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The night i was with a guy.

let me just say that im a bit different. by different, i mean i have a few strange fetisahes for a guy from spiro oklahoma, of all places. youd expect a good christian man like me to be totally pure of mind and without any sort of sexual devience right? well, guess again.
im not always the best example of a great guy. you can call me a hypocrit all you want, but im bisexual and like a lot of hardcore sex.i like TS and i have a thing for crossdressers. have i ever been with one? no. honestly, how many ts women do you think are in fort smith, arkansas? exactly. and besides, the only gay club in town is not really my taste.
no, no, im a guy who likes the finer things, yet loves a little bit of roughness. i like it hard, heavy, but melodic and fun, just like my music. passion and melody, but heavy as heck.
so, this all being said, thats not the only way to meet men. no, not at all. one way, at least it was a way until my graduation, was school. yeah, school. the only things good about that place was relationships, freinds, art, and debate. at least for me. to much work, not enough play.
now, there are a suprising number of homosexual men and women in this town. yeah, my towns ruled by homophobes and racist, but just look how many gay people and minorities there are? irony, thy name is fort smith.
anyway, no matter the fact that its mainly lesbian and bisexual women, i was able to find a guy who liked me, and his name was miguel. he was a great guy, cute, fun, sweet, and a really cool. so, we start talking and i find out he likes me. well, he says he does, but its hard not to tell that someone likes you when they cant get their eyes off the front of your pant or cant pull them away from you. more the first than the second. now, he knew i was bi. that secret got out becuase of my idiot freind micheal. yeah, when you tell someone you like boys and they tell you they wont say a word to anyone, make sure they are telling the freaking truth! anyway, so, out of nowhere, he grabs my cock through the front of my pants. now, this wasnt the suprise. the suprise was that i had a condom in my back pocket and a hard on from hell. doesnt sound that suprising, but you have to remember this was my first time with another guy and the first time he had ever really came onto me. now, he started rubbing the front of my pants, and starts unbuttoning them. did i resist becuase i had a gf that i loved and cared for more than anything? did i pull away and say i barely know you, sicko? or did i let him unzip me, push his head on my dick, and fuck his face?

you can guess wich one.

so, while hes sucking me off, i look down and see his dick is fighting its way out of his pants, and decided to help out a little ;)
i pulled um down, turned around, looked at him and said "this better not hurt."
the idiot had no idea what i was implying. hes a great guy, but none to bright. i had to turn around, grab his dick, and litteraly guide him to my asshole and say "fuck me, you moron!"
well, thats what he did. last time i ever bottom for a guy with an 8 inch peice of thick meat between his legs, let me tell you. well, i wasnt the only one to get some. after he was done fucking me, without even cumming, the poor smuck, i turned him around, spread him wide open, and we fucked hard. he was really tight, and he was moaning the entire time. he was loving it, and so was i.

up and down, in and out, all over the room we went. the couch, the recliner, the coffee table, even the stereo was fair game. i had him in ever postion i could think of, and it took me 40 minutes to shoot a nice big load in his ass. i could tell he was in heaven from the look of sheer enjoyment in his eyes. right after i shot mine, there was his, all over his stomach and chest. even in his mouth a little. that dude has a sniper rifle for a dick, let me tell yah.
that night, we had a few more good times and said goodbye for the night. i still wish he had stayed, maybe i could get amanda to agree to a threeway. yeah, i think not.
still, guy can dream, cant he?

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