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Ari spends the day with her new friend

The next morning, Ari woke up early. She took a long shower thinking about everything that had gone on. She felt good about herself and looked forward to more encounters. She was surprised that she now wanted to be watched when she masturbated. Even more, she wanted someone to take care of her needs.

She decided to wear something that showed off her amazing tits. She had the perfect bra and blouse. She was feeling good about herself and was hoping to tease a man or two today.

Jennifer was waiting for her at the café. The two girls went over their notes for school and had lunch. After the business of school was taken care of, Jennifer couldn’t wait to ask Ari for all of the details of the previous evening. Ari was a little embarrassed but Jennifer was desperate to hear about the man in the window. So Ari shared her story with Jennifer hanging on her every word. Ari was certain that the mysterious gel had made her so horny. Jennifer agreed and briefly described how she too was quickly naked and taking care of herself. Except with no audience. The girls talked for a while about their backgrounds, both at school and in bed. They had a lot in common, especially when it came to men. Outside of a couple of awkward encounters, neither had managed a real relationship.

After lunch, the girls decided to head back to the shop where they had gotten to try the amazing gel. The same woman was working and greeted the girls when they came in. She asked them about the gel and Ari and Jennifer both smiled and told the owner they loved it. The girls checked out the store. Jennifer wanted to try on some things while Ari looked at some of the amazing toys at the counter. Ari really wanted a vibrator and couldn’t decide if she should spend the money or not. One in particular that was simple, but inexpensive was tempting her when Jennifer called out to her from the dressing room. Ari went back and found Jennifer with a cute white bra on. Jennifer wanted to know how it looked. Ari took in her new friend for a moment. She was a chubby girl with long red hair. She didn’t have large breasts but they looked bigger in the bra. She was an attractive girl and Ari caught herself wondering what Jennifer looked like naked. Ari told Jennifer it looked beautiful on her and Jennifer smiled.

At the counter, the girls couldn’t wait to ask about the gel. A single tiny bottle was $12. After listening to the sales pitch, the girls decided to go in together and buy a little bottle. They would sort out who got to use it and when later. The girls left the shop with their purchase and spent another hour walking around exploring the little college town. Jennifer invited Ari to her apartment to hang out and the two girls headed off.

It was another warm day and Ari was glad that Jennifer had air conditioning. She was a little jealous of that. Jennifer turned on the television and they talked for a bit. She also produced a bottle of wine. Ari hadn’t d***k much before but was eager to try out the fruity smelling drink. Ari was happy that she had made a friend and was happy that they both shared similar opinions on most everything. The conversation turned to sex. Jennifer asked Ari if she had any toys and Ari explained how she had a small vibrator but nothing more. Jennifer slipped into her room and reappeared with a good sized toy. It was black and Jennifer showed her how to turn it on. Ari was fascinated with the toy and really wished she had one of her own. Jennifer explained how it worked and how it had gotten her through several sl**pless nights. Jennifer asked a lot of questions about the man that watched Ari. She asked Ari to describe what he looked like and how big he was. Jennifer hung on her every word. Ari found that she was feeling her pussy start to ache a little. She wasn’t sure if it was the wine or all of the sex talk. Ari thought that Jennifer looked pretty and was suddenly aware that she was sitting so close to Ari.

Ari asked Jennifer to get the gel out. The two girls read the box and talked at length about how good it felt. Jennifer described how, when she had gotten home, she had slowly stripped down in front of a mirror while looking at her own body. How she had gently played with her nipples and rubbed her pussy. How wet she had gotten and how good her orgasm had felt. She told Ari that she couldn’t wait to try it again. Ari was eager also and was getting more turned on listening to Jennifer talk about touching herself. Suddenly, Jennifer asked if Ari minded if she used some of the gel. Ari laughed and told Jennifer that she thought she would never ask. Jennifer slipped off her shorts revealing cute white panties. Ari figured why not and did the same. Sitting next to each other on the couch, Ari carefully applied the gel to Jennifer’s finger. The redhead reached into her panties and carefully applied the gel. Ari could see that Jennifer had a little red hair above her pussy. It was the first time Ari had ever seen red hair down below. Jennifer pulled her legs together with her hands still between her legs and let out a deep sigh. She opened her eyes looking at Ari and told Ari it was her turn. Slightly nervous, Ari’s hands shook as Jennifer put a generous amount of the gel on Ari’s finger. Ari slipped her hand inside of her panties aware that Jennifer was watching. She found her clit and rubbed the gel on it and instantly, the cool feeling hit her. She too forgot herself for a moment until Jennifer remarked that Ari was shaved. Ari said she liked to be shaved clean. Jennifer said that her s****r had told her that redheads were special and that she should leave a little hair down below. Ari admitted that it did look different. After all, Ari had seen many pussies on the computer before but never one with red hair. Jennifer slipped her panties down some and Ari was able to see that the hair apparently was all around Jennifer’s pussy. Ari wanted to see more but Jennifer reminded Ari that fair is fair and asked to see more of Ari. Jennifer told Ari she loved her shaved look. Ari would never have imagined doing this with another woman only a few days ago but here she was. Ari asked Jennifer if she had ever touched herself in front of another woman and she said no but told Ari that she was curious. Ari was too but wasn’t sure how far she was ready to go. Jennifer slipped her panties off revealing herself to Ari. She then sat up and pulled of her bloused and undid her bra. Suddenly the pretty redhead was naked in front of Ari. Jennifer told Ari that it was okay if she didn’t want to do the same but smiled and reminded Ari that she had gotten naked and masturbated for a man that she had never met. Ari found it hard to argue with that logic and decided to go for it. She slipped off her panties and undid her blouse and bra while Jennifer sat smiling at her. Ari told Jennifer that she was a little nervous but Jennifer assured her that if it got weird, they could stop.

