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The stranger on the train

Standing on the platform heading coast bound, at 8:30am, Scarlett was stood up, slender back leaning up against a dirty grey wall, with a half ripped poster advertising a theatre, swigging a ice cold bottle of coke. A tiny bead of coke rolled from the bottle, down her chin and rolled on to her chest, her shirt was missing a tie, and was unbuttoned to the third one down. Her shirt looked like it had spent too much time in a tumble dryer on a high heat because her size d breasts seemed to be bursting out of it and it was rather tight around her small waist. She shivered as the cold coke bead reached her cleavage also thinking how crisp and cold this morning was and felt like maybe a jumper shouldn't have been out of the question. Scarlett put a finger into her silky red bra to soak up the moisture. and then licked her finger. Scarlet took another swig from the bottle pulled it away from her full lips and licked them. She wiped a lipstick stain off of the neck of the bottle, and again licked her fingers quickly, then carefully screwed the cap back on. She slid her small fingers into her small chocolate brown leather hand bag, opened it right up and dropped the bottle directly into it. Scarlett rummaged around in her bag a second, a lock of glossy red hair fell into her eyes, and she swished her hair back and forth in order to get the piece of hair to lay back in place so she she could see her way into her bag. Seconds later she pulled a pound coin out. there was a vending machine looking rather sorry for itself a little way along the platform.
Scarlett was suddenly aware of how dusty the wall was that she had previously leaned against, using her hand she reached to the back of her self and dusted her shirt and skirt, frantically with it. Scarlett began tugging at her skirt on the way over to the vending machine, a little self concious of how short her skirt was today, she had previously been on holiday and forgot all about todays trip, all her washing she had brought back from the holiday was at home dirty and in her mothers washing basket, she had managed to salvage her school uniform from maybe a few more creases in it that she had hoped for, the trouble was she didn't have any clean knickers, she found the idea of wearing one pair twice revolting so she opted for commando.

Standing right in front of the vending machine, Scarlett slid her pound coin in the slot, the coin came out of the bottom and rolled on the floor. "Fuck, no." she muttered to her self as she gingerly maneavered her body down to the pound coin in the most dignified way possible, trying to hold down the back of the skirt whilst leaning forward to grab the coin wasn't working. How am i meant do this, what if someone sees. Scarlett stood back up, and with one of her black high heels she kicked the pound coin towards the other side of the vending machine, she looked around carefully making sure no one would see, and bent over with her skirt riding right up her ass exposing her fully for a brief second and as soon as her fingers reached the coin she was up.
It was probably a better idea to pick it up with her back to the wall, but her front was to the wall and ass was towards the oppersite platform, Scarlett had only checked on her side of the platform in haste. Still with her back to the oppersite platform she slid her coin back into, the slot of the vending machine. A tall, ruggid looking stranger on the opersite playform was sat open legged reading a paper, but had glanced away from his paper momentarily and copped an eyeful of her sweet pussy, not for very long but enough to arouse. He had to take a second look and starred in shock. A little open mouthed, his eyes darkened with lust. Holy shit, I never thought I'd see that here, he thought. He put his eyes back on his paper as he didnt want anyone to know he had been looking He had become a little flustered and his cock gave a throb of approval. Hardening a little at remembering the sight. His erection was hard to ignore, and he held on to his paper with one hand and gave his cock a very quick rub to try and ease the tension. This only made things worse.
Scarlett pressed the buttons to get a packet of mints. The mints came so far out, but stopped mid way and refused to drop.
"bl**dy typical." she moaned. Scarlett tapped on the glass of the vending machine. she gave the machine a quick kick, then a slightly harder one. The mints still didn't fall.
Scarlett moved back to where she was originally standing. Looking up with large, dark green, mysterious eyes, which she fixed up on the station clock, squinting slightly. 10 minutes had gone by.
Scarlett turned round suddenly as she could hear a few voices behind her, she turned round suddenly, still tugging at her skirt. she was joined by several young men and woman of her age, all in school uniform, Her sixth form class mates, followed by their tutor. All dressed considerably smarter than she was. she had met them there instead of the school as she managed to wake up late and was quicker for her to get to the station than it was to get to the school, she had informed the tutor by phone that this is where she would be meeting them so they could all go up together for the school trip. her sixth form group was made up of 10 girls and 13 boys. None of which she partically got on with, Scarlett had been considered quite the oddball throughout school, and was a bit of a darkhorse, but kept herself to herself, no one knew what went on in that head of hers.
