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Swinger's Spa

I recently attended a naturist spa which has private rooms. I have been many times before but often couples just disappeared into these rooms after having a sauna or Jacuzzi. Last week was different. I had decided to go along for the afternoon just for a relaxing sauna, not really expecting anything. When I arrived it was the usual thing, a few of single guys and no females apart from the topless staff.

I went into the sauna for 15 minutes and when I came out there was no one else about. I went into the larger room where the big Jacuzzi was to find it full …. It was soon apparent why the guys had gone there as a couple had arrived and were sitting in the Jacuzzi. I decided to go to the steam room and then have another 10 minutes in the sauna. I went to the bar to get a cold water to see the couple were sat there. She had a towel around her waist but was sitting topless. I would guess they were both in their 50s and even though she was mature she wasn’t unattractive. I said hi to them and took my water into the lounge to sit and relax.

After about 30 minutes I went back to the sauna to see again that they had gathered attention, this time in one of the smaller Jacuzzis. I was sat alone in the Jacuzzi when the couple entered. She took off her towel and sat on it, and for the first time I saw her totally naked – she had an unshaven pussy. She looked a little flustered. Her husband asked if the guys were normally like this, following couples around and staring. I said that they were and it put off many women/couples who come into the spa. I had quite a good chat with them, it turned out it was their first time in this spa which had been recommended by someone they had met at a party. They were swingers but did not do it frequently.

I had to leave the sauna as I was hot so said goodbye and went to the bar to get some water. I sat in the lounge and read a newspaper and about 5 minutes later saw them walk up to the bar, this time she was carrying her towel and she was totally naked. They came and sat next to me and we continued our chat. They asked if I was a swinger, and I said yes, and if I had ever used the private rooms here. I had been in them on a few occasions and explained that once inside you could lock the door and that staff then made sure the other guys in the spa would not knock on the door or try the handle (if the staff saw them they would be asked to leave). They then invited me to join them in one of the rooms.

After locking the door Mary sat on the ‘bed’ (a wooden box with a plastic covered mattress on top) and pulled both of us towards her. Our cocks were at her head level and she took turns it sucking and licking our cocks to life. I was soon rock hard and so was her husband and at one point she had both our cocks together licking the ends and taking both knobs into her mouth. Both of us also had one of Mary’s breasts in our hand and were squeezing them. Her nipples were amazing and got very hard very quickly.

I had to suck on her nipples so I knelt down and took one into my mouth. It was wonderful and I sucked it and flicked my tongue over it. Her husband stood back and watched which meant I could now take her other breast in my hand and play with that nipple. I took it in turns sucking the nipples and then Mary laid back. She opened her legs and I could now see her pussy. She had big lips and as she opened her legs her pussy gaped open. I could see right into it. I moved forward and started to lick her pussy. She tasted great and there was no effort in pushing three fingers deep inside her. She asked me to move round so we could be in the 69 position and I went back to licking her pussy as she sucked on my cock. I noticed her husband was just stood there watching.

We were in the 69 position for about 5 minutes and Mary was now very wet and as I flicked my tongue over her erect clit she stopped sucking me, and started to orgasm, her body writhing and her giving out load moans of joy. I got off her and watched her as she come off her orgasm. Her husband was smiling and told me I had done a great job. He then laid on the bed and Mary started to suck his cock. She then repositioned herself and lowered her pussy down onto his cock. She rode him only for a few minutes before he tensed up and was shooting his cum inside her. She lay on top of him getting her breath back but I was behind her and could watch as his cock softened and slid out of her, followed by a small pool of spunk.

She then rolled off and him and her husband said to her to show me her cum filled pussy. She held herself open and I could see that there was still some cum inside her. She asked me if I would lick her pussy again and bring her to orgasm again. This I did. The smell was great – her sexiness and his spunk. I could taste his salty cum as my tongue darted in and out of her pussy but most of my attention was on her clit and she was soon cumming again.

She laid on the bed recovering and looked at me. She then said ‘well one of us still needing to cum, do you want to fuck me’. Of course I did, but I wasn’t prepared and hadn’t brought a condom into the room. But I was so excited I really wanted to fuck her. I told her that I hadn’t got a condom. She looked at me and said that it would be Ok but I must pull out and not cum inside her.

I got on top of her, between her legs. I then felt her husband take my cock in his hand and he guided my knob to the entrance of his wife’s pussy. I slid into her easily and started with long slow strokes. However the excitement was too much and I knew I wasn’t going to last long. My strokes got faster and I was soon about to cum. I wasn’t fast enough in pulling out and my first shot went inside Mary’s pussy, but all the shots after landed on her pussy hair or her breasts. She made me move up the bed and she licked my cock clean and her husband licked all of my cum off his wife.

She laid there and I sat there for about 10 more minutes just talking, swapping stories of our swinging exploits. When her husband and I had recovered she asked me to lie down. She got on all fours and her husband fucked her in doggy again cumming deep inside her, and as he fucked her she sucked on my cock and swallowed every last bit of my cum as my balls emptied.

We tidied ourselves up and we left the room. Her husband went to get some fresh towels for Mary as she went towards the shower. As he left I leant forward and kissed her cheek and thanked her for allowing me to be part of their play. She looked at me and said she had enjoyed herself, and then leant forward and told me she knew that I hadn’t been able to pull my cock out of her in time and she had felt the first spurt inside her pussy. She said she hadn’t minded and she wouldn’t have minded if I had stayed inside her but it was her husband who had this rule as he only wanted his cum inside of her.

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