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Marie's Seduction of a Virgin

I had graduated from high school and I was leaving for college in a couple of weeks. I was a preacher's k** so the church that my father pastored decided to give me a going away to college party. Little did I know that it would change my life the way it did.

Let me back up to Christmas prior to this time. We had a Christmas party at Marie's home. I had turned 18 the previous month. I had walked to the bathroom down the hall without noticing the mistletoe hanging from the ceiling there. As I started back toward the living area, Marie met me in the hall. She wrapped her arms around me and her lips met mine. She started gently, but then began to passionately kiss me forcing my lips open with her tongue. After a long kiss, she looked at me and said, "I couldn't let the mistletoe go to waste."

Let me describe Marie for you. She was a MILF before they existed. She had vibrant red hair, luscious lips and a well-shaped body. Her breasts were about 38D and she had a nice ass also. She always dressed to the nines and wore sexy high heels. I never saw her that she didn't have on bright red lipstick. She had two sons, one a year older and one a year younger than me. Her husband traveled for his job and was away much of the time.

Back to the party, I arrived at the hall where the party was to be held a little early. Marie was setting up drinks and snacks. What I later found out was that this party was all her idea. She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around me and our lips met. I was not so surprised this time. They softly met and caressed each other. My tongue traced her lips and hers mine in turn. I had dated some and kissed, but was still a virgin. This kiss took me to another level in sensuality. We stepped back into the kitchen area hidden from the door so as to prevent someone from surprising us when they walked in.

I took Marie in my arms again and we passionately kissed, our tongues doing a dance as we probed each other's mouths. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. The feel of her nice breasts against my chest felt wonderful. I could feel her hard nipples poking through her bra. I felt my cock start to harden as our bodies melted together. When our kiss broke, she started telling me how much she desired me. Given we would have an audience shortly, she ask when I worked that week. I told her that I got off early at 7 p.m. from the grocery store where I worked on Tuesday. She told me she would pick me up then and we could go for a drive before I went home.

Monday could not pass fast enough. My mind raced ninety miles per hour thinking about Tuesday. When I finally was finished at work, I walked to where my car was parked and there she was parked beside me. It was a hot August day but she had the air conditioning on and the car was cool. She told me to get in and go with her. I ask her where we were going. She reached over and stroked my leg and said somewhere for us.

I kept looking at her as she drove. The sight of her luscious breasts was driving me wild. I wanted to touch them but was so unsure of myself. I kept thinking she has sons my age, what does she want? She drove for over 20 minutes out into the county and eventually stopped on a dirt road about 4 miles from the main highway. It was a deserted area with no housing around but overlooking the river.

Marie's car was a station wagon with a full bench seat in the front. She slid over to the middle beside me and turned my face toward hers. Our lips met again. The kiss started softly with intermittent nibbles at my neck and me returning the nibbles to her. I nibbled her ear and whispered, "You're so sexy," in her ear. Our lips touch again but with our tongues probing deeply into each other's mouths. Her hand grabbed a handful of my hair and pressed me against her lips. I hugged her close as to feel her soft tits against my chest.

She started to moan as our kisses continued. I felt her take her other hand and start unbuttoning her blouse. My cock grew from hard to rigid when I realized what she was doing. I whispered, "Marie, what do you want?"

She replied, "I want you." In my innocence, I fumbled with her front latching bra. She took my hands and said let me help you. As the bra slipped back from her breast, I stared in amazement. It was my first glimpse of a real live woman's breasts. Her areoles were the size of silver dollars with hard nipples the size of a dime protruding from them. I leaned in to start to suck one of them but she pushed me away telling me not yet.

She unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off of my shoulders. Un-tucking my t-shirt, she pulled it over my head. She wrapped her arms around me and pressed her breasts to my chest. Her nipples and breast felt warm on my chest even with the air conditioning in the car running. She whispered that I didn't know how much she wanted me before our lips merged again and our tongues became intertwined in a dance of passion. As we kissed, she rubbed her breasts on my chest. MMMMMMM that felt good. It was making my cock strain at my jeans. I pulled away and drew circles around her right nipple with my tongue. It was so hard and it felt as if it grew harder each time my tongue passed over it.

Marie started to moan. She told me to suck the nipple. I replied that I wanted her to teach me how to please her. I gently started to suck it. I used my lips to hold it tight and pull on it. I heard her say, "oh, mmmmmmm, take it harder baby, suck momma's breasts".

I raked my teeth across it and she started to shudder as she moaned. My fingers found her left nipple and started rolling it between my fingers. Her whole body started to tremble in excitement. I took both hands and wrapped them around her left 38D and milked it as I started to suck the hard nub. Her hands pressed my head against her in an effort to give me more of her succulent breasts. I opened my lips and took as much of it as I could suck on as she f***e my mouth down around her titties.

I felt her one hand start to work on the buttons on my 501 button-up jeans. My cock was throbbing. I felt her hand start to reach under the elastic band of my boxers. I became wild sucking her nipple and my hand started squeezing her other breast. She found my cock and wrapped her long fingers around it. I started to shake. I had never had a woman touch me like that. She told me that she wanted me now. I wasn't sure how she wanted me but I was willing.

She pushed me away from her breast and told me to raise my butt off the seat. She slid my jeans and boxers down to my knees. My hard cock had grown to almost 8 inches. Her hand was wrapped around it as she gently stroked it. She just stared at it and moaned how much she wanted it. Before I knew what had happened, she leaned over and started to lick the head of my cock. I got chills all over, as she licked the swollen head and raked her tongue across the opening.

Her other hand was fondling my balls and raking her long fingernails with their fuck me red polish across them. She released my cock from her hand and ran her tongue up the underside of it. Her tongue did a dance on the head of my swollen cock and then started to wash it all over. Her hand was massaging my balls with a passion. I started to call her name, telling her to take me however she wanted. My cock was throbbing with desire for her mouth.

Her lips slipped over the head of my thick penis and started to gently suck the head. My mind was going crazy. Marie was taking my virginity with her mouth. Her red lips were gently massaging my cock as she slid more of it into her mouth. I couldn't believe the feeling. She would grip my cock tightly with her lips as she slid down and then run her tongue around it on the upstroke. Her hand on my balls didn't quit. She had me in her clutches, my balls and my cock. The strokes of her lips on my cock were making my cock harder and harder.

I had masturbated before but had had nothing like this. She was starting to go wild on my cock. As she went faster, I wrapped my hand in her red hair and started to drive my cock deeper into her mouth with each stroke. I could hear her moaning as she sucked and I wanted her to take all of it. I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her face and I heard a moan like yes. I started to drive my cock all the way deep into her throat.

I felt her lips touch my balls as the full eight inches filled her mouth and into her throat. I knew I wouldn't last much longer as I fucked her face. My balls tightened as I started to spew my hot seed down her throat. The shuttering of my body as my cum filled her mouth was unreal. I had never felt like that before. I kept fucking her face until the last of my cum was now dripping around her lips. I felt her swallow as the last of my cum filled her.

She lifted her head and kissed me on my lips. Our kiss shared the last of my cum as our tongues did another dance. She looked at me and said, "Hey big boy, how was your first blowjob?" I could only moan mmmm mmmmm good. She then replied, "I loved sucking your young cock but just wait until next time."

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