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Mother is a Lesbian

"Mom, you home?"

Nina Edwards called out to an empty house. She shut the front door behind
her and kicked off her sneakers. She shrugged her purple backpack off her
shoulders and let it slide down her back, where she deftly caught the strap
with one hand. Then she set it down on the floor, against the wall.

Their house was like any other suburban house in southern Massachusetts.
In front of her was a hall which led to the kitchen. To her left was the
dining room. To the right was the living room. A carpeted staircase led
up to the second floor. Nina walked up the stairs, into her room, and into
the adjoining bathroom. She peed ,then took a moment to admire herself in
the mirror.

She was 16 years old and a little short for her age. She wore tight, faded
blue jeans which hugged her lean legs and her full, firm butt. It had been
a warm day so she'd only worn a pink, V-neck t-shirt which showed just a
little cleavage at the right angles. Her boy friend, Rich, had clearly
appreciated the choice of clothing as he tried to catch a peek down her
shirt. They'd been dating for two months but had yet to do any thing but
kiss. She was a very pretty girl, with honey-gold hair down to the bottom
of her neck, green eyes, and just the right amount of brown freckles on her
nose and cheeks. All in all, she was happy about her looks.

Mostly, she got them from her dad's side of the f****y. Colin and Patricia
Edwards had been married at 18, had a daughter when they were 26, then had
been divorced at 36 when Nina was only 10 years old. They had decided that
they were no longer in love and that a loveless marriage was no environment
in which to raise a c***d. Although Colin Edwards had moved out six years
ago, he and his ex-wife were good friends and he maintained a close
relationship with his daughter.

Nina sat down in front of the computer and switched it on. But something
wasn't right. The monitor wouldn't work. She fiddled with the wires and
did everything she could think of to fix it, but to no avail. Nina gave a
frustrated groan and turned off the computer. She scooted back her chair
and walked out of her room. She turned and moved down the master bedroom
at the end of the hall - her mother's room. She sat down at her mother's
computer and accessed Hotmail so she could write an email to her friend.

But as she opened the site, she saw that her mother had never logged out.
Curious, Nina looked at her mother's inbox. Most of the new messages were
from her mother's friends. One, however, stood out. It was an email
titled: "The Nudity of Lana, Part 2" from someone called Nina looked over her shoulder. No mother in sight.
She opened the email and read its contents:

"Hey Pat, I just wanted to let you know that I've posted part 2 of Lana on
Nifty. Check it out and let me know what you think. Here's the URL:"

The URL was displayed underneath. Nina didn't know what Nifty was or what
"The Nudity of Lana, Part 2" meant, but by this point she was burning with
curiosity. She clicked the link and it took her to a simple site
containing two text links - one to "The Nudity of Lana, Part 1" and the
other to "The Nudity of Lana, Part 2". She dragged the cursor to the first
title. When she clicked it, a story appeared in the window. She began to

By the time she'd finished both parts, her jaw was hanging open. It was a
story about a 13 year old girl who visits a nudist hiking trail and meets a
group of female nudists. Finally, the girl, Lana, removes her clothes and
joins in the fun, playing, bathing, and talking with the other naked women.
There was no sex in the story, but it had strong lesbian undertones. Nina
had no doubt about the direction the story was going. This opened up new
questions. Was her mom a lesbian? Or bisexual? Was she into nudism? Was
she turned on by the thought of a naked, 13 year old girl?

Nina back-tracked until she was able to find the main site. There were
several categories of stories available but the only one which had been
clicked was the "Lesbian" category. Nina clicked it and a new set of
categories came up. "Adult youth", "Young friends", "High school", and
"i****t" had all been accessed. She clicked "Adult youth" and scanned the
list of stories which had been highlighted. "The Nudity of Lana" was one.
Another story, "Her Vacation Girl" caught her eye and she began to read.

This story was even more telling than the last. It was about a woman in
her mid-20's and a 15 year old girl who meet two little girls over the
Internet who are interested in experimenting with an older woman. They
pick up the girls from the mall, go back to their hotel room, and spend the
night having a four-way lesbian orgy.

Nina was stunned. Her sweet, beautiful, perfectly normal mother was
reading these kinds of stories. Even if she wasn't a lesbian, she
definitely had a thing for young girls with older women. How could this be
her mother? Her mother was a fourth-grade teacher, not some wanton sex
fiend. Maybe there was some mistake.

