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First time inside a pussy and cumshaw

I hit puberty hard! Subsequently doing some highly immoral things in terms of peeking touching etc. The stuff i feel worst about is groping when going through puberty - i couldn't keep myself away from spying or groping

My first was pretty intensive, when i was about xx, my girlfriend at the time was a year older and came to my house with her mate one night when my parents were away. I had fancied this girl for ages and all i had glimpsed was an amazing camel toe one night when we were both clubbing, i had fantasised about her body so much. She was hammered and could barely stand. We had to put her to bed in a spare room. My teenage mind started whirring with potential scenarios.

I went back up to check she was okay, the duvet had been kicked off and her little black skirt had ridden up exposing her beautiful arse in skintight black tights. You could see there was nothing on underneath and physically I could not resist having just a little harmless peek. I pulled the back of her tights open and looked down her beautiful snow white skin. Before i knew what was happening my hand was inside the tights, I slid down her crack and put my finger in her pussy which was bone dry and very difficult to push into. I was so inexperienced it took me ages to find the hole, when it finally gave the euphoria was amazing. I remember shaking with excitement at the fear of getting caught / sexual excitement.

It was the first time I had felt inside a girl it was warm and tight. I then pulled open the front of her tights slightly and felt her big black bush leaning forward to hold some in my mouth. Then pulled tights back up and pulled down her top carefully exposing first one and then both little pert breasts. I was terrified of getting caught, but confident i would hear the others coming and by now confident she was asl**p. I squeezed the tits licking both little nipples and holding them in my mouth. I remember it so well, it was out of control.

I quickly ran downstairs and carried on drinking with only one thing on my mind heightened by the smell and taste of her on my finger. I was powerless!

Then later I snuck back up confidence high and pulled her tights down properly so i could see her pussy from the back and asshole. I pulled her cheeks apart for a proper view, her pussy was still so dry that when i pulled my finger out her labia came forward with it toward me. I got her boobs out again and jerked off holding her tit, looking at her exposed lower half.

I finished over her ass cheeks (a view I will remember forever) wiping a tiny drop across her mouth then pulled her tights up disgusted with myself and ran downstairs. I still think about how turned on / scared I was. If i run into her now I feel so disgusted and at the same time obscenely horny that i have had this secret experience before running home to chop over her profile.

I wish i wasn't so dirty but it turns me on voyeurism etc, i can remember each girlfriends body parts that i have seen or touched and jerk off over different experiences and views constantly.

Keen to share private stories get in touch and to anyone this offends i really am sorry

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