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First Time bi experience

This happened over 30 years ago. Admittedly at the time, I never expected it but at thirteen years of age, I would never had to consider that it would have happened. Growing up , I had a good number of friends and acquaintances. One "older guy" (about 18) had been k**ding around with me for sometime about rolling and horsing around with friends by wrestling with them and knocking each other to the ground. At that age, I never even gave it a second thought, but was reminded of it every time I saw him.

One day he asked me to go in the woods to try and help him get some leaves and edible brush for his guinea pig. I thought nothing of it and followed him in until he sat on a rock several hundred yards in. He started talking about me and my wrestling. I was totally dumfounded but he continued. He then started touching the front of his bluejeans where I noticed a very big bulge forming. I did not know what to think and I was scared. He assured me that he was ok and he would not hurt me. He started telling me that it was ok for guys to touch other guys and told me his was going to unzip his pants and play with himself. I could see his cock peering out and was astonished how big it was compared to mine. Naturally I always masturbated at home but this was different seeing someone else doing it. He pulled his pants off and started stroking his cock. My goodness, it was huge! I guess the difference in size and girth made a difference between a 13 and 18 year old.

He was steadily stroking it and the strokes were new to me. His fingers and palm totally ran up and down his shaft - something that was unique to me. In my limited years of playing, I simply rubbed my two fingers on the frenulum just below the head in front. My method always worked and produced the few short squirts of semen. I tried not to look as I was shy but he asked me to watch him and held my arm with his other hand while he stroked. He was moaning now and his cock was massive as he made it very hard and erect.

I was not sure if I wanted to run or stay to watch but since he had my arm, I think I was staying! Then he said to me, " you can touch me...please stroke my cock". I did not know what to do!!! Now I was scared! In a minute or two he asked again and I felt him rub my pants looking for my tool. I was not hard but I was not soft either. I finally touched his cock and my smaller hands started masturbating him similarly to how he was doing it. I can't recall what I thought since I never felt anything so disproportionate before. I guess it would be like me trying to stroke a roll of paper towels today in comparison! I knew that it was making me harder but my shyness would not prevent me from getting too hard. He must have known he was going to try and play with me because he had a tube of some type of lubricant in his pocket and smeared it on how cock. My goodness! How it felt good to glide my hand up and down on his massive dick.

I was not sure whether I would have stayed had it not been for him still holding my arm but his cock was so swollen and I was curious. Scared to death....but curious. What I didn't expect was that he now reached for my zipper and started trying to extract my semi-hard cock out from behind my underwear. He said I was small and I quickly barked back, "well what do you expect???""He took some of his lube and smeared a little on me as I started to get bigger... He did not really pay much attention to me since I was probably too small for his liking, but then took over with stroking his own cock again. His thrusts were now intense and his moaning was amplified. He finally let go of my arm and started jerking violently as he got closer to cumming. He then shout out....."watch my jizz, watch my jizz" and suddenly a stream of jizz shot out several feet. It was followed by several shorter but voluminous bursts of white liquid. I could not believe how much he was shooting. My only reference had been what I would generate with my comparison.

Soon he would pull his pants off and we would be gone. I never did that again - ever. But for many nights following that day, I would be home in my bed thinking of the massive cock and the jizz display. I can't tell you how many nights I masturbated thinking about it and what I would do if I ever met him again. For many years I put it out of my mind, but in the last 4-5 years, I think of it often and fantasize of a reunion with him. After all, now that my cock is long and thick, I think I could give him a run for his money. It took me while to write this but I lubed up my cock prior to sitting down and writing and it feels sooooo good.

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