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Sexual Bucket List

I was doing some thinking today of all the filthy depraved activities I need to do before I die. Luckily I still have lots of time to accomplish these perversions, unless an asteroid hits us tomorrow. If that is the case I would be pretty upset. Now being a big bisexual pervert with a fiancé who isn't into all the crazy stuff, I am looking or some help with my list. So if you are interested in helping a deviant out and are in, around, or just visiting Pittsburgh and want to help cross some items off shoot me a message.

- I want to fuck an 18 year old girl, pervert her at that ripe young age.

- I need to be with a Shemale. They are beautiful. I need to fuck and get fucked by them.

- I want cock in my mouth again, it has been too long.

- I want a woman to dominate me. Use me as her fuck toy, pound me with a strap on.

- I need a woman to dildo my ass as she sucks me.

- Watersports, golden showers. Let's get wet.

- I want to fuck a mom and daughter at the same time.

- I need a woman to totally submit to me.

- Two chicks at the same time. Nuff said.

- I want to tag team a slut with another guy or multiple guys.

- Recieve an long wet rim job, It doesn't matter from whom.

- Take a girl to a porn theater, and watch her pleasure every dirty perv there, while I masterbate.

- I want to watch my fiancé suck and fuck another guy.

- I want to use and abuse a twink.

- I need my ass fucked by a nice stiff dick.

- I need to pound man ass.

- Find a steady jerk off buddy.

- Film myself fucking.

- Feed a slut cum from a condom.

- Have a man cum on my cock and nuts so I jerk off using his jizz as lube.

- Have sex in the rain.

- Fuck in a church.

- Find a glory hole.

- Take multiple loads in my mouth and on my face.

- A creampie for my ass.

- Fuck a slut's throat until she throws up on my dick.

- Get a foot job.

- Cum in a woman's panties and make her wear them all day.

- Give a bitch a facial and make her walk around in public with my cream clinging to her.

- Fist a slut.

- DP a woman vaginally and anally.

- Watch a group of women fuck each other.

- Fuck Katy Perry over and over again.

Well that is all I can think of for now. I will add more as I think of them. I will also give updates when I cross something off this list.

Do you have a perverted bucket list? Share it with me and everyone else on here. Maybe we can cross off items together. Message me anytime.

FYI, I am willing to share pics through email. For some reason xhamster won't let me post pics via my iPad.

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