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Sex With My Nephew,Danny.

It started when I was 22,back in August 1977. Every Friday and Saturday nights several of us would meet at my s****r-In-Laws and go to a bar to dances. Most of us were relation,and a few friends.
My husband had went to California to help my Aunt and Uncle move back to Iowa. They were only to be gone about a week and a half,they were gone just short of a month.
They left on a Friday morning,the dance was Friday night. I got my niece to babysit. I went to my s****r-In-Laws to get together, then when every one was their we went to the dance. We were waiting for my Nephew,Danny. They called his place and no answer anytime they called. So I was picked to go to his place. If you went on the side walk it was two and a half blocks,if you cut across yards it was less than 2 blocks. When I got their the outside door was open and the screen door wasn't locked. I heard the shower going.I yelled in a couple of times and no answer. So Iwent in the house and closer to the bathroom then yelled again. He answered this time,saying he would be out soon. I waited on the couch. When he came out he had a towel wrapped around his waist. He said he just got home and was running late. He set on a chair almost stright across from me. We were talking and I looked at him as we talked,then I stared. God I could see up the short towel and his cock was laying nicely between his legs,like it was aiming at me. OMG it looked nice,hell it looked Big,Beautiful and very eatable. The way I was looking,staring he had to know I seen his cock. I told him shorty after that I should get down their and let them know you will be down their soon. I was wearing my little black satin looking dress that had a wide and low u-shape top that showed plenty of titty skin,and it was short,a Mini Dress. Getting up my Dress slid up showing my undies. Danny got up and showed more. The complete head of his soft cock came out from under the towel for a second as he stood up. I told him I would see him down their in a little while. Seeing his cock ot my pussy wet. I got back down their and told them the deal. When the phone rang. It was Danny wanting to know if he could catch a ride with someone,if so pick him up on the way to the dance. I was the only one who didn't have anyone in the car with me. So again I got picked to pick up Danny. Everyone took off to the bar and I did to but with an extra stop. Danny was waiting. It was around 10 miles from Oelwein to Maynard to the bar,dance. My Nephew Danny like he always did joked around with me. He came out to our place a lot and set and visit and drink with mainly my husband,I would sometimes have one beer maybe 2. He was drinking a beer as we headed to the dance. Picking on me he said if your dress wasany shorter it would be a long shirt. I looked and my dress had slid up,luckly I had undies on. I told him he didn't need to be looking. He said it gets your attention so why not look. Well because,and I didn't have a answer,so I stupidly said you just shouldn't look. Danny said it ain't like I touching it like this and damn him he reached and touched me between my legs,I screamed out,Danny. WHAT? You know what. We were coming into town as he said you know you liked that. I blurted out No,Yah Ok. I did like it. Parking he came around quickly as I opened the car door,and he helped me out. But sayin I can see right down our dress. And he very quickly felt one. I said Danny stop it. Then he said he might have another way home,he would let me know later on. I seen him twice again at the dance. And almost closing time here comes Danny. Asking if he could catch a ride back home. Guess who they picked,yah me. Leaving Danny had to finish his beer and everyone eles wasleaving. We were the last ones to leave. He was acting a lot more d***k than he really was,I found that out later. He was sort of hanging on me as we went to th car. I helped him in the car and leaning over he said these things almost hit me,meaning my tits and he reached downinmy dress and squeezed a tit. I said ok Danny thats enough as I grabbed his hand and pulled it from my tit. When I got in he told me my tit felt good. Heading back to Oelwein Danny slid over a little bit,asking me to show him my tits. I told him I can't I'm driving. His hands went on my dress then down in m dress. I said Dnny you have to stop that. He didn't,and I wasn't goingto stop and pull his hand out of my dress. He had my nipples extremely hard. He was well on his way to making me completely Horny. Finally we were at his place. OK Danny your home I will see you later. He said he needed help getting in the house,and unlocking the door. It should have hit me then. Cause he quickly got his keys out of his pocket and easily handed them to me,then half ass hung on to me going up 4 steps to the porch,his hands wee all over me acting like he could hardly walk. In the house he sat down telling me to put his keys on the dresser in his bedroom,I did. Back in the livingroom he asked me to get him a beer,and I could have one or a pop. Getting that for him,in the mean time he had taken off his shoes and socks and shirt. We set their talking and I got up for something and I had to walk past him. Coming back he was standing up and he quickly grabbed me putting his arms tightly around me and started kissing me,it didn't take me long to put my arms around him. Danny started moving and rubbing his hands around on my back and ass then held my ass and pulled me tight into him. I could feel he was hard. My hands were moving around on his back and ass pulling his ass toward me some. When we stopped kissing we both looked almost staring at each other. Nothing was said. Danny took his arms from me and took my hand and he took me to his bedroom. He started taking off his pants so I pulled off my dress and undies. Danny took me softly ndwe went down on his bed,still saying nothing. When my Nephew got over top of me and was sliding his cock in my pussy,I squealed out OH Danny and through my arms around his neck and even wrapped my legs around