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BBC Frederick, the Fib and one super Fantasy

Read my other posts and you'll know I found my BBC. Now I have 3 power cocks for my enjoyment. Frederick is by far the youngest and best screw.

After meeting Frederick in June we went at it like teenagers for a good 2 weeks just about daily. Then I was knocked out of commission with an appendectomy. It was caught early and resulted in a small incision to the right of the naval. Nothing bad, internal stiches and a 10 day heal.

All Frederick knew was I was in the hospital for nothing too bad. SO I thought.

This past Friday afternoon I visited Frederick at his place. Middle class neighborhood majority Afro-American and tidy.

We catch up over coffee and soon end up in the shower. Which leads to him asking about my scar which I say is nothing much. Shortly thereafter we are still wet and into heavy foreplay.

Typical long foreplay with me dripping and him being the man of steel. Soft missionary entry, lots of kissing and again I have the longest cock penetrating my cervix right where I like it. I've climaxed a couple times already and he is in non rush mode with soft short strokes. Frederick loves my breasts, we roll over with me on top so he can enjoy puffy nipples. Now comes the Fib.

I'm back arched, hands on his knees and taking all his 12+ inches balls deep into my uterus. I say:
"About that scar, I have to tell you the reason. I had one tube untied. I want another c***d while I still can. I should be fertile now. I want you."

Which earns me a vacant stare but his actions.....
Frederick rolls me over, never letting himself slip out. Places my legs over his shoulders, tells me he is honored and says I should stay the whole weekend to be sure. In what seemed like less than a minute later the grunting starts, I'm living my fantasy of being a breeding pair and I fell the base of his cock spasm as he fills me with seed as I'm going into a hiper orgasm.

Spent, balls deep and draining out every last drop. After a while Frederick stands dragging me with him to the edge of the bed and he is not growing soft at all.

Keeping my legs up over his shoulders he withdraws, inspects and pronounces:
"No drip, well planted and you need more".

Reentry, long strokes, cervix deep, short strokes, balls deep and before I had chance to enjoy he is pumping me full of the second dose.

The man never cums this fast, ever. It was nothing but the idea of breeding which loosened his nuts.

To make a kong story short, I shared the fantasy with Gus. Gus called Frederick and filled him in.

We both lived a fantasy for better tnen 30 hours. Me being in my mid 20's again breeding with the best cock on the most athletic muscled body a girl could find. Him having the fantasy of breeding with the only woman who can take all of him. And no fantasy is needed at all to know that this woman actually loves him for the person he is.

I did not leave his place till late Saturday night. He must have "bred" me better than 6 times. Most of those times passionatley kissing afterwards dreaming about being his bitch and his seed taking hold inside me.

Frederick enjoyed it as much as I did.

We are now planning a "Wedding Weekend" to one of those heart tub joints in the Pocanos. Looking to live the fantasy to the max.

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