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Hi everyone!
This is Ian, and I have an interesting experience to share:
I was inside the Rio Casino in Vegas two days ago at around 1 am, wearing one of my numerous kilts as usual. Now.....
A group of 6 or 7 drop-dead gorgeous Asian girls were walking toward me, noticed my kilt, started exclaiming (something or other), and when they got to me, started taking turns lifting my kilt! Well, I let them do this for a few minutes, then it hit me: There's cameras in these casinos! So regrettably, I shooed them away. Well, a couple guys were watching the whole scene, and afterward, they came up to me and insisted that I give them any information on where they can get kilts. Of course I gave them a couple websites, one here in the Northwest, the other in Scotland. I then explained that because of the cameras, it would've been better if the lovely young ladies simply put their questing hands up my legs and found out the answer to the age old question that way instead. That way, I would've been satisfied as much as they.
I found out later from one of the security guards that no, I would not have gotten in trouble for indecent exposure, but the young ladies might, as they were the ones exposing me. This is in a casino which has 4 swimming pools, one of which is clothing optional.

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