Just then, an IM window popped up. Apparently her mother hadn't logged off
AIM either. The message was from a screen name Nina didn't recognize -
MaryD4326. Nina thought to close it, but her curiosity again got the
better of her. She checked the profile. It was a 31 year old woman from
Georgia. There was nothing strange in the profile at all.

"Hey there," said Mary D over the instant message.

"Hi," Nina typed back.

"Alice and I really miss you," Mary said.

"I miss you, too," Nina replied, not knowing what else to say. She felt a
little guilty pretending to be her mother, but she wanted to know who this
woman was. And who was Alice?

"She watched the tape we made every time she comes over for the night,"
said Mary.

"Good," said Nina.

"Her favorite part is when she's licking your asshole while you eat me out.
Whoever thought my niece would love giving a woman a rimjob so much. But
she just takes off all her clothes, sits on the couch, and fingers herself
while she watches it."

Nina was completely floored. She suddenly remembered the trip her mother
had taken to Georgia two weeks earlier, while Nina visited her father.
She'd said it was a business trip. She didn't mention anything about
having sex with an other woman and her neice. Nina had no idea what to say
or do.

"I put it on the computer, too. Check it out," said Mary.

A window popped up asking if Nina wanted to watch a streaming video clip.
Against her better judgement, she clicked Accept. A window opened showing
a video of her mother, sitting on the edge of an unfamiliar bed, completely
naked from head to toe. Her dark hair was tied back in a ponytail and she
seemed perfectly natural and comfortable, sitting there with her legs
crossed, hiding all but a small tuft of pubic hair, and her C cup breasts
hanging free. She was talking to someone behind the camera. Nina turned
up the volume.

"Hurry up, Mary," said her mother to the hidden person.

"I'm not sure it's on," said the voice of Mary.

"The red light is on," replied her mother.

"Hmm," Mary replied.

"Come on," said her mother. "Alice wants to get her pussy licked."

Just then, a little redheaded girl, wearing nothing but pink panties and
socks, ran into the frame. She climbed on the bed and into Nina's mother's
arms. Pat wrapped the c***d in a warm, loving embrace which the girl
eagerly returned.

"Right, sweetie?" Pat asked the topless c***d.

"Right!" exclaimed Alice happily, smiling at the camera. She was an
adorable girl, with pale skin and freckles on her face and shoulders. When
she smiled, Nina could see that many of her teeth were missing, baby teeth
which had fallen out. It was hard to reconcile the girl's precious face
with the open, a****l lust on her mother's face as Pat surveyed the girl's
flat chest.

Nina watched, mesmerized and horrified, as her mother began to grope the
little girl's chest. Then her hand slid down Alice's stomach and into her
crotch. Through the pink panties, her mother rubbed the girl's vagina,
making Alice writhe in pleasure. With her free hand, her mother turned the
girl's face towards hers. Nina saw their tongues entwine just before their
lips sealed. She watched as her mother and this innocent c***d
passionately French kissed. Alice was now on Nina's mother's lap, grinding
her tiny butt against her mother's crotch.

Without breaking the kiss, Nina's mother slid her hands from Alice's chest
to her waist. She grabbed her panties and pulled them off as Alice tucked
her knees to accommodate her. The girl's small, immature pussy was now
plainly visible, pink and devoid of hair. Likewise, Nina's mother had
spread her legs, giving the camera, and Nina, a clear view of her mother's
cunt. It was soaking wet by this point. Nina could barely comprehend. Of
course, her mother was a woman and had the desires of a woman, but Nina
could never have expected anything like this. Her mother was ravenous with
sexual hunger for the 9 year old on her lap.

Suddenly, there was a movement in front of the camera, and Mary herself
stepped into the frame. She looked like Alice, with the same red hair and
freckles, but with breasts and a full-figured, voluptuous body. Mary, who
was dressed in a blue, strapless bra, blue thong panties, and a garter belt
with blue stockings, sat down on the bed beside Nina's mother. She smiled
happily as her friend m*****ed her niece.

By now, Nina's mother had her fingers in Alice's lap. Nina watched as her
mother continued to passionately kiss the 9 year old girl while her
fingernails teased the tiny vagina. Pat's middle finger pressed against
the opening gently until the tip had slipped inside. Alice began to squirm
wildly, grinding her crotch against the much older woman's hand.

Nina watched, transfixed to the screen, as her mother drew her finger out
of the girl's tender pussy and held it up to the girl's face. Alice broke
the kiss, looked at the finger for a moment, then opened her mouth. Nina's
mother put her finger in the girl's mouth, then her lips closed around it.
Alice sucked her pussy juice off the finger and smiled. Pat smiled back.

