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Hookup at the cabin

It had been a long day out on the lake. Actually, I had been on one of two piers most of the day, catching fish too small to keep and enjoying the sunshine. To be honest, it had been good just to have no one around asking anything from me or even knowing me, for that matter.
It had not been until I walked back into my cabin, that I realized how drained I was. I was sun burnt (of course) and dirty and in need of a shower. But more than that, my legs and arms were sore from doing different things than I usually did at home with Mike.
He had training for his job this weekend and all through the next 10 days. I had decided that since he hated sitting still for more than 20 minutes if his phone was not ringing, the TV was not blaring and his computer was not, that this was my opportunity to just sit in the sunshine and veg.
I walked to the bathroom and smiled, glad that I had upgraded to a cabin and delighted to see that it had a garden tub. It was too small to really call a hot tub or a whirlpool, but it would work for soaking the ache from my bones and the dirt from my flesh. While the water ran, I walked out to the refrigerator and grabbed the pitcher of mixed drinks I had made earlier in the day and a frosted glass and went back to the tub.
I am, as you may have guessed, a wife. I am a mother of two grown c***dren. I am not what anyone would call a petite, pretty young thing. I am a woman. 40DD, long haired, short statured woman who works 60 hours a week and as I tested the waters, and a person who had really needed some me time. “The only thing lacking,” I remember thinking, “is sex!!!” But then as I looked in the mirror I saw the half-hearted lift of the corner of my lips. It had been years since I had that, so needing that was also something I had grown accustomed to.
I poured a cold glass of alcohol and realized that I had mixed it a little strong. “Oh well, waste not, want not,” and I stepped into the tub and sank down into it. It was one of those “Calgon” moments in life. I had spent a day doing what I wanted. I was tired from doing what I wanted. I was now relaxing, physically, and emotionally just as I had hoped.
I smiled, as I looked down and saw my breasts floating freely in the water. I love my breasts. I had always enjoyed sucking my own breasts, even when I was in high school. But once I had k**s and they nursed, … it all just went to a different level. When Mike’s stress caused him to go on fist fulls of pills every day a few years ago, I had taught him how he could satisfy me in other ways. His primary role has been to suck my nipples until they are so sore they bother me for days afterwards riding in their bra cups! His fingers have become very skilled and familiar with all of my parts as well.
But I was not above sucking my own flesh, and the white flesh contrasted so nicely with the red burn I had gotten…. I gave them a quick tug and then brought my left breast to my lips. “I do taste good.”
But 30 minutes went by and I had only succeeded in building my desire and lust. My mind kept wandering to things and then I’d feel guilty. They kept wandering to the words that appeared on my computer screen. They were typed by Mr. Skilled_and_Endowed. He had hunted me down online and said we had gone to college together. He was not surprised that I could not figure out who he was. No man in college had ever approached me the way this man did online.
He was a friend online. But he was always horny. And he quickly ferreted out the things that made me horny as well. We would chat back and forth and I would sometimes find myself touching myself and even more as we chatted. He made me feel horny, wanted, sexxxy… and sleazy.
But there was no way I was ever going to cheat on Mike. He is the love of my life.
Mr.Skilled_and_Endowed was just a fantasy.
A fantasy that at the moment was confusing me and frustrating me.
I polished off the last of my second glass and decided getting a bite at the lodge might be in order. I got up, dried off, brushed out my hair and braided it. I reached for my bra, and then… what the hell… I put it back on the bed. I am a big woman and normally I do not go anywhere without having the girls secured. But maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the fact that I had not seen a single person I had known for over 24 hours. I decided the halter style red top with a white shirt over my shoulders would be enough.
I looked at myself in the mirror, once I had on my capri’s and approved. The girls moved inside the halter, but not obscenely. I smiled, thinking myself naughty, grabbed my purse and opened the front door and headed for the lodge.
That was when I saw him. He was a man, about my age, maybe a little older. Salt and pepper hair, tall, big build and he was looking up at my door and at me with a confidant smile that screamed he knew me. But I had never seen him before in my life.
“Can I help you?” I asked him as I reached back for the door knob.
“I am certain that you can. But even more certainly, I know I can help you.” Came a deep male voice that sounded as if it was made for radio. He took a couple steps up the walk toward the cabin and I began to think I had better get back inside when he said, “My name is Brad. But you probably think of me as Mr.Skilled_and_Endowed.”
I know my jaw hit the ground. He walked right up to the steps, and standing below me by two steps, I found myself staring into two gray eyes that seemed to be deeper than the lake I had fished. There were deep-set smile lines at the corner of his eyes and mouth. I stood there stunned. “I hoped I had figured out the right place,” he said.
“How? I mean,… why are you here?” I heard myself blurt out.
“You told me you were going fishing this weekend. I happened to see online last night that you were at the park, so I took a chance that you might be staying at a cabin. A girl at the lodge’s reception desk recognized my description of you and said you were staying here. So…. I came over.”
To say I was stunned, did not begin to describe it. My heart was pounding so loudly, I was sure he could hear it!! I was not certain whether to be scared to death or just overwhelmingly flattered. Here was a man I had never met before, standing just three feet in front of me, having tracked me on the internet and it was both creepy and sweet.
“I’d like to take you to dinner at the lodge. They have a lobster dinner there that is incredible,” he finally said. I just stood there looking at this mountain of a man. He was a man’s man. He had arms bigger than most women’s legs. His neck began at his ears and flared out to shoulders that looked sculpted from granite.
