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The Coupling

Genevieve surveyed the scene before her. The room was awash in the soft glow of candlelight. A bottle of champagne was chilling in a bucket on the small table, two glasses waiting to fulfill their purpose. The night was alive with purpose.
She walked over to open the French doors and stepped out onto the balcony. Wherefore art thou Romeo indeed, she thought to herself. The cool breeze brought her the scent of wild roses tinged slightly with the salt from the ocean. The breeze tugged at her curls and she tossed her auburn hair over her shoulders. She pulled the scarlet satin robe closer together.
Genevieve didn’t hear Jared enter the room over the sound of the waves gently lapping the shore. Silent and graceful as a great cat he walked up behind her and slipped his arms around her waist. Genevieve closed her eyes and leaned her head against his lean chest. She breathed in his clean, crisp, manly scent and sighed.
“You’re here,” she said simply.
“You knew I would be,” he replied. She could hear the smile in his voice. He bent to kiss her neck. She shivered in anticipation.
“Come inside," he whispered, “its getting cold.” Genevieve was anything, but cold.
“Yes please,” he replied. “Everything looks wonderful… you look wonderful.” He admired the fall of the scarlet satin as it d****d her ample breasts and dipped around her curvy body. Her full head of curls cascaded softly down her back. Her blue eyes shimmered in the candlelight. He could smell the perfume she had applied earlier and the whole effect was breath taking.
She smiled up at him. He was a vision in his jeans, a crisp white dress shirt and a casual blazer. He looked like he could have stepped off the cover of GQ magazine. His black hair was messy, curly but it was those deep dark eyes that looked right through her and his full sensuous lips that made her heart beat double time. Flustered, she poured the champagne and offered Jared a glass.
“A toast?” Genevieve held up her glass.
“To you milady.” He bowed formally.
“To you sweet Prince and to this night.” Genevieve raised her glass and drank.
Jared took both of their glasses and placed them back on the table. He took her hand and pulled her to him. He ran his hand through her hair and bent to kiss her. She tasted of the crisp cold champagne. Gently he parted her full lips with his tongue. A small gasp of surprise escaped Genevieve’s lips but she obliged by prolonging the kiss, her tongue matching the searching probe of his.
“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that Genevieve?” he breathed.
“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted you to do that Jared,” she replied.
Jared bent his head continuing to kiss her, this time harder. He caught her bottom lip between his lips and sucked gently. Genevieve moaned in response. His hands roamed the length of her back gliding easily over the scarlet coloured satin gown she wore. Her anxious hands pushed his blazer off and it slid to the floor. She broke the kiss so her shaking fingers could undo the buttons of his shirt.
“Need help?” he teased.
“No I want to enjoy this…all of it.” She smiled.
Jared allowed Genevieve to finish unbuttoning his shirt. It too fell to the floor. She kissed his chest as she ran her fingertips over his back. He shivered slightly and began to push her towards the bed.
They kissed again both of them breathing hard as the passion overwhelmed them. Jared slid the straps of Genevieve’s gown over her shoulders. It slid down the length of her body and pooled at her feet. They fell onto the bed kissing passionately. Jared broke the kiss allowing his tongue to trail down her neck to her breasts. He cupped one breast kneading it making the nipple erect. He flicked his tongue over the tip and using his teeth he drew it into his mouth sucking on it. As he worked on one nipple with his mouth his hand teased the other nipple into an aching erectness. Genevieve arched her back silently begging for Jared to suck harder.
He nudged her legs apart to position himself better. She felt his hard cock straining through his jeans. She began to tremble. Jared opened his eyes.
“What’s wrong Princess?”
“Nothing… I … don’t know.”
“Open your eyes and look at me.”
She opened her eyes and looked into the dark depths that were his eyes.
“I promise I won’t hurt you. We will go as fast or as slow as you want to. Trust me.”
He took her hand and placed on his throbbing crotch. “See what you do to me?” Jared stood up and unbuttoned his jeans. He looked at her, his eyes questioning her desire to go on.
“You are sure… we can stop now?”
“No.” Genevieve whispered, “Please don’t stop.”
In one fluid movement both his jeans and underwear were on the floor. Genevieve gasped at the sight of him naked in the candlelight. He was a God. The bl**d pounded through her own veins. Her clit throbbed and she could feel her cunt grow very wet. I was born for this moment she thought.
Genevieve pushed herself up off the bed and knelt before him. She licked her lips taking his cock in her hands she guided it into her mouth. Jared groaned in appreciation. She flicked the head of his cock with her tongue making him catch his breath. Using her tongue she bathed the shaft in saliva. He wrapped his hand in her thick curls and pushed his cock down her throat. Rhythmically, she began sucking him.
“If you… want this... to last…you need to stop,” Jared said between clenched teeth. She looked up at him, again flicking the head of his cock. “You taste so good.” He pulled her to her feet, and laid her back onto the bed. “Now let’s see how you taste.”
Her parted the lips of her drenched pussy and rubbed her swollen clit with his thumb.
“Mmm you are so wet. What caused all this?”
“You did… tease,” she gasped.
He bent his head and ran his tongue up and down her cunt. Genevieve began to shake for real. She was so turned on by what he was doing. Her whole body was in tune with his.
Jared slipped one finger and then a second inside her, as his tongue massaged her swollen clit. It was more than she could take. She shook harder and cried out.
“Oh my Gods Jared, don’t stop!”
He thrust his fingers and guided her through her first orgasm. With shuddering breaths she opened her eyes. “Wow.”
“Wow?” Jared laughed. “That’s it?”
“No words” she sighed. “Come here. I want you to fuck me.”
She pulled him on top of her and kissed him. She could taste her own juices on his lips.
Genevieve opened her legs wider allowing him access.
“Gods Jared, you are so big, be careful”
Jared chuckled. “Don’t worry Princess you are more than ready.”
Nevertheless he slid his cock slowly into her eager cunt. Slow, slow, he reminded himself. He wanted this to last for her.
Genevieve wrapped her legs around his waist encouraging Jared to fuck her deeply. He bent his head and gently bit her neck. She gasped and arched up to him. He moaned and grasping her thighs he began to fuck her with deep penetrating strokes.
“Oh Gods yes Jared fuck me. FUCK ME!”
Quickly, expertly, without breaking contact he rolled her over and began fucking her from behind. Her cries of pleasure were barely muffled by the pillow, as her body was wracked with wave after wave of pleasure.
“Oh Jared I am going to cum.”
That was all he needed to hear. Once, twice, three more hard strokes. Her cunt contracted around his cock and he exploded deep inside her. He continued to fuck her as she cried out again and again.
They both collapsed onto the bed. He rolled to his side pulling her closer, drawing the sheet over them.
“Rest awhile Princess, there’s more if you want it later”
“You know I do sweet Prince. You know I do”

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