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Allow me to introduce myself :

I don't want the truth. I want the dream. I don't need to be the center of attention; or have all the eyes on me. I don't want the lies and gossip spread around.

I get the hush when I walk through the door. I want to see the fear in their eyes when I walk on by with my head held high. They all hate me because I don't care about looks or the ideal body, yet follow me around like the worthless dogs that they are.

They say I am like Peter Pan. They say that I am vain and have an ego that is in full control. They tell me I'm apathetic as if I were to care.

But they don't fucking know me, they have no fucking idea who I am. They see what I show them and will never see more.

I've been in the wards and I've gone through the treatment. Yet I'm still popping pills and getting fucked up now and then yet I am independent, Work, write, skateboard and not pretending I have it all right just to fit in and my life is a Muscle Milk and my favorite meal is peaches & cream.

I have more than 450 scars underneath my tattooed body and I keep holding on. Truth to being said I'll always be me and not another steroid clone with a fake plastered smile, don't dare try to disprove it.

They tell me I'm thin, ripped, they tell me to believe it. I look in the mirror-I guess what I see is distorted but most important authentic, I don't care about your fitness, The only work out I do is fucking your ass while I am eating ice cream. I can't help it though, I won't be any other way.

I've been through the abuse and maltreatment. I've seen many horrors and have been plagued by death. I've lost my dear wife and 4 close friends, can you really tell me everything will end up OK?

I'm too honest for my own good. I'm personality instead of looks because I am intelligent enough to realize that at the end we all going to look like grandpa.

I'm not superficial and shallow, I am kind spirit with a big heart who also shoot multiple loads and give good fucks.

Can you really expect to act any other way?

I don't need the money or I don't need the clothes, I just need to speak out my mind and give a fuck what others think, it is the only way to feel good.

I'm a writer and skateboarder with a contract with teen vogue...
I like to drive my black Maserati to the flower market on sundays
and drink priceless ancient beer from the tombs of egyptian pharoahs

Any maybe you are right; that I'll end up in hell. Still, I'll hold my head up and be the best of all the damned.

Zeke Sabrok

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