his ass. We kised and I hung on to him tight as he fucked me Beautifully. Then he gav as hard shove,we quit kissing and Danny stared me directly in the eys as I did the same and he was shooting his Wonderful Hot&Creamy Sperm ove 10 inches up in my pussy. When the last drop of sperm was released from his cock. I told my Loving Nephew how Wonderful he is makig me feel. Danny told me he has wanted to fuck me for a long time. We talked some as he slowly went back to fucking me again,I squealed out Danny your making me Orgasm,and god what a Orgasm it was. After that fuck he asked me to suck him. I first licked his wet shiny cock of our fuck juices then I went to sucking him,Danny held my head an pushed hard on it trying to get morecock in my mouth,throat. When he cum his hot sperm ran in the back of my throat and getting a good taste ofit,I couldn't believe it. It was the most Beautiful tasting sperm I have ever had. After he was done shooting,I let him know how much I love his so very tasty sperm. I told him he could cum in my mouth any time. Danny,well he could keep a hard-on for hours and I'll swear he has a never ending supply of sperm. We didn't sl**p much,what was left of the night,but my Nephew sure was satisfying me. Around noon I told Danny I had to go home. Do you have too. I said yah for the k**s. Don't worry Danny I'll be back over tonight,Saturday Danny the dance,oh fuck yah he blurted out. I was lucky non of the relation or friends that all go to dances together seen my car in Dannys drive way. I made arrangments with my niece to watch the k**s for a few days. She is extermely descreet. I told her why. I took some extra clothes with me. I wore another dress,plaid type color one it was short but it wasn't a mini-dress. For Danny I didn't wear undies. He came down to where we meet,before going to the dance. Danny didn't ge their till about 10 minutes before we were going to leave.He didn't get to close to me,but like he always did he got around to picking on me. I again got chosen to give Danny a ride to the dance. Going through down town Oelwien Danny looked good at me and almost yelled Roberta,I don't believe it and he put his hand between my legs. I said I did this for you Danny. But lets wait till after the dance before we do it. It didn't seem like the dance would ever end. Going back to Oelwein,Dannys place, he finger-fucked me most the way their and also bared and played with my tits,right through downtown Oelwein and their were others that had left the bars that were standing on the street. I was most likely see. At Dannys place I told him I could stay for a few days. OH Great he blurted out. Hey we got to put your car in the garage,so no one see's it and knows your here. In the house he grabbed me and we were trying for the couch and went on the floor and he was fucking me wildly I was almost screaming with pure pleasure. When he grabbed my as pulling me into him more and shooting his sperm I moaned loudly fill me full Danny fill me full. He did. Getting out of me I told Danny to come up over me and fuck my mouth. He got his entire cock-head into my throat,it felt different,cause I had never had a cock in my throat,but it alsofelt very good in my throat. He tried getting more inand I started to gag and he backed off some. Shooting his sperm with his entire cock-head in my throat was extremely exciting,so exciting I had a Orgasm. Danny shot a huge load into my throat too. Off and on through out the rest of the night we mainly fucked. And most of Sunday we fucked. But I was able to suck m Nephews cock 3 times on Sunday. We had lots of sex. On Thursday I went home. Everything was going great with the k**s and my niece. She told me I could go back and stay longer if I wanted to. I told her I wanted too. Latter that afternoon I went back over. Tellig Danny I could stay longer,the car went back in the garage. In the house with out shutting the house door. Danny took off my clothes a skimpy shirt and a skirt. I helped him undress. Hugging and kissing for a while. Stopping we both said something at the same time. Both of us at the same time blurted out W-H-A-T??? We both said it again,I told Danny I wanted him to get me pregnant,and Danny told me he wanted to get me pregnant. I said we got a start at it Danny. Then he bragged me up telling me I'm the sexiest Aunt he has,I told him he is the horniest Nephew I have. Then hugging we told each other we love each other. Then we went to fucking. The next time I went out home my niece told me my husband called and it could be the first of September befor they start back here. I told my niece what was going on with me nd my Nephew,she wished me good luck. I now had almost 2 more weeks with my Nephew. And at the end of August when my period should have come,it didn't. I never told Danny that. They called on the second of September at night saying they would be home tomorrow. My niece called and told me that. I told Danny tthat this would be the last night I could stay,because they will be home tomorrow. The next day I gathered up my things and left. I got a call at home later in the afternoon that they were in Oelwein and my uncles place he had brought about 2 blocks across yards from Dannys place. Husband told me to pick him up at Dannys. OMG I through. What I didn't know was that my husband and my niece were calling each other every evening. She was telling him about me and Danny. I quickly called Danny and told him my husband was comeing up to his place and I'm to pick him up their. I went over their as fast as I could. Their we all talked a little bit. Husband started to go out side and told me,us not to be to long as he would be outside. Me and Danny set their looking dumb-founded at each other. The we quitely went in the hall way saying does he known. Danny pulled down my shorts and bnt me over fuckingme saying very quitely,this is the load of sperm you need to get you pregnant Robertaa,I whipered back I hope so. Coming out on the porch,husband said that wasn't long. On the way home,at rural Maynard 16 miles,husband asked me what I did while he was gone. OH