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My favorite black girl

My favorite black girl is an e****t that I will call F. She's a single mum, late thrities and stunningly beautiful with a gorgeous size 6-8 body but tits that are a D cup. Ok, so they have been enhanced but they feel and look amazing. She may be an e****t but we have met loads of times now and we are more friends than anything else. I still pay for my time with her but she lets me see her for half her normal rate and provided she doesn't have anything else on I get to stay for as long as we are having fun.

One time I saw her I didn't have long, only half an hour but it was long enough. I had been looking forward to seeing her again for ages. When I knocked on her door my heart was pounding just like the first time I met her. She answered and I walked in. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. Her petite body felt so good. She was dressed in just her bra and panties and she looked amazing. She took my hand and literally dragged me to her bedroom. She leapt onto her bed, gave me that sexy look of hers and told me I was all hers. I stripped off my clothes down to my boxers and laid beside her. As I caressed her bare flesh her skin was so soft, smooth and dark. She originates from Africa and has an accent I have to concentrate on a little but her voice is so sexy. We had a quick catch up on what had happened since I last saw her and then began to kiss.

Her warm, firm lips and mine began to massage each others as I slid one arm under her head and caressed her body with my free hand. My cock began to swell and stiffen. I kissed her neck and she arched her head back to give me better access. She made encouraging moans as I continued to explore her incredible body with my lips and hand. I rose to my knees to allow me to use both hands to massage and caress her amazing figure while continuing to kiss my way down her body. I kissed her ample cleavage, her tummy, her pubic area, thighs and calfs. I stopped at her ankles as her feet are very ticklish. I turned her over and made my way back up her body. By now my cock was throbbing and rock hard. I unclipped her bra and she removed it before throwing it on the floor. I removed her panties and kissed each bum cheek. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world to have such a perfect example of womanhood before me.

She rolled over and caressed my cock through my underwear as I sucked her nipples and caressed her tummy.

F loves to have her pussy licked and I love giving her lots of oral attention. I teased her slit with my finger before kissing her smoothly shaved mound. She opened her legs and I took up position between them. I kissed her inner thighs, her outer pussy lips and her slit. My cock was so hard and I could feel a little precum ooze from my tip. Her fresh pussy smelt so sexy and aroused as I circled her clit with my tongue. She started moaning and I decided to step up a gear. I took her clit between my lips and gently sucked and licked it. Her climax started to build so quickly and she started breathing more quickly and deeply. She told me to finger her so I inserted one then two fingers into her hot, soaking wet snatch. I started pumping her pussy with my fingers while continuing to suck her clit. She began grinding her pussy into my face as her climax got closer. After a minute or so of this she had become so wet her juices were starting to ooze down the back of my hand and she came panting heavily as she stopped grinding. Normally she wants me to carry on and give her multiple orgasms but maybe aware I didn't have much time she swung her leg over my head and told me to lay on my back.

I did as I was told and she whipped of my boxers. My rock hard cock layed on my tummy and I could see a blob of precum glistening on my glans. She wrapped her small hand around my shaft and plunged my cock into her mouth. Seeing such a beautiful woman sucking my cock was heaven. She wanked the shaft whilst twisting her head around with my tip in her warm wet mouth. Without warning she took it out of her mouth and let go of it. It slapped against my tummy as she sat astride me. She rubbed her soaking wet slit up and down my shaft teasing my cock with her pussy. She leant over and took a condom from the bedside table. She then quickly wrapped my cock rolling the condom over it expertly. She then stared at me with a serious look on her face and said, "don't you dare cum!"

I promised her I would try not to and she positioned my tip at the entrance to her pussy. She closed her eyes as she sat down on its full length. I was balls deep inside her as she rocked her pelvis back and forth. I knew it felt good for her and she rested her hands on my chest. I caressed her back and tits as she started to grind harder and harder on my cock. After a short while she climaxed again and just sat impailed on my length savouring her orgasm. She then rose up laid down next me and told me to fuck her.

Not wishing to disappoint her I positioned myself between her legs and slid my cock deep inside her. As I pumped away at her she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me hard into her. I continued fucking her as she told me I was so good. I sensed that she was nearing another orgasm. She began to furiously rub her clit as I pumped my hard cock in and out of her pussy. She kept telling me to fuck her harder, harder. Then she stiffened as another climax hit her.

I couldn't move as her legs gripped me so hard and I was balls deep inside her as her climax was enjoyed. As she recovered she opened her eyes and wearily told me I could cum whenever I wanted. I resumed fucking her and could feel that her juices had now coated my ball bag with her slippey wetness.

As I pumped away and felt the coolness on my balls caused by her juices all over my scrotum I began to sense that my balls were getting ready to deliver their load. Her gorgeous body before me looked so beautiful. Her skin so dark and mine so pale by comparison. My cock began to harden further and I knew I was going to cum. Normally I would just inject my spunk deep inside her but without really thinking I pulled my cock out of her soaking wet hole, ripped the condom off and erupted. A huge jet of cum shot over her body leaving a string of spunk on her neck, left tit and tummy before another shot squirted and landed on her tummy and under her right tit. A final less powerful jet landed close to the previous on her tummy. As I squeezed my dick more cum trickled out dripping onto her tummy and filling her tummy button. I loved seeing all that white cum on her gorgeous black skin. But also worried that she might not approve. I needn't have worried - she just smiled and said, "wow - you obviously needed that!" She wasn't wrong!

We cleaned up and lay in each other arms for a few minutes before I had to get dressed and leave.

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