Alice closed her eyes and moved in for another kiss, but Nina's mother drew
back. Alice pouted. For all her sexuality, she was a c***d, and c***dren
got upset when they didn't get what they wanted. Nina's mother gave her a
hug, holding the naked c***d against her bare breasts.

"I want to kiss you some more," said Alice.

"I know, but we need to let Aunt Mary have some fun, too," Nina's mother
replied, using the same voice she'd used with Nina as a c***d.

"Aww," whined Alice.

"I have an idea," said Mary. "Alice, why don't you suck on Pat's tits
while she and I kiss?"

"OK!" said Alice happily, delighted at the idea.

"Good," said Mary, then she turned to Pat. "Now come here, you. Mmmm
. . ."

Her words were cut off as the two women locked lips. Pat wrapped her arms
around the back of Mary's neck while Mary rubbed Pat's thighs. Somehow,
seeing this really drove the point home for Nina. Seeing her mother
kissing and fingering a little girl was so impossible that she couldn't
believe it. Seeing her mother, naked, kissing a woman in lingerie, made it
real. Her mother was a lesbian. A very active lesbian.

While the two women kissed, Alice, now sitting beside Nina's mother, leaned
in towards Pat's chest. Pat raised her arm to allow the girl better
access. Alice took one of the large breasts in her tiny hand, squeezing
the nipples, and began to suck eagerly. Her mother began to moan through
the kisses. Apparently, her nipples were a very sensitive spot.

Just then, the video stream stopped. Another IM from Mary popped up.

"I almost forgot. I uploaded the pics too. Want to see them?" she asked
over IM.

"OK," Nina typed in response, not knowing why.

Mary sent a link and Nina clicked it. Another window opened which showed a
list of JPEG images. She clicked on the top one and worked her way down.
Some of them were perfectly normal. She saw a picture of Pat, Mary, and
Alice at the beach. Then a picture of Alice in a cute, one-piece yellow
bathing suit, making a sand castle. There was a picture of Mary and Pat
together at some kind of club. And there was another of Mary and Alice,
fully clothed, hugging warmly.

But then, there were the others:

The three lovers lying side-by-side, masturbating, with Alice in the

Mary, on her back, with Alice squatting over her face, getting her pussy

Pat and Mary, on all fours, kissing each other.

Alice and Pat curled up together, naked, fast asl**p.

Her mother one her hands and knees with Alice, kneeling behind her, wearing
only a strap-on dildo, looking over her shoulder at the camera and smiling

And, most shocking of all, Nina saw a picture of her naked mother, sitting
in a bathrub, while Mary peed on her face. Her mother seemed to be
reveling in it, opening her mouth wide to receive the piss. It dripped
down her chin and covered her breasts.

Suddenly, she heard the door open downstairs. "Nina, sweetie, you home?"
she heard her mother call.

Quickly, Nina closed all the windows she'd opened. She quickly ran into
her room, jumped on her bed, and turned on the television. By the time her
mother began to walk up the stairs, she was watching a talk show. Her
mother walked into the room. She sat down on the bed beside her daughter
and kissed her on the forehead.

"Hi, honey," she said.

"Hey, Mom," Nina replied, her voice quavering.

"Something wrong?" she asked.

"Nope," the teenager replied.

"Is there something you want to tell me?"

Nina felt her heart freeze. She looked up at her mother. Pat Edwards was
a tan woman with long, brown hair. Despite being in her early forties, she
still had a marvelous figure. She was a perfect vision of feminine beauty
and female sensuality. Her chocolate-brown eyes gleamed as she looked at
her daughter.

"What . . ."

"Your algebra test?"

Nina breathed a silent sigh of relief.

"I got an A."

"That's wonderful!"

Nina's mother hugged her tightly. Somehow, Nina felt dirty, as if hugging
her mother after what she'd just witnessed was wrong. But she couldn't say
anything. After that, her mother told her what they were having for
dinner, then walked into her room.

Nina sat there for a moment, in a daze. She couldn't believe that her
mother, the woman who'd raised her, loved her, and cared for her her entire
life, could actually do something like she'd just witnessed on the
computer. When she had looked at her mother, she hadn't seen a woman in a
smart, business suit. She'd seen her naked, fingering a little girl, or
kissing a full-figured red-head in lingerie.

Softly, Nina began to cry.

To be continued . . .

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