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My first gay experience (true story)

I was nervous as I walked through the door of the adult book store. My fiancé and I have been there before, but this time I was alone and was there for a different reason than buying a movie. To the left of the store was the videos, to the right were the adult “toys” and straight back was the video booths. The back was my destination tonight. My fiancé was bisexual, lucky me, and we had taken a couple of girls home in the past. It made me wonder what it might be like to be with a man, but that thought was one I never let her know. It had taken a lot of time and a lot of liquor to get me to the point where I was going to try it and I wanted to do it before I got married. On our past visits I noticed the guys hanging out around the booths and tonight was no different. The guy that caught my attention as I neared the booths was white and looked to be in his mid to early twenties, only a couple of years younger than me. He was thin and wearing a tight t-shirt and very short shorts with hiking boots and short dark hair. We smiled at each other as I found an empty booth, he made a gesture as if asking me if I wanted company, I was so nervous I shook my head no, even though I was thinking yes. I entered the booth, dropped my coins into the slot and found a gay group sex movie to try to ease my nervousness about being with a guy and to get me into the right frame of mind. There was a small seat connected to the wall but it and the floor looked to both be dirty and more than a little sticky. The movie started to do its job as my dick grew in my jeans and my breathing became harder. I pulled my cock out and started to slowly work it into a proper hard on, after only a few minutes there was a knock on the door. I didn’t know who was at the door or what I was going to do once I found out, I was more than hoping it was the guy in the shorts. I took a calming breath and slowly opened the door, on the other side stood a young Hispanic guy, we looked at each other for what seemed like minutes and he pointed into the booth and in an accent asked “yes?”. Without much thought I moved aside and let him in with me closing and locking the door behind him. The booth was crowded with both of us in there so we had to stand rather close. He looked down to see my dick still hanging out of my jeans and then at the movie screen showing the group of gay men and said “yes, you like”? I told him I did and he reached down to stroke my dick, “ok?” he asked, I was quickly learning that he did not speak much English. That was good, he couldn’t tell anyone about this I thought laughing to myself. He stayed looking at my cock as he stroked it hard, then he went down on his knees to the dirty floor. I had to catch my breath as his tongue licked the head of my dick. He swirled his tongue around it a couple times and slowly slid it into his mouth as one hand reach up to tug on my jeans. I pulled my jeans down for him as he held my cock in the other hand tight to his mouth. Once I got my jeans down he started to lick my balls and shaft, always moving back to circle the rim before he put it back in his mouth to suck on. He would stop sucking only long enough to look up at me and jerk me off, then he would start licking and sucking me like a pro. When my breath got deeper he started to roll his hand and mouth over my dick pumping it. I didn’t last long due to the great job he was doing and just the idea of me letting him do it. “I’m going to cum” I told him. “Yes, cum” he replied. I reached down and started jerking off with his mouth still attached to my cock, I heard him softly moan as I shot my load into his mouth. He swallowed it all and pumped my cock with his hand for the last couple of spurts. After he licked me clean he stood up and undid and dropped his own pants to the floor as his hard dick popped out. Without thought I dropped to my knees and took him into my mouth, trying my best to do all the things with my mouth and hands that he did to me. It felt strange having a dick in my mouth but I liked it, he was warm and leaking pre-cum which I quickly learned I like the taste of. After only a couple minutes he pulled me to an upright position and turned me around so I was facing the video screen..i guess my blow job skills was lacking a bit. I used one shoe to take the other one off and stepped out of one leg of my jeans. I couldn’t believe I was going to let this stranger fuck me but I didn’t want to or even think I could’ve stopped myself. No sooner had I spread my legs did I feel his wet cock against my asshole. He slowly pushed it into me until he had it all the way in. I had used dildos on myself before so it didn’t hurt going in and he wasn’t that big so it just felt really good. Once he started to fuck me I was lost in how great it felt, the fullness and the warm of skin on skin. As he was slowly fucking me he was kissing and licking my neck and shoulders, this turned my on so much I started forcing myself back onto his cock. He quickly realized I was enjoying myself and picked up speed; I looked down to watch the guys on the video screen getting fucked and everything seemed so unreal. He started breathing heavier and pick up speed, fucking me deep and hard. I tried to stay in place for him so he could just fuck and have his way with me. In a just a few moments he was asking “cum, yes”? In a lusty voice that surprised me, I replied “yes, cum in my fucking ass”. No sooner did I get the words out I felt him shooting his load into my tight ass, so fucking hot I was thinking to myself. After a couple of deep moans he pulled his dick out and leaned against my back, his dick resting against my ass crack and sweat making us stick together. After a while he stood up and I turned around to face him, “good, ok” he said, “good, ok” I replied. He pulled up his pants, looked at me and opened the door and left. I closed the door and was left standing there with only one pant leg on and cum dripping down my legs. I felt like a nasty boy and I liked it. I then proceeded to get myself together and leave, I walked past the clerk without looking at him and into the night air. I never saw that guy again or even knew his name, but it was a great first time.

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