The tutor quickly signed the register he had had to bring with him to
make sure he had seen scarlett and could vouch for her where abouts. The tutor did one last quick head count before handing everyone out their train tickets. Scarlett took hers and rammed it in to her tight skirt pocket. The train seemed to be coming in the distance and approaching the platform. It was now 9:05 the train was a little late but at least it was here now.
The train seemed very crowed but it certainly wasn't unusual at this time of the morning. Commuters and school/college k**s. Some how all 23 of them were supposedly expected to cram on to this heaving train. I hope I get a good seat thought Scarlett these heels are killing me and my bag is kinda heavy. There was a mumble of voices within the crowd, moans of how packed the train was and some of scarletts class mates keeping as close as possible in the hope of not separating from their friends and it leading to one very boring trip.
The train slowed and grinded to a holt and all 23 students moved back to let people out of the train and then one by one they got on cautiously. Still sticking together like sardines.
I hope I dont have to have to sit next to one of these thought Scarlett I look appalling. I want to be left alone today. Luckily for Scarlett she found a very grotty looking seat slightly away from everyone, she slumped down sulking but pleased to put her bag down and have the weight off of her feet, scarlet looked back at her fellow class mates a couple of them were staring her way and nudging each other, she over heard one of them say that she was dressed like she was desperate. Two stops later another group of people piled in to the train. The cabin was becoming impossibly cramped but This was a good thing to Scarlett because people were standing behind her hiding the dirty looks she was getting. Scarlett remained tight to her seat in the remainder of the journey, she put in her iPod ear plugs and closed her eyes and tried to forget about the world.
About half hour into the journey a frail and old looking lady staggered on to the train, scarlett didn't notice her, "Scarlett...Scarlett....SCARLETT" her teacher hissed, she looked round In a hurry. "Will you please move for this lady and take your ear plugs out, your not supposed to have those with you, put them away." Scarlett ripped them out and stuffed them carelessly into her bag and stood up. And moved. The old lady thanked her.
Standing amongst the crowd Scarlett was pushed and nudged every which way. Scarlett Was aware of strangers all around and clutched her bag tightly and braced her self up against a pole. Lost deep in her own thought scarlett felt someone from behind her surround her. At first she thought it was just someone bumping in to her again because of the lack of space. Scarlett felt something hard up against her back digging in. Something warm and hard. It pressed further in to her back. Scarlett froze on the spot. She felt a hand go up her skirt and fingers around her pussy. She shivered. Scarlett felt her pussy throb and tighten. A natural reaction even though she was petrified. Trying to look round to see who was doing this she couldn't, she felt right hands around her waist that would t let her do so. Scarlett didn't know what to say or do. If she spoke out she would cause a fuss and didnt want to draw attention to herself, although frightened of what would happen next and also curiosity as to what was going to happen next got the Better of her. The stranger pressed even harder against her. He felt huge. He began moving forward in a rocking motion, sorta dry humping but not enough for people to notice. Scarlett subconsciously sympathized his motions with her ass. Without warning the stranger slipped one of his large fingers straight into her pussy, she nearly screamed out loud, forgetting where she was. The mystery and the shock of it all had her almost dripping, he instantly caught on to that she was wet for him, he leant over and wispered directly into her ear. "you dirty bitch, your fucking gagging for it arnt you" he pinched her arse. " your getting my fingers all wet, your dripping you delicious little slut" his deep sexy voice sent shivers down her spine. She was more than aware that she was wet and the more she thought about it the mire wet she became and was frightened that her juices would ooze into sight. But there was no stopping her, she visualized her stranger taking her top off and playing with her tits and taking one of her large nipples right into his mouth and swirling round it with his soft tounge.
The train stopped and this was her time to get off and join her class mates again.
Scarlett used this oppertunity to get a look at her stranger. She turned but there was no one behind her, she looked around but had no idea who it could have been. She got off the train, Scarlett reached to get her ticket out of her pocket and as she did her skirt rose up a little, her ID card fell out of her Pocket without her knowing.
