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Say yes

Do not contest, and let me undress:

Undress your mind,
Undress you body,
Undress your soul,
Undress the being of you

Say yes,
And let your mind rest,
As my love flow from my soul to yours,
Flooding your heart with dearest,

Just say yes
And feel my loving touch undress,
Feel it roam so suddenly slow over the softness of your warm flesh,
Leaving your mind in a love quest

Just say yes
And my long: will caress your nest,
Leaving it without wanting, and soaking wet,
Fill it so slow; soothing sensuous sensations will curl your toes,
Levitating your mind of all its woes,
While taking your soul, out of the cold

Just say yes
And my lips will caress,
While my tongue invade your wet with warmth and finesse,
Causing sensations to rush from your womb depths,
As super slow and soft conquest,
The love that deeply beats in your chest

Just say yes
And the slip of a tongue touch will make your heart rate run faster then a baby can crawl,
Causing lustful screams to bounce off the walls,
While on my naked back, fingertips sc****, dig, and maul,
Until your body quake, shake, then fall

Just say yes
And love will conquest...

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