Both girls sat naked on the couch next to each other drinking in their bodies. Ari couldn’t get over how nice Jennifer looked naked. She had freckles all over her body and her tits weren’t very big. Yet Ari liked how she looked. Jennifer asked if the gel was working and Ari admitted that it felt good. Both girls reached down and touched themselves. It felt good and Ari’s inhibitions were leaving her. Jennifer’s pussy looked so good and was getting very wet. Ari was soaked, as always and asked Jennifer if they should get towels. Jennifer grabbed her hand and led her back to the bedroom. Jennifer gave Ari a towel and led her over and sat her on the bed. Jennifer went into the bathroom and got one herself and sat next to Ari. It was cool in the room which seemed to make the gel go crazy. Jennifer spread her legs and started to play with herself again. Ari liked watching her and did the same. The two girls rubbed themselves and Ari found that she was getting excited quickly. Jennifer was watching her intently. Ari wondered what was on the redhead’s mind. Jennifer leaned over and asked Ari if she could touch her big breasts. Ari hesitated for a minute and then thought, why not. After all, she had let everyone touch them back in high school since she had the biggest set. Ari laid back and Jennifer spun around to get a better angle. Ari stopped touching herself for a moment while Jennifer leaned over and cupped her left breast. Ari’s nipples were rock hard from the cool air and the excitement of the whole thing. Jennifer smiled as she explored Ari’s chest. It felt good to have someone else’s hands on her. She put her arms back over her head so that Jennifer could have an easier time handling her tits. Jennifer seemed to appreciate the move and played with Ari’s nipples. It felt so good to Ari. Jennifer had one hand on Ari and the other between her own legs. Ari could see that Jennifer’s clit was hard and that Jennifer was working it with an experienced hand. Her pussy was wide open too and was soaked. Ari wondered what it felt like if she could touch it. She moved her hand over to Jennifer’s leg and rubbed her thigh softly. Jennifer welcomed her touch. The two girls were enjoying themselves and without asking, Jennifer had begun rubbing Ari’s belly too. Ari reached down with her free hand and started touching her acing pussy again, spreading her legs to make it easier. The cool air felt good while Jennifer’s hands rubbed her tits and belly. Her new friend’s hands felt so good and Ari reached up and played with Jennifer’s nipple some. The redhead closed her eyes and bit her lip. Her hands that she had been rubbing Ari with slowed down and the other hand worked her pussy faster. Ari could see that she was getting close and sat up and whispered into Jennifer’s ear that she wanted to see her cum. Jennifer moaned softly as Ari played with her tits and rubbed the redhead’s belly and legs. Jennifer lay back with her legs spread towards Ari. Ari could smell her sex and wondered what the redhead’s would do if she slipped her fingers inside of her pussy. Ari continued to rub Jennifer’s legs and inner thighs brushing up near her pussy occasionally. Jennifer couldn’t hold back any longer and came. Wave after wave passed over her until she slumped back with her fingers still buried in her pussy.

After a few quiet moments, Jennifer got up and told Ari to lay back with her head on her pillow. Ari complied as the redhead left the room, returning with the dildo. She asked Ari if she would like to try it and Ari said yes. She reached out her hand but Jennifer laughed and told her to lay back and relax. Jennifer turned the toy on and ran it up Ari’s leg. She paused just before getting to Ari’s pussy. Ari was nervous but eager. Jennifer moved the toy to Ari’s clit and gently rubbed it. It felt so good and Ari opened her legs further. Jennifer rubbed Ari with the toy and slipped her had up to Ari’s tits again. It felt so good. Ari arched her back and moaned. Jennifer used her experience with the toy to quickly bring Ari to a point where she was begging for the toy inside of her pussy. Jennifer slipped the toy deep into Ari’s dripping wet pussy. It felt so good to Ari as the toy vibrated. Ari used her own hands to twist her nipples. It felt so good to have cock shaped toy inside of her. She opened her eyes to see Jennifer intently staring at her pussy. Their eyes met and Jennifer asked Ari if she was ready to cum. Ari said yes and Jennifer slid down lying next to Ari while still working her pussy. She wrapped her arm around Ari and told Ari to cum for her while she fucked her with the toy cock. Jennifer’s body felt so good and Ari could feel her orgasm welling up from deep inside. Jennifer pumped Ari’s pussy hard and Ari fucked it back. Jennifer didn’t stop when the first wave of Ari’s orgasm washed over her. She continued to pump as several waves came. Ari had never cum like this before and didn’t want it to end. Jennifer had a smile on her face as Ari’s last waves subsided. She slipped the cock out of Ari’s pussy and the two women lay together, spent. Without moving the two women laid together. Not moving, they drifted off to sl**p, arm in arm, two new friends.

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