Scarlett sneaked off to the toilet. She sat down on the toilet and looked down, she put her fingers to her pussy as if she had dreamed what had happened on the train. But sure enough she was running with juices. She tried to relax and steady her self. She breathed slow but heavy. Scarlett was startled by a noise out side her door. It sounded like a knock, she went silent until she heard a very familiar voice. "Scarlett, I have something of yours"
Sounds just like the voice in my ear on the train. "what is it" Scarlett called nervously
"why don't you come and see"
that voice she thought, that voice alone could give her a mind blowing orgasm. She went to open the door. She paused, not wanting to spoil the illusion of the whole thing, what if he wasn't good looking that would just make the whole thing kinda disgusting and creepy. What if he was A fat man in an over coat or something
"open the door I havnt got all day." Scarlett opened the door to him. almost immidiately her myserious green eyes met his, they were a peircing blue that she could t stop staring at even if she tried, he had the most perfect lips, dark long, shaggy hair, un shaveb, quite tall but broad looking, she couldn't believe her luck, his appearance matched his dirty, husky voice. Then it occurrd to her while staring at this strangers unbareably beautiful eyes, how does he know my name. With that he handed her the answer, he handed her the privisionsal liscence she had dropped. He now has my name and my address she realized. A small smile played upon his smooth lips which he licked slowly. She caught a glimpse of his amazing white teeth. "so your legal then but your dressed as a school girl? Perfect. 6th form Is it?"
"y-yeah" she stuttered nervously still not taking her eyes away from his. The stranger put his hand on her shoulder, and pushed her hard, before she could say anything she was falling backwards into the cubicle and he had locked the door. Her natrual reaction was to try to scream but he silenced her with a large hand. "why scream when there's much better use I could put to this hand?
He began unbuttoning her top. "do yourself a favor Scarlett and keep quiet your not even fighting me, so things tells me you like this, so tell me it's obvious your no virgin but have u ever had a cock like mine. Her took her hand and guided it over to his crotch. "I've seen your pussy Scarlett, you bent over on the platform, I got an eyeful of your bald cunt and it hardened me beyond relief, I needed to jerk off there and then but I had a better idea but doing it myself is boring, I went back and changed my ticket so I could get on the train with you just to get close to your pussy, I'm missing work because of you today so you owe me bitch."
"you mean you stalked me on to the train?" scarlet shrieked in amazement.
"I guess you could say that, I just followed my cock as usual, can you blame a guy?" Scarlett flexed her figers over his large erect cock, she looked him in the eye and he looked down towards his dick. " take it out, it's yours, don't let the size of it put you off." Scarlett did as she was told. And pulled out his large cock, he was right, she had never seen, let alone had a cock of this scale, she could see the veins running up his cock and could actually see it throbbing, she swore the size of his head was about the same size as her fist and the length was nearly as long as her arm. "suck it slut."
"how am I meant to get that in my mouth" she stared opened mouth.
"people manage, if you can't handle it I understand"
Scarlett bend down to attempt to suck him off and he grabbed her round the throat and shoved his cock as far as he could and pushed it all the way down, making her gag and choke. He pinched her nose. He pulled his cock back out and she had saliva running down her chin, he rubbed his cock in it and began slapping it against her face, he pressed it against her face and rubbed it under her nose so she could get a good sniff.
"smell that? Like the smell of a horny older man do you,"
Scarlett said nothing.
"ahh silence I like it, you can't talk with cock in your mouth so If your talking it means your not sucking on me hard enough, fuck this I need something tighter
I'm going to destroy you, split you in half with my giant cock, pumping in and out of you like my life depends on it, I warn you, I won't be going easy on you, in going to fuck you so hard until you beg me to stop, until it hurts but I won't, I Wont stop until your bleeding and I've filled your tight snatch up with my hot,creamy, cum, and then I'll keep fucking you and fucking you, and filling you up everytime I cum inside you, I'm not like you average guy I can keep going, you are going to be so full of my cum that you stomach is going to ache with the weight of it." he groaned while jerking off frantically"
Scarlett just gawped at him as if he was speaking another language. Hypnotized by he giant dick and him sliding his large hands over it.
All if a sudden he grabbed her again and pulled towards him. She let out another shriek. He pulled her hair hard. "I told you, don't scream."
"wait" said Scarlett. "what's your name?"
"you don't need to know that darling, you'll think back on this day as the best fuck if your life, the biggest cock you've ever had and the stranger that gave it to you."
Within seconds he had picked her up sat himself on the toilet and with ease lower her over his cock.
"now ride me."
He f***ed her down on to his cock, she slid right to his root. It was a shock, she felt her pussy stretched to about double the size, he hit home with his cock and once again let out a cry.
