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Babysitting part 2 :)

So there i was sat on the sofa, with my jeans undone and boxers down revealing my hard cock, Jade holding on to the bottom of it tightly asking rosy to suck my cock.

Rosy i could tell was a little bit more shy like me, she didnt straight away want to do it, even though she was ever so close to my cock. she then suddenly stood up and asked me 'do you think im sexy'. i looked at her standind in front of me with her short pulled up slightly more now revealing more of her thighs, she was slowly unbotton her shirt, and pouting her lips, 'yeah rosy iv always thought you were really sexy, you look just like jade'. rosy smiled at me again kneeld next to my cock, 'jade how' she whispered tryin not to let me hear, i pretended i didnt hear her, they started whispering and then giggles, jade then told me to close my eyes, i did and with that jade started to kiss me pulling my head back.

Jade really knew what she was doing, it aroused me soo much that a 14 yr old girl had so much dominance over me, i then felt a tongue slowly lick the side of my cock, then licks all the way from the bottom to the top of my cock, it felt amazing i could feel the pre cum already making it way out. jade still kissing me starting stroking my cock slowly.

i never thought i would ever do this with girls so young, id always dreamt about it and fantasized sometimes about doing stuff with younger girls, but never thought i would have an opportunity to do such a thing. and now here i was with my jeans down a kissing a hot busty 14 year old girl while she was stroking my cock, and her younger s****r licking pre cum of my cock.

jade then told rosy to stand up again, 'rosy do that dance we learnt together you kno that crazy 1' . jade then told me to open my eyes, 'you mr babysitter are going to sit here and watch my s****r strip for you, while i stroke your cock, so give me your arm' she took my arm and made me put it around her, then she unbottom her shirt and f***ed my hand inside, she had no bra on!! i was amazed wow she had amazing boobs and al this time i thought she had a bra on aswel!. 'You love my boobs i know you do so i will let you play with them' it felt like a dream, i was touching her hard nipples and soft boobs just felt amazing, jade now had a grip of my cock and was slowly stroking it.

Rosy was up and ready for her strip, she turned around and bent over slighlty i i could now see her ass from under her skirt she had red thongs on, with that her shirt was off, she then staying in a bent position slowly took of her thongs, i could just about see a little of her pussy, i felt soo horny right now, jade then licked the end of her finger and started teasing the top of my cock.

i couldnt take the teasing for much longer, i whisper to jade 'i really like you will you give kiss my cock' jade smirked at me 'oooo naughty tut tut' she slowly lowered her head, i was expecting the same licks the rosy was giving. i was in for a big suprise. i saw my whole cock slowly entering further and further into jades mouth. wow then griped my cock with her lips and sucked all the way up my cock, i let out a groan. she started going deeper and deeper with every suck, it was amazing i had never had a blowjob this amazing in my life, i dnt know whther it was because jade was so amazing at it or it was because jades small little mouth had fit all inside my mouth while rosy was naked slowly climbing on to the sofa with me, either way it was amazing.

Rosy then went closer to where my face was and had her legs on either side of my face, she still had her skirt on and i could just about make out her pussy under it. 'ive seen this in pornos' she said slowly lowering her pussy closer and closer to my mouth 'lick it i wna see how it feels' a drip of her juices fell on my lips as she was lowering her pussy closer to me, it tasted so sweet i wanted more, i quickly took my hands gripped rosys hips and pushed her pussy down onto my mouth, i took my tongue and taste all her wet juices, it was dribbling all over my face, rose was now groaning really quite load 'ooohh myy this is amazing ooh please lick lick put your tongue inside me' great idea i started inserted my tongue inside her tiny pussy hole, it was really tight and hard to push in but i got inside and started thrusting my tongue in and out off her pussy.

things were just so amazing, i was fucking a 13 yr olds girls pussy with my tounge while her 14 yr old sista was deepthroating my cock, i the luckiest babysitter in the world...

please keep commenting if you would like a part 3 ;).

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