuous orgasms.
most of Sandy's time would be spent completely naked.
as time passed she was given more tattoos that covered her whole ass.
multiple sex was a daily event as any biker member used her as desired. eventually sex with Sandy ,as with all club mamas included selling her for sex to anyone they wanted.
Sandy like others also became pregnant several times, with no hint of who succeeded in knocking her up.
in short Sandy became a Real Club Mama...

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