not much. Then he asked me if their was any thing I wanted to tell him. Not that I can think of. About a mile from home husbad came out and asked me if Danny got the job done. WHAT? What are you talking about. He asked me if I was pregnant. Not that I know of. We had stopped now. Husband said he would like to fuck me now,but if Danny doesn't have me pregnant yet it would spoil my plans of getting pregnant with him. OMG I cried out. I was crying and scared. Husband then said I could take him home and go back and stay with Danny till he has me Breed. But don't go telling every one what you are doing. I promised husband I wouldn't tell anyone else. Then I asked husband what he was going to do for sex? He said he would try my niece. Well ok,what else could I say under the circumstances. I didn't like the through of my husband fucking my niece. But then agan I was fucking my Nephew to get pregnant by him. The end of September I missed my period again. I went to te doctors,it came up I was pregnant. I didn't tell anyone. Evryone once in a while my husband came over. He would watch us fuck and me sucking Dannys cock. I even told husband how Beautiful Dannys sperm taste. When my pregnant belly started growing,it was hard to say I didn't know if I was pregnant or not. I went to the doctors again and told Danny and my husband I wsa pregnant for sure. I asked husband if I coud stay with Danny longer,he said yes. So my niece mst have been satisfying him. In my 6th month I looked like I was going to have the baby any time. In my 8th month I through my belly was going to explode. I was now back at homewith husband. He was fucking my niece in front of me now. Danny came out every day. We fucked. Danny was fucking me when my watr broke,he yelled out oh shit,but he finished fucking me,then he went out and told my husband. I went to West Union they transferred to Waerloo. The next thing I knew I had given birth to twin boys. OMG Me and my Nephew had made twin boys. I knew Dannys cock was very powerful and his sperm very fertile. Me and Danny kept meeting,and at times I would spend a few days with him. Finally I got Danny and my husband to have a 3'some with me. And that worked out Beautifully. Their was times I sucked Danny and he cum in my mouth,I held his sperm in my mouth then french-kissed husband sharing Dannys sperm with my husband. He didn't know it either. He did say something one time and I said hows my mouth suspse to taste after I just gave Danny a BLOW-Job. He never said anything again for quite a while,several months or longer. We were having so great sex that night. Danny was setting on the couch so I went over and slid down on his cock with my back to his face. All of us were very Horny that night. I had husband come over to us and get on his knees andlick and suck my clit as Danny was fucking me. Licking hi would accidently lick some of Dannys cock. Danny blurted out lick the whole thing,and husband did even sucking Dannys balls. Then I moved so Dannys cock would come out of me and when it did I told husband to eat my pussy. after a short time I had him quit and to stick Dannys cock back in my pussy,Danny said something and saying it he almost screamed,he's sucking my cock. Then husband guided Dannys cock back up in my pussy. I let Dannys cock out of my pussy a few more times and all 3 of us were way,way past Horny,like wild a****ls. Husband was sucking Danns cock when he yelled I can't hold back any longer,I screamed get Dannys cock in my pussy. And we made it and husband went to sucking Dannys balls and Danny was letting out a moaning yell and I was just plan screaming with a orgasm Danny grabed myhips and pulled me down harder on his cock as his sperm exploded in my pussy. Fuck my Orgasm kept going and Dannys cock kept shooting sperm We both were soaked in our sweat. OMG that was so Beatuful. I moved around to get Dannyscock out of my pussy and when it came out I told husband to eat my pussy,just getting his mouth on my pussy I went into another Orgasm. He was licking,tonguing and sucking mine and Dannys fuck juices from my pussy. And it felt Wonderful. I felt Danny squirming around ,he was trying to gethis cock to my husbands mouth. When husband stopped eating my pussy he licked and sucked Dannys balls then I could half way see as husband licked up and all around Dannys cock,then It got me Hotter as I seen Dannys cock going in my husbands mouth,Danny moaned as he was getting sucked. Suddenly Danny blurted out I'm cumming in his mouth,Honey, wholey fuck Love he's sallowing my sperm. I was still on Dannys lap and the way husband was his nose was almost up in my pussy. The rest of the night was Beautiful.We didn't leave their till almost noon the next day. During the night Danny setting on the couch had husband come over saying he wanted him to suck his cock. Husband did and I pretty well put husband in position so I could clearly see him sucking Dannys cock,I climaxed twice before Danny exploded his sperm in the back of husbands throat. Danny had husband suck him twice more during that meeting. I could set their watching and not even touch myself and I would get so Hot I climaxed. After 2 climaxes like that and after Danny had finished in hubbys mouth,I almost tore Danny apart as I climbed on his cock fucking him which gave me a great Orgasm. When I would go stay with Danny for a few days,their was times he had company. And their were 3 certain guys his friends that he shared me with them. It was me Danny and the guy. That was a treat for me. This one time Danny told me all 3 of them were stopping by. Would I do them or not. If not I might want to go some place. Danny had me answer the door naked as he was setting in his chair naked. The guys knew we were going to fuck. Boy when it started my pussy and mouth got very little rest. But god it was so Wonderful,and they spent the night. Husband didn't know about these get togethers. Me and my Nephew still meet and husband joins at times. In fact I spent 3 hours fucking and sucking Danny yesterdy July 26,2012.

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