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White Wife Becomes a BBC Slut 2

Whew! After my last story I had to take a break and use my fingers to clear my head!

So all that night my mind kept drifting back to being squished up against that black guy at Cassandra’s church. Cassandra is my nanny/housekeeper. Her b*****r recently died and my husband and I went to the funeral at an all black church.

That night I took a cold shower to help clear my head. I was doing fine until my husband started messaging my neck. He is very sweet to me and takes good care of me. That’s why it is so strange that I was being turned on by this black man. I’ve always been faithful and never thought of cheating. And I’ve never been attracted to black men. In fact, where I grew up I hardly knew any.

So when my husband started rubbing my neck I let out a gentle moan and I guess it turned him on a little because he kissed my neck. Well the next thing I know we are in the bed with him on top of me. My husband is average sized (I guess since he’s the only man I’ve ever been with) and we have a decent sex life (though it is a little stale after 10 years of marriage). I’ve never fantasized about anyone else during sex but this night was different. As soon as I felt my husbands penis in me I couldn’t help but think of the glimpse I’d caught of Roger’s long black snake in the hospital. It seemed to fill my mind as John’s penis slipped in and out of my vagina. John is my husband but I was thinking of Roger. Well not really Roger. I was thinking about Roger’s cock and imagining the black man from the church was on top of me. I remembered him hugging me and pressing me against his chest at the church. The smell of him came back into my mind. The weight of his huge body. The embrace of his arms around my slender white body. I transferred these memories onto my husband as he thrust into me. I imagined I was being fucked by a big black man with a big black cock. I locked my arms around my husband neck and drew him to me.

I wrapped my long legs around his back and squeezed as I whispered sharply in his ear, “Come on! Fuck me harder!”

I couldn’t believe my own mouth. I’ve never talked like that. I can’t believe I just said the words now. But in saying them I felt even more passion rise up in me. John seemed to feel it too and he really started pounding me. I’d recently been having trouble with vaginal dryness. We’d resorted to using lubricants to get the sex going but that was not necessary tonight. My lady was a sloppy mess as John’s penis moved in and out.

John finished with a loud groan I thought would wake the k**s. He gripped me more tightly than usual as his body went rigid and he emptied himself in my womb. I channeled his grip imagining how strong that black man’s hands would probably be if he were on top of me. My mind was swimming as we stayed locked in that pose for a few moments.

John slowly relaxed and rolled off of me. Now I was frustrated. I wasn’t ready to stop fucking. I wanted more but John was done and wouldn’t be ready again until tomorrow. I reached over and grabbed his hand before he could fall asl**p. I put it on my clitoris and encouraged him to stimulate me. Occasionally I corrected his motion so that it brought me more pleasure. Finally I came as I tried to continue my dirty imagination in my mind without the help of my husband’s body on top of me. After that, John was done and soon fell asl**p.

I got up to use the bathroom and clean myself up. I went back to bed and eventually fell asl**p too. I wasn’t really satisfied but didn’t know what else to do.


I woke up in the middle of the night after having a wild dream. I dreamed I was back at the church and black guys were all gathered around me. Everything was chaotic like it was when the funeral was over and everyone was pushing toward the door. Only this time a circle of guys was gathered around me pressing in close. That black who sat next to me had his arms around me again only this time I had my back to him. I could feel something big and hard pushing into my back as his hands groped my breast through my black dress. The other guys were gawking at me with their dirty little smiles.

I noticed there were some black women there too with a smile of contempt on their faces. That teenaged girl who found a seat for me was there too. She was the skinny girl with the dark skin and the white dress and white church hat. She said, “Your man can’t sit with you. He can stand in the back and watch.”

Everyone laughed and I felt the big man behind me reach down and start lifting up my dress. I didn’t protest. I just went limp in his arms surrendering. A couple guys grabbed my legs and lifted me up while spreading my legs apart. My dress was up around my waist. I had on white satin panties and the crotch was soaking wet.

A handsome young black teenager stepped between my legs. His cock was hanging through the zipper hole of his dress pants. It looked like Roger’s. It hung almost to his knees. It was thick and dark and the head was bulbous. With one hand he reached out and grabbed my panties and tore them off. With his other hand he guided his monster cock toward my eager pussy. Just as he was about to enter me I woke up sweating.

My panties and thighs were soaked. The sheets under me were soaked. I was so horny. I grabbed my crotch with my hand and squeezed through my panties while I pulled my knees up to my chest. My juice soaked my fingers. Why did I have to wake up? Why couldn’t I go back to sl**p and finish the dream.

Then the thought of the cucumber from earlier came back to my mind. My head was swimming as I rolled out of bed and weakly made my way down the hall to the kitchen. “I think there was one cucumber left” I thought as I opened the fridge. Yes!

I grabbed it and stumbled into the den and onto the couch. I was only wearing a long t-shirt and some cotton panties. I pulled up my shirt to my hips as I spread my legs apart. I pulled the crotch of my panties aside and guided the cucumber to my vagina. I thought about that beautiful black cock in my dreams. I imagined that the men in that church were still holding my legs apart and that the couch behind me was the big black man with the firm embrace.

My breathing was shallow and shaky as my makeshift cock pressed against my labia. I was so wet the implement slipped right in. It felt cold inside me but it was also hard and thick. It felt so much thicker than John had earlier that night. I tried to forget about the awkward coldness of my “cock” and focused on the dream I had been having. With one hand I fucked myself with the cucumber while I used the other to masturbate. I felt dizzy as I allowed myself to fall into the fantasy. It wasn’t long before I was rocked with spasms as I came all over the leather sofa, my cucumber, and my fingers.

I lay there in a daze for a moment before I finally pulled the cucumber out. Again I marveled at how thick it felt in my now slippery fingers. Again with out thinking I raised it up to my nose to smell it. This time it smelled like flesh. I thought “that is how his cock would smell after he fucked me. His juices all mixed together with mine“. I let the tip of the cucumber touch my upper lip. It was no longer cold having been warmed by friction and the heat of my own pussy. I thought “this is what his cock would feel like after he fucked me“. I pushed it into my mouth and tasted my own juices as the cucumber stretched my lips apart and f***ed my jaw wide open. I thought “this is what his cock will taste like after he fucks me“.

I pulled the cucumber out of my mouth feeling ashamed at myself. What was I doing? What was I thinking? I was being awful. I went to the kitchen and tossed the cucumber in the trash. I came back and cleaned up the mess I made on the couch feeling dirty and ashamed. I promised myself I was done with all this nonsense and I thought I was. I did fine for a few days. But eventually the fantasies started returning and so my story continues. I promise to tell the rest soon.

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