What am I doing she thought, what the he'll am I gonna tell the others, but it felt far to good to stop, besides she didn't think he would let her stop. He's being reasonable now but a man like that she didn't trust and he had the potential for damage.
The stranger reached round her front and got her tits out one by one. They were big and pert with big nipples.
"when did you get these then baby."
He slapped them with his big hand and leaned down and bit one one as hard as he dared to. She jumped and she swore his cock went even deeper.
"I bit you coz you screamed, when will you learn Scarlett?"
She bit her lip hard. And went with his rhythem, she found it so hard not to scream and moan, his cock was far more than she could handle.
"for my own sake I'm gonna keep my hand on your throat, if you scream my hand will get tighter, and you will suffer."
He had started off quite slow but seemed to be losing control quicky and ramming harder.
"fuck bitch, your a tight one, im surprised how easy you have been, but your fucking loving it, I can feel your juices dripping down my legs.
The stranger pulled out his cock from her pussy and ordered her to taste herself, she obeyed.
"tell me you like the taste."
"I love tasting him cum on your huge cock,"
"put it back in."
"put it back in, please now."
"wow turning it to a nympho now, you learn fast, missing my cock already. Good luck after this by the way, you'll only have disappointment after me, I'll pay you good money if you can find a cock as magnificent as mine." her hammered her body as if he was trying to break her, his balls slapped against her ass as he kept on pounding away, he was thrusting so hard that she was making a loud banging noise as he kept pressing her up against the wall, she started to really get into it and was moving with him till came the point where they were moving together and he was so deep into her, they totally lost any thought for each others pleasure only there own but in there complete selfishness managed to both orgasm simutanioualy. His whole body gripped her and tensed like a snake wrapping itself around her, holding on for dear life. He groaned loudly and then she felt it, his flow of cum gushing into her pussy like a waterfall, his juices mixing with her, she wailed loudly as she was coming too, her orgasm got stronger with everyone of his contraptions, her pussy swelling and growing around his cock, the cum just kept on going, his eyes were shut tightly, biting his lip, pushing his cock in even further
To make sure he felt every last bit of her. When he pulled out she looked red raw, he put his fingers in her pussy and gave them to her to taste she licked them, after licking them she Went to put her fingers in her pussy for another taste but he slapped her hand away hard and told her no. "no more, save it for later, I'm going to fill you up" Scarlett looked at his cock and saw it hadn't gone soft, still very stiff, if not harder than the first time, he pussy throbbed at the sight of it, the head was bright purple and the cum was dripping down his head. Scarlett was getting anxious about getting back to her class mates before they realized she was gone. Scarlett reached for her skirt. The stranger grabbed her firmly by the waist and stood her up, made her sit on his knee and he slapped her hard around the face. She was stunned, she put her hand to her face. "I told you to do as your told. Didn't i?.....well answer me" he slapped her again. "answer me" he shouted" this time he spat on her face. "yes you sorry " "not good enuff Scarlett. You didn't answer me" he quicky manhandled her to the floor and got in the 69 position on top of her. "open wide" he plunged his giant cock deep in to her throat, pinned her down with his hands, he had no intention of pleasuring her, she gagged noisily as he thrusted hard , in and out of her throat. He reached down with his arms and pinched her nipples hard and she jumped and he got went even further down her throat, he was grunting so heavily and his face was a little red, beads of sweat breaking out on his forehead. "fuck bitch your gonna make me cum again." he pulled out on a hurry. "get on your knees" Scarlett got on her knees. "that's it, my submissive cock slut." and he Aimed for her pussy and f***ed his way in once again. He shot another thick luxurious creamy load into her swelling cunt. She wriggled against him, starting to love having him back inside her. "you like that don't you, having me back inside your dirty seeping cunt. Like a man possessed he grabbed her waist and slammed her against him, and again. Fast and hard, fucking her harder than he thought he could, diving in and out of her, Scarlett felt her body shaking and he assulted her pussy, the strAnger on every out stroke, get louder and louder, Scarlett had never been fucked this hard but it felt so good, growing with confidence, she reached her arm out and found his arsehole. She didnt stop to tease it Scarlett just stuck her whole finger up there and wiggled. As expected she got a back hander around the face, his arsehole throbbed around her finger and cock throbbed harder too. She carried on wriggling her finger and the slaps kept coming but then so did he. "fuck stop that, I'm not gay, get your finger out my ass that's an order," Scarlett refused. Apart from the slaps he wasn't really stopping her, he must like this she thought. "carry on like that and I'll take my cock away from you "
"you couldn't pull out, it feels too good."