“I was just heading that way,” I heard myself say, and he turned and offered me an arm. Unbelievably, I saw myself reaching for his arm and he walked me to the lodge.
The whole evening was so neat. He lived 15 miles from the lodge (150 miles from my home) and his wife had died of a heart-attack two years ago. I found out that he had worked in the library when I had been going to grad school and that one evening we had shared coffee and then a nice walk. It had made an impression on him and I vaguely remembered it, but that was 20 years ago.
The food was delicious (he insisted on paying the bill). There were sail boats on the lake that moved gracefully and I found myself holding his hand as we walked in the grown dusk of the day back toward my cabin.
With the drinks I had had before, and the wine we had consumed with the meal, I was a little tipsy, and when I get tipsy, well… I get horny. And as we walked back, some of the time just in silence, I found myself wondering what it would be like to have Brad come in. I wondered what his lips would taste like, what it would feel like to have his lips on my neck, my shoulders, my chest.
Brad mistook my sudden shudder as a sign that I was cold and his powerful long arm wrapped around my shoulders and pulled him against his side. His cologne was intoxicating and the muscles of his body gave off a heat that melted me defenses. I wanted him. I wanted all of him. I wanted him to do all of those things he typed on the computer. I wanted him to do more.
I broke from his embrace and jumped up the two steps to my porch and turned around. I had intended on leaning down and kissing him full on the mouth. I had not intended on my right breast deciding to make a cameo appearance. In fact, I was not even aware of it until I realized he was not looking up into my eyes but straight at my chest. I followed his gaze and froze in horror.
His right foot stepped up on the first step and he leaned forward and without any further adieu, he wrapped his hot soft lips around my exposed nipple. I caught my breath and looked quickly to either side. No one else was in sight. And within a very few seconds, it did not matter. His mouth sucked my nipple to full puckered erection in seconds and then, his tongue flicked a symphony of pleasure across the ridges and valleys of my straining flesh and before I knew what I was doing, I had both of my hands in his hair and was crushing his face into my soft flesh.
His hand right hand pulled my breast completely out into the warm evening air and he eagerly lavished his kisses, sucks, nips and tongue flicks across my nipple, causing an unseen nerve that connected to my clit to jump and twitch in obscene bliss. My mind, for only a moment screamed, “No, this is wrong!!!” before my body betrayed me and I broke his embrace and led him through the door and into my cabin.
Clothes flew as we moved, stumbled and dragged one another toward the bedroom. As we crossed the threshold into the bedroom, he kicked off his pants and I looked in awe at the tented fabric of his underwear. It had been a long time since I had seen an erect cock pointed at me. His looked huge inside the tented cotton.
Without any hesitation, I fell to my knees and then reached to his hips and pulled his waistband down to his knees. His cock sprang rudely to life, staring straight at me, angry, red and with a single thin strand of white trailing from its tip. I wet my lips with my tongue and then, grabbing the root of his cock, fed the monster into my mouth!
I have to admit, I have become VERY good at giving oral attentions since Mike has spent so much time attending to me. I determined right then and there that I was going to give to Brad my very best, and slowly I took him deep into my throat, until my nose touched his firm belly. I rolled my eyes up to look at him and he groaned in a way that I knew so well. I pulled back and then, while holding his eyes with mine, I slowly licked his shaft from balls to crown, over and over again before taking his head fully back into my mouth.
He sat back on the bed and then reached down and lifted my breasts. His huge hands lifted them and expertly kneaded, pulled and pressed my flesh in ways that nearly took my breath away. Then, he suddenly stood up, moved behind me and lifted me like a c***d so that I was chest down on the bed, with my ass pointed right at him.
He wasted no motion, but stepped between my legs from behind and rubbed his iron hard cock against my sopping wet pussy. I felt it opening my lips, pulling and pushing them at the same time. He flesh opened mine in a way that only a real cock can do and as every fraction of an inch sank deeper and deeper into me, my mind flew further and further into the ecstatic ethereal!!! When at last, his cock had entered me completely; I could feel his belly push hard against my ass. The whole thing was so overwhelming that my first orgasm overwhelmed me. I shuddered as wave after wave of pleasure pounded through my brain, shattering my ability to even breathe.
He held me there, his heavy balls, slowly bouncing against my clit. He alternately pressed hard and gently against my ass, but held his cock still in my quivering womanhood. When I began to come back to reality he slowly pulled back. It was only an inch maybe, but then he slammed it back into me! I could feel his thick head pounding into my parts deep within my abdomen in a manner that screamed he was read y to take his pleasure from my body.
Gradually he increased both the length of his withdrawal and the speed of his slamming fucking of my pussy. I was so wet; I could feel my juices running down my thighs. One of my hands was alternating pulling on my nipples while the other was rubbing my clit in motion with his fucking and occasionally weighing the size and shape of his huge balls as they bottomed out, going into me. I felt one of his hands leave my his and then a spit coated thumb began pushing and exploring my puckered asshole. Mike would never touch my ass, but Brad had not hesitated and I felt him begin to explore my virgin ass.
It was too much, and when he finally sank his thumb into my ass I screamed and clamped down on his cock like I had not dreamed I still could! For a moment I thought I might break his cock off inside me … and then I no longer cared.
I heard a roar from behind me and then there was a gushing between my thighs as my legs buckled and our combined cum poured out of me!
To be honest, I think I passed out at this point, because the next thing I remember was him laying across my back, kissing my neck. His cock had softened some but was still lodged deep within me. “What a way to start a weekend,” he murmured into my hair.
And that was true… it was just a start to one hell of a weekend.

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