"how about I fill your ass up and see how you like it"
"no please don't,take it out of my pussy, you have me hooked."
He slammed her up against the wall his chest against his back.
"see how u like it, let me see how many fingers I can get up your ass."
Scarlett screwed her eyes up,braving herself for this anal intrusion. He put one finger up her ass and it slid In fairly easy, he continued to a second finger, scarlett shuddered and moaned, she wriggled against his fingers.
"hmm liking that are we slut," he slipped his cock invetween her legs, he buried the head of his cock into her pussy and at the same time picking up pace with his fingers in her ass, he inserted a third finger. Scarlett bit her lip hard. Without warning he slipped out if her pussy, some of his cum ran down her leg. "lick that up, I don't want any wasted" Scarlett bent down and scooped his cum up with her finger and lick, seeing her bending over as a prime opportunity, he zoomed straight home and f***ed his cock up her ass in one hit, she screamed. And buckled with pain.
At that moment the bathroom door was opened. The stranger but his hand over her mouth and continued to penetrate her tight asshole. "Scarlett? Are you in there?"
She froze. He didn't care or even seem to notice. "Mr handford is wondering where you are, I told him I saw you go into the toilet and he sent me along to see if your ok, Scarlett are you still in here.?" with that the stranger held her shoulders and bucked his hips and hard as he could and this time when she screamed he uncovered her mouth, he bucked his hips and then steadied fucking her ass full throttle and she began moaning and whimpering.
It was scarlet class mare at the Door, she krept close to the door, one hand on the door, one hand on her pussy.
The stranger whispered in scarletts ear "I'm gonna have her aswell if she's not careful."
He could sense her class mate right beside the door.
"Scarlett, what's all the noise about?are you crying?"
"catia don't" Scarlett screamed
The stranger opened the door quick and grabbed catia and pulled jet in and locked the door. She too screamed. He pulled his cock out of Scarlett and pulled catia on to her knees. "suck my cock." "catia suck his cock you don't know what he's capable of. If you do as your told you wont get hurt, take it from me."
Catia didn't waste any time and quickly opened up her mouth.
"two little sluts, this is my lucky day,"
He pulled Catias dark brown hair in to a pony tail and pulled it as she sucked,
"Scarlett take care of my balls."
Scarlett took hold of his balls in her mouth, precum and spit dribbled down on to her face from catia sucking above her.
"I'm getting rather tired here, you two sluts have quenched my first for now well done." he laughed cupping his dripping cock with his hand. Let me cum once in her and I'll send you little girls back to your teacher."
He took hold of catia, catia looked at Scarlett for help Scarlett just nodded at her as if to says it's the only way, your just gonna have to do it. He slid his massive sword in her pussy. "fuck she's even tighter than you scarlet, I don't think I'll last ling inside her." pounded her as hard as she could, her big boobs giggling and dancing everytime he thrust his thick meat deep in to her. Scarlett felt like catia didn't really deserve this, she had only came into help her out and ended up being f***ed to fuck a stranger who's middle name was far from gentle, but what could she do. Scarlett stood back and watched, mezmrized my his balls slapping against her ass. Catia's wailing ringing in her ears. The stranger clasped his hand around Catias throat just as he had done Scarlett's. Scarlett put her hand down her back. and felt her asshole which was still throbbing it felt useless and empty. She filled it with a finger and massaged her clit with her other hand discreetly under her skirt hoping that he wouldn't see. The stranger let out loud moan, Scarlett could see his balls had drawn in to his body, she pulled her fingers away. His back arched, and Scarlett saw that a****listic look of pleasure once again in his eyes, as he pumped all he had left into Catia's tight, sweet pussy, he pushed her away from him she nearly fell. "Scarlett if I ever see you around again I would hide if I was you coz if I ever get the chance again I will destroy that pussy even more so than this time and who knows when I'll let you go and what I'll do to you or make you do, but something tells me you would fucking love all that." he put his hand through his thick dark hair and straightened it. He tucked his cock away, glanced at the two girls. Scarlett was trying to take in his eyes in, they were amazing and she may not see them again. As he walked out the door Scarlett had a thought, he's knows where I live, he saw my address on my liscence, but he won't remember. Will he?
Scarlett looked at catia. Catia looked as tho she didn't know what had hit her. Scarlett suspected catia was a virgin, she now had bl**d stains on her thigh. "are you ok catia? "yeah, yeah I mean shocked but...."
"it felt good didn't it? And exciting?"
"well come to think of it, yes Scarlett, didn't have time to think while he was in Me. But isn't it wrong what he did."
"possibly wrong but not i*****l as I think we can both say we loved it."
"did you get his name?"
"I wish catia but I guess he's not stupid."
Scarlett moved to the door to pick up her bag and there was a squelching noise, and a river of cum came flowing down her leg as she was bent over. Catia put her hand to her mouth.
"Scarlett, oh my... How are you meant to go back to the teacher like that, where are your kickers?"
"I didn't bring any."
"shit you better have mine, I don't need them as much as you do, I know it's seems odd but it's better than nothing. Ive only got a bit of cum inside me." catia began pulling down her knickers and scarlet caught sight of her dripping pussy. I could just squirt it all out over the toilet Scarlett thought but she didn't tell catia as she was intrigued. Scarlett got on her knees and helped pull her kickers down. Looking into Catias dark brown eyes she stuck her tounge out and it touched her pussy. Catia stared back but didn't stop her. Scarlett saw this as an invitation. "catia, relax the muscles in your pussy" she did so. Scarlett began to Lap at her clit. She had parted Catias lips. Scarlett inserted a finger into catia and put her mouth under so that when she released her fingers his cup would come pouring out into her mouth and she would be able to taste him again, her stranger. Scarlett Lap it all up, catia put her left leg up on the toilet so that she could gain better access to scarlet mouth. With every lap, catia tensed and shuddered. "my body feels weak Scarlett, I can't stand any more."
"lay on the floor for me catia. And part your legs."
Catia didn't ask questions.
Scarlett lowered her pussy over Catia's mouth, she got on top of catia so that her pussy was level with her face and Catias pussy was easy for Scarlett to reach. She had created the perfect 69. Scarlett resumed licking and Catia's clit, making her body jerk and spasm, Scarlett put her tounge all the way in and pulled it out, then began nibbling Catias clit. Catia moaned and cried at the unbareable pleasure. All of a sudden she knew what she was doing. Catia too began to luck scarlett's clit, the more Scarlett licked catia the more catia licked Scarlett, it was a viscious cycle which carried on until catia came hard over scarlet face and while having an orgasm, catia was holding on and licking scarlett's pussy for dear life, and bit her clit, Scarlett jumped as catia had caught her clit on her tooth, the shock of it sent waves through her body and out poured probably most of all the cum the stranger had left inside her, it completely covered Catia's face.
"Scarlett, catia. Are you both still in here. "
"shit who's that, sounds like mr handford." Scarlett tried to speak but she was still in mid orgasm.
He didn't go all the way in as it was the ladies.
Catia thought quicky.
"Scarlett has been sick."
"come to the door and speak with me catia."
"I can't sir I don't want to leave her I'm holding her hair back ."
"well I can't wait much longer catia we've been out here for early an hour, any longer and I'll have to cancel the trip."
"well I dunno then sir, you go on with the trip and we are going to have to go back when Scarlett is feeling better I guess."
"go to the train with Scarlett now catia if she's stopped being sick. There's a toilet on there if she needs it. She can pay on the train if they ask for her ticket, and then you come back and join the rest of us."
"yes sir."
Catia and Scarlett got up and brushed themselves down, washed there hands and faces.
Catia and Scarlett left the toilet and walked out all Their class mates staring angrily and the teacher looking sympathetic. The train was already at the platform ready to leave in 10 minutes. Scarlett hopped on. "I'll ring u." Scarlett whispered. Catia returned to her teacher and class mates. Catia told the teacher that she would ring as soon as she was home to say she was safe.
Scarlett sat. And tried to give herself time to take in today's events. Scarlett became aware of foot steps behind her and a tall guy standing behind her. She looked up, it was him, her stranger. "are you stalking me Scarlett." that voice she thought. Mmmm. "oh haha, funny, I told my teacher I'm sick he told me to go home." "oh you are stick Scarlett, no doubt about that." he sat oppersite her.
He had a wet spit on his jeans and she could clearly see his bulge. It was a fine reminder